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1909-1910 Business Directory
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R.L. Polk & Co.'s
Oklahoma State Gazetteer and Business Directory
Price, Seven Dollars
Published Biennially By R.L. Polk & Co.



Pauls Valley

Population, 3000.  The judicial seat of Garvin County is an enterprising, incorporated city located on the G.C. & S. Fe and Oklahoma and Eastern branch of the A.T. & S. Fe Ry., and on the Washita river, 55 miles south of Oklahoma City.  It is in the fertile Washita valley and is surrounded by the best agricultural and stock raising land in the state, for which it is the logical trade center.  The natural advantages of location, combined with the richness of soil and climate has produced a vigorous, healthy and continuous growth and at no time during the city's history has its wonderful progress been in response to artificial booming.  The natural advantages of Pauls Valley were at no time better supplemented by its acquired advantages than they are today and the opportunities to inaugurate new enterprises and obtain homes, occupation and happiness are open to those who seek.  T he city is the center of intellectual vigor with a past full of interest, a present full of earnestness and a future full of promise.  The time is not far distant when the population of Pauls Valley will be doubled and perhaps tripled and she will be one of the most important and attractive centers of business in the state.  It has churches of the leading denominations, the public school system is among the best in the southwest and affords excellent opportunities, the sanitary precautions are enlightened and vigilant, it has water works, fire department, sewerage system, 4 strong banks, a flouring mill with a daily capacity of 125 barrels, a cotton compress, grain elevator, ice plant, 3 cotton gins, local and long distance telephone facilities ad its stores offer metropolitan selection.  The press is represented by 3 newspapers, the Herald, the Enterprise and the Valley News.  There is nothing of greater importance to any city than the possession of adequate facilities for the entertainment of the traveling public in a thoroughly organized, efficient and high-class manner.  Pauls Valley is fortunate in this respect, its hotels being favorably known for their excellent fare and service.   A popular house of high-class is the Leland Hotel, adequately equipped with all of the modern conveniences of a first class hotel and in all respects the accommodations and service are in keeping with the excellent reputation the house enjoys.  The principal shipments are cotton, grain, live stock, flour, alfalfa and produce. Tel., Postal and W.U. Exp., W.F. & Co., J.M. Dorchester, Postmaster.

Agnew & Baker (George E. Agnew, Claude E. Baker), drugs

Aker, S.A., propr Union Hotel

Alexander, John  B., hardware

Atkins, Mrs. Della, propr Commercial Hotel

Austin T.J., district clerk

Austin, W. Dallas, grocer

Baker, E.P., mule dealer

Barnes & Render, dentists

Barnett, Jennie, hotel

Berry, George J., confr.

Blanton & Andrews (James T. Blanton, Leonidas C. Andrews), lawyers

Braden, Robert E., tinner

Bradfield, Miss P., county supt of public instruction

Bruce Clarence P., drugs

Bucklew & West (Richard B. Bucklew, Nathan B. West), blacksmiths

Burch Jesse E., grocer

Callaway, James R., physician

Carey, Lombard, Young & Co., F.W. Helm, mgr, lumber

Carr & Field (Henry M. Carr, J. Walker Field), attorneys-at-law

Carter, J.W. & Son (James W. and R. Winston), livery

Caruth, Willis E., restaurant

Chickasaw Bottling Co., Sherrill Bros., proprs.

Chickasaw Furniture Co. (capital $7,500), J.K. Conner, pres, J.H. Patterson, sec., T.H. Conner, treas, furniture and undertakers

City Plumbing Co. (K.F.  Butler, B.F. Sledge)

Commercial Hotel, Mrs. Della Atkins, propr.

Cordell, John,  W.S. dist Indian agt.

Coyle, Edward J., cotton gin

Cummings & Watson, cotton gin

Davis George W., restaurant

Dennis, Warren B., real estate

Donahue, Hugh J., tailor

Duffy-Burns Hardware Co.

Ellison, Mattie, milliner

Ellison, Wm. R., barber

Erwin, Wm. M., Publisher, The Pauls Valley Enterprise and Valley News

Evans, Albert S., racket goods

Evans, James A., tailor

First National Bank (cap $50,000), Tom Grant, pres., M. Lasater, cashr.

Freeman, Wm. M., general merchandise

Garvin County Herald, Herald Printing Co. Publishers, Byron Hawkins, Editor

Garvin County Real Estate and Insurance Co. (capital $10,000), A.H. Henderson, Pres., K.B. Henderson, Vice-pres., E.H. Henderson, Treas., A.J. Henderson, Sec., Real estate, Insurance, Farm Loans, Pruiett Bldg.

Garvin & Sorrell (Samuel J. Garvin, George E. Sorrell), lumber

Gibson Bros., horse dealers

Globe Hotel, Mattie A. Rice propr.

Goodpasture & Sanders (A. Virgil Goodpasture, Charles A. Sanders), harness

Graham, Fred V., loans and farm loans

Gray, Alexander W., physician

Gray Bros. (Luther O. and J. Hadley), photographers

Green, James L., 2d-hd goods

Green, Susan A., restaurant

Guaranty Abstract Co., John P. McConahe Pres., A.K. Suggs, Sec., Bonded abstracters

Gubin Dry Goods Co., Moses M. Gubin pres, Perry L. Sullivan, sec., Charles W. Carson, treas, dry goods

Gywme, J.W., notary

Hallum, Abner J., general store

Hallum-Burks Hardware Co., Abner Hallum, pres., S.S. Reed, sec., J.A. Agnew, Treas, hardware

Halstead, Stephen, restaurant

Hamm, Thomas I., insurance

Harris, Walter J., register of deeds

Hawkins, Byron, Editor Garvin County Editor

Herald Publishing Co., H.M. Carr, Pres., Wirt Randolph, Sec., Byron Hawkins, Mgr.

Hightower, Edward G., clothing and mayor

Hill, John D. , propr, the Leland, the Best Hotel of Pauls Valley, Where the Travelor Stops.

Home, James T., general store

Hoffman, Charles H., tailor

Horwitz, Leon, optician

Houston-Humphrey Lumber Co., H.S. Humphrey, mngr.

Hybarger & Moore (James C. Hybarger, Elisha M. Moore), real est.

Jones, Lee T., real estate

Jones, O.W., lawyer

Jones, T.R., lawyer

Kendall, T.L., police judge

King, Joshua J., jeweler

Kurl, Charles, livery

Leedy, J.H. , architect

Leland, The, John D. Hill, propr, The Leading HOtel of Pauls Valley, equipped and run in the interest of the commercial men, rate $2.00 per day

Lindsey, Newton H., physician

Low, Frank K., mngr, Pauls Valley Milling Co.

McConahey, John P., Pres Guaranty Abstract Co.

McFarland & Armstrong (Joseph McFarland, Charles C. Armstrong), pool room

McGuire & Pope (Wm. M. McGuire, Van Pope), restaurant

Markham, H. P., physician

Mitchell, James D., county attorney

Mitchell, W.B.M., county judge

Montgomery, Gerogiana, milliner

Moore, John M., restaurant

Morgan, John W., laundry

Nat'l Bank of Commerce (cap $50,000), Wm. J. Long pres, S.B. Kimberlin, cashier

Nesbit, E.N., notary

Neill, S.E., county surveyor

Newberg, Sylvester, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in produce, butter, eggs, poultry, hides, pelts and furs

O'Neal, Thomas J., confectioner

Pare, John E., barber

Parks & Alford (George W. Parks, C.C. Alford), pool room

Patchell & Henderson (Owen W. Patchell, Marion Henderson), attorneys-at-law

Pauls Valley Compress Co.

Pauls Valley Democrat, Shaw & Parham publrs

Pauls Valley Enterprise and Valley News, Wm. M. Wrwin, publr

Pauls Valley Ice Co.

Pauls Valley Mining Co., F .L. Low, mngr.

Pauls Valley National Bank (cap $25,000), T.A. Vaughn, pres., A.R. Hickam, cashr.

Pennington Grocery Co., John A. Stokes, mgr., whol grocers

Perry Bros & Rice (M.W., C.C., L.W. and J. W. Perry, W.W. Rice), dry goods

Pitts, Rev (Presbyterian)

Pyeatt, A lvin F., attorney-at-law, Pres The Valley Abstract Co.

Rennie, Hocker & Moore (Albert Rennie, J.W. Hocker, Charles Moore), lawyers

Reynolds, A., mngr Valley Gin Co.

Richardson & Robinson Bros (Harrie K. Richardson & Lemuel J. and Wm. W. Robinson), drugs

Roady & Sparks (John A.  Roady, John B. Sparks), grocers

Roberts, Joseph K., chief of police

Rogers, E.T., meats

Shaw & Parham (Thaddeus N. Shaw, Robert Parham), publrs Pauls Valley Democrat

Sherrill Bros (David W. and Michael N.), bottlers

Shumate & Son (John W. and Wm. E.), genl store

Spencer Telephone Co., L.A.  Spencer, mngr

Stanley, J.M., lawyer

Stevenson, James M., barber

Stokes, John A., mngr Pennington Grocery Co.

Struble, Walter F., sidewalk contr.

Suggs A.K., sec Guaranty Abstract Co.

Sullivan-Long Grocery (cap $50,000), W.L. Sullivan, pres., S.B. Kimberlin, sec.

Taylor, Yerker E., lawyer

Taylor & Wootton (Edwin M. Talor, Spriggs H. Wootton), insurance

Thomason, Charles H., attorney-at-law, commercial business & speciality

Thompson & Jones (Joseph B. Thompson, James G. Jones), lawyers

Thompson & McConahey (W.J. Tompson, J.P. McConahey), farm lands and loads, 30 years residence.  We know the country

Trimmer, J.G., county treasurer

Turner, Rev. T.P. (Methodist)

Twiggs, J.W., county clerk

Union Hotel, S.A. Aker propr.

Valley Abstract Co.,  (Capital $10,000), Alvin F. Pyeatt, Pres

Valley Gin Co., C.B. Reynolds, mngr

Valley Grocery Co. (N.D. Duffield, P.N. Kerr, S.C. Edwards), grocers

Van Hoozer, Wm. C., dry goods

Walker, James S., blacksmith

Waples-Painter Co., Walter K. Newton, mngr, lumber

Washita Valley Land & Laod Co., Olin W. Jones, pres, S.A. Sloan, sec., P.T. Rankin, treas, real estate

Watts, Rev (Baptist)

Wells, Stirmon B., plumber

Williams, E.A., grocer

Williams & Brady (Jesse R. Williams, Clarence G. Brady), barbers

Williamson Bros & Co. (Calvin C. and Ensworth L. Williamson) furniture

Witten, Cody P., grocer

Wofford Bros (Ollie B. and Frank L.), meats

Worley Bros (Oscar and Charles F.), barbers

Worley Charles F., sheriff

Young Ella V., restaurant

Young, J.A., Physician

Younblood, B., prin of school


Population, 500.  An incorporated village on the G.C. & S. F. Ry., in Garvin County, 7 miles north of Pauls Valley, the county seat.  Has Campbellite and Methodist churches, a graded public school, a bank, and 2 cotton gins.   Ships cotton, corn, wheat, oats and potatoes. Tel., W.U. Exp., W.F. & Co.   Telephone connection. E.E. Dillingham, Postmaster.

Bank of Paoli (capital $5,000) L. Rodke Pres, W.P. Dockhorn, Cashr.

Bates, E.A., Lumber Co.

Borns, F.M., physician

Bottoms, W.L. Telephone Co.

Bottoms & Haberley, general store

Brannum, W.H., flour mill and gin

Bratton, J.W., meats

Camp, J.A., live stock breeder

Craddock, T.H., barber

De Board, C.R., cotton gin

Dillingham, E .E., Confectionery and insurance

Dobyns, J.T. general store

Dorst, John, physician

Gibson, Richard, barber

Goode, A.F., live stock breeder

Harrison, J.A. blacksmith

Haun, Rev. I.R.

Hottle, W.C., physician

Howard, W.H., blacksmith

Ishell, John, saloon

Kinglesmith, W.J., drugs

Louis, E.A., physician

McCrummen, E.L., live stock

Moore, L.L., grocer

Myers. J. F., live stock

Nabors, V.E., restaurant

Paoli Hotel, M.F. Maples, propr.

Paoli Mercantile Co., G.F. Riley, propr.

Pearson, E.J., R.R. and exp agt.

Pearson, H.C., New State Hotel

Pendley, F.L., Hardware

Pioneer Telephone Co.

Rawls, W.E., physician

Scott, J.R., blacksmith

Signovis, G.C., meat market and restr.

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