First Town Council of Elmore City 1900

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Standing, left to right: Dr. N.H. Lindsey, Dr. Lee, Charley Ingram, A.D. Edwards, unknown, Mr. Elmore and Mr. Ray

Seated, left to right: E. L. Black, Mr. Blackburn, W.A. Grisham, Jim Blackburn and Mr. Collier

Elmore City Photos

Submitted by Marsha Miller
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The gentleman sitting, 2nd from the left is J.P. Gibson.
We have no info on others pictured here, if you do, please let us know.


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We have no info on those pictured here, if you do, please let us know.


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Thirs from the left standing in the front row is ED YEARY.  He was the owner of the funeral home during this time.
Mr. Yeary's daughter,  EVELYN VAUGHN married BILL VAUGHN who later took over the funeral home.
Bill and Evelyn had a daughter, whose name I believe was Susan. 
I use to take piano lessons from her.   Submitted by Marsha Miller

This information comes from my mother, Juanita Fern McKey Adams, who was born in Elmore City in 1922.  Her mother was Opal Brookshier Mckey, married to Floyd F. McKey who served as Garvin County Commissioner until his death in 1933. (He was killed in an auto accident.  If anyone has any information or knows where I can find newspaper clipping, please let me know.  My mother knows very little about her dad.) After his death, Opal worked part-time at the telephone office.  submitted by Janice Hughes, Chickasha, Oklahoma 

Woodmen of the World Encampment at Elmore City

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submitted by Carolyn Brown

Front row, seated, 2nd from left, is J. P. (James Polk) Brown. 
He is holding a gavel rather than an axe.
Back row, standing, 4th from left, is Willard F. Brown.
  J.P. Brown was my great-grandfather.  Willard is his son and my great uncle. 
They lived in Elmore City then moved to Eola circa 1911. 
Owned a general store and cotton gin in Eola. 
Both are buried at Elmore City Cemetery.

If anyone has info on others picture here, please let us know.