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Twice-year Newsletter of Greer County Genealogical & Historical Society,
Margaret Carder Library, Mangum, Oklahoma 73554
For copies: Write to the Greer County Genealogy & Historical Society at the Library.

November 1989, Vol. 1-1

Map of Old Greer County
History of Old Greer County
Maps of the Empire of Greer and it's Surveys
The Settlement of Greer
Research in Rhyme
Ladessa Cemetery
Past Issues in Mangum Star
"I Remember" by Walter Armstrong, Elk City, OK.

May 1990, Vol. 1-2

The Covered Wagon - What to take ...
Western/Dodge City Trail
City of Mangum - Officers of 1921
First Greer County Schools (Maps)
Mangum Schools
One & Two Room County Schools
Past Issues from the Greer Weekly Sun
Cattle and Horse Brands
Cemetery Listings - Lake Creek, Lanford, Plainview

November 1990, Vol. 1-3

The Cowboy ... work, wearables, food, dangers
Record of Marks and Brands
Theme Song of Pioneer Reunion "Greer County, Land of The Pioneers"
First Newspaper Published in Greer County - The Mangum Star 1888
Special Feature - Homespun Medical Remedies
Granite Schools - From 1921 Handbook
Past Issues from the Greer Weekly Sun 1901
I Remember, by Zoe Logan Livingston
Plainview Cemetery Listing
Poem - If you could see your ancestors...

May 1991, Vol. 1-4

The Settlers
Brinkman School
Cattle & Horse Brands
Past Issues from The Mangum Star 1901
I Remember, by Velma Acres Worthen
Brinkman Cemetery Listings
Research Helpers

November 1991, Vol. 1-5

Wagons, Etc. A wagon yard in Mangum ...
Migration Trails
Draw Springs
Midway School
Grere County School Board Member 1923-1924
Map of Greer County School Districts 1921-1925
I Remember, by Vera Sanders Walters
Past Issues from Mangum Star 1906

May 1992, Vol. 1-6

Pioneer Speech
Prairie Fuel
Red Buck, an outlaw
Greer County Pioneers from "Yesterday" columns in Mangum Star
I Remember, by Wheeler Paxton
Liberty School
Brinkman Cemetery Listings

November 1992, Vol. 1-7

Railroads in Greer County
Centralvue School
I Remember, by Earl Herron
Corinth Cemetery listings
Greer County Registered Voters 1916-1920

May 1993, Vol. 1-8

Nell Powers Stultz' First Piano
Greer County Registered Voters 1916-1920
Do You Know The Story? Tombstone of J. M. Moss 1861-1890, Riverside Cemetery
"I Am Looking for my Father," by Joyce Howard Stizza
Microfilm Newspaper Rolls at Mangum Library
White Flat Cemetery Listings
Research Material at Old Greer County Museum (Materials moved to Library in 1999)
Past Issues in The Mangum Star, 1907

November 1993, Vol. 1-9

Russell Cemetery
Russell Pioneers
Greer County Census Microfilm
Russell Valley Schools
Russell School Pictures
Russell Area Marriages

May 1994, Vol. 1-10

Wildcat & Lanford Cemeteries
Wildcat History
Wildcat Area Marriages
Wildcat School
Greer County School List 1902-1950
Greer County, Texas/Oklahoma District Civils Index 1894-1910
Greer County Records Microfilmed at Courthouse by UGS

November 1994, Vol. 1-11

Greer County Probate1901-1905
1961 Pioneer Reunion Letter
August 8, 1888 Storm Destroyed Courthouse
School District Map 1921
Liberty Consolidated School Picture 1927
Quartz School, 1898, 1907
Granite Area Marriages
Greer County Pioneers, Evans family from Mount Pleasant, TX
X-Tex Okies and 1896-1996 Centennial

May 1995, Vol. 1-12

Greer County Probate 1905-1909, Cases #151 to #300
1901 Court house Fire, MANGUM STAR & MONITOR
Marriages Licenses Renewed After 1901 Court Office Fire
Greer County Sheriffs 1886-1907: Yoakum, Williamson, Tittle, Cullins, Overton, Blalock, Nelson
Mangum School 1898
Greer County Pioneer Families, Goodman, Yoakum
1896-1996 Centennial

November 1995, Vol. 1-13

Jarrett Todd, Soldier and Judge 1849-1937
Law and Justice in Greer County, Texas
Greer County Judges 1886-1932
Oklahoma Court Jurisdictions
Census Enumerations for Greer County
Greer County News gleaned from Cheyenne SUNBEAM 1895-1896
Using U. S. Land Office Records
Addicted Genealogist
Plainview School, District 20, 1897

May 1996, Vol. 1-14

Judge G. A. Brown, 46th Judicial District Texas
District Court, Greer County, Texas, March 16, 1896
VanLeer and Osborn, Civil Case, 1894-1896
Greer County news from Cheyenne SUNBEAM, 1897-1899
Greer County news from Darlington, I.T. and Custer County, O.T. newspapers
Physician's Register, Greer County, Texas 1887-1895
Pioneer Church Organizer, Rev. James T. Hosmer
Greer County Election Returns 1894-1896
Texas School Teachers 1895-1896 Received Pay from Oklahoma 1903
Old Greer County Re-Enacts Separation
Centennial Poem, by Curtis Bell
Centennial Events

November 1996, Vol. 1-15

Bills of Sale, Greer County, Texas 1886-1890
Greer County Deaths 1912-1918
Remnants of the Eleventh Census 1890
Wilbarger County, Texas Newspapers 1886-1967
Genealogy Humor
Genealogy on the Internet - What is GenWeb?
Cookbooks are the Historians of American Taste

Spring 1997, Vol. 1-16

Greer County Election Returns 1898
Greer County Election Returns 1900
Greer County Deed Index 1886-1898
Beatitudes of a Family Genealogist
Genealogy Research Tips & News Bits

Fall 1997, Vol. 1-17

Greer County Marriage License1901-1907 Grooms List A-E
Smiley-Garrett Family, Greer County Pioneers
News Bits & Queries
23rd Psalm for Genealogist

Spring 1998, Vol. 1-18

Oklahoma Historical Society Archivist Visits Greer County Museum
Greer County Marriage License 1901-1907 Grooms list F-L
Washday, by Millie Des Enfants (Poem of Pioneer Life)
News Bits & Queries

Fall 1998, Vol. 1-19

Greer County Marriage License1901-1907 Groom List M-Q
Greer County Materials on Microfilm in Oklahoma Historical Society
Lighter Side of Genealogy
What to Take on a Wagon Train
Giving Thanks

Spring 1999, Vol. 1-20

Greer County Marriage License1901-1907 Groom List R-S
Letter Formula for Genealogy Queries
Writing Email Queries
A History of the Empire of Greer, by James A. Barnett, 1938. Introduction.
News Bits

Fall 1999, Vol 1-21

Greer County Marriage License1901-1907 Groom List T-Z
"The Gathering" and "Memories", Poems by Sue Hayes
After OSR, 1921-1922, Wiley Post Rose to Fame
A History of the Empire of Greer, by James A. Barnett, 1938. Continued.
Gone But Not Forgotten, Veteran Memorial Construction.
Wickersham Bridge Memorial
News Bits

Spring 2000, Vol. 1-22

"The FERA, the WPA, and the Mangum Community Building," Chronicles of Oklahoma, Summer 1997.
Mrs. W. S. Maples, Duke, Oklahoma, July 5, 1937, Indian-Pioneer Interview, Okla. Hist. Soc.
Old Greer County Pioneer Interviews
A History of the Empire of Greer, by James A. Barnett, 1938. Continued.
News Bits.

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