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Guffin Cemetery

Jackson County, Oklahoma
Guffin Cemetery, Jackson Co, OK

The cemetery is about 3 miles east of Duke on the north side of Route 62, visible from the highway. There was a territorial school named Guffin just in front of the cemetery. The school burned or blew away in 1890s. The cemetery kept the name Guffin. There were at least 17 people buried there but the last several years, there's only two stones---W. C. Hill and Sarah Wilson. According to relatives others buried here included two with the surname Johnson, one with the name Whittenberg and a boy, Hugh Kizziar, who was 10 to 15 years old, that had been bitten by a rattlesnake.

It's not marked on the USGS GNIS maps, nor topographic maps, as many other family cemeteries are. Visible on the satellite image map. It's not in the book Cemeteries of Jackson County.

OHS 1937 Pioneer Interview about Guffin cemetery shows there were 17 graves visible in 1937, 4 marked.

Sarah WILSON b. Apr 3, 1840 d. Jul 20, 1892
Only stone erect in yard has slight fence around it.

Gappy MIDDLETON b. Aug 29, 1890 d. Jan 11, 1892
Stone lies on the side.

Alice MIDDLETON b. Nov 4, 1886 d. Dec 1, 1892
Stone lying flat-mildewed.

W. C. HILL b. Mar 2, 1847 d. Dec 31, 1890
Stone lying on ground.

John Wayne GUFFIN, February 15, 1898-December 14, 1898

Footstone with C.M.

Serene MOORE patented this land. E. E. FORRESTER acquired it from J. N. MOORE and turn sold it to C.C. NEWTON. NEWTON sold to R. E. DUNLAP who sold to Theison THOMAS. THOMAS sold to G. P. FRAZEE and Dorothy FRAZEE, acquired it from him.

Owner in 2007 is John Gover.