Grant County Homesteaders Memorial

The Homesteaders Memorial is located in Medford, OK in front of the Grant County Courthouse.
Contribued by Tracy Hime

Homesteaders Memorial

Inscribed on the Monument:

"To the homesteaders and early settlers of Grant County this monument is gratefully dedicated. In recognition of their courage in the face of untold hardships and the descendants sincerely acknowledge their sense of obligation.

These early Grant County settlers were among some 100,000 who lined up September 16, 1893 to race for a 160 acre claim. The homesteads scattered throughout an area comprising six million acres. The award went to the first person arriving, planting their stake, and duly registering their location at the land office.

Others while not actually making the run aquired land at an early date, either by purchase or barter, lived on it and raised their families together with the homesteaders became the early pioneer settlers of Grant County, laying the foundation for our modern society."

Names Inscribed on the Monument

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Abbott, HenryAdams, John QuincyAhearn, Patrick
Atkins, Daniel L.Albert, Barbara D.Aldrich, Frank B.
Aldrich, Julia E.Aldrich, Kildroy P.Aldridge, Allie
Alge, George H.Alge, Jennie L.Allday, Frederick W.
Allday, HenryAllday, JohnAllison, Ralph B.
Amick, LydiaAmick, PeterAmick, Walter F.
Anderson, JohnAnderson, William E.Anthony, James W.
Anthony, NelsonArmstrong, John B.Arnold, Ike S.
Afterburn, ArchieAsher, James M.Asher, J. H.
Asher, Rose HackAtkinson, John H.Auldridge, Allen C.
Austbo, Daniel O.Ayres, George W.Ayres, Melissa T.

Baber, Ella H.Bachman, Edmund E.Bailey, Essie A.
Baird, WilliamBalderston, EliBalderston, Ellsworth
Ballard, John S.Barkley, Dr. AlexanderBarclay, James T.
Barnhill, EbenezerBarr, Frank E.Bartlett, Jefferson D.
Bartlett, John W.Bassett, Louis C.Batchelor, Albert J.
Bateman, HenryBates, Keller J.Baty, Walter
Bauer, Alice BeatyBauer, Rickert D.Beal, Alfred B.
Beal, Oliver V.Beall, Eva M.Beaumont, Felicia S. W.
Beaumont, Hiram S.Beck, FrancesBeck, Theodore E.
Beggs, GeorgeBeham, Elmer E.Belcher, George H.
Belmear, James H.Bennett, Charles E.Bennett, Lanmon
Benson, ZaccheusBergman, Barney B.Berline, Henry
Best, George A.Bickerdike, Charles A.Bishop, John K.
Black, Arthur E.Black, George L.Blake, Harrison T.
Blakesley, BailyBlakely, James M.Blubaugh, George B.
Blubaugh, James L.Blubaugh, Mary AnnBluhm, Frederick W.
Blumenshine, Edward B.Bobbitt, John W.Boster, Philip M.
Bothwell, Charles A.Bowles, LewisBowles, Walter W.
Bowles, Wm. BillieBoyer, Oliver MikeBradfield, Orlando J.
Branson, Thomas J.Brattain, Charles F.Breckenridge, Samuel
Brennan, Lizzie C.Brewer, Henry M.Broetz, David L.
Brooke, Sameul H.Brown, Daniel F.Brown, John Robert
Brown, William A.Bruce, Leroy A.Bryant, Simeon J.
Bryson, Oliver P.Bullinger, Harvey E.Bunch, David E.
Bunch, Napoleon B.Burchfiel, William C.Burk, William C.
Burle, VaclavBushnell, Andrew H.Bushnell, Lyman S.
 Butts, Jetadiah D.

Carpenter, Laura A.Carpenter, Robert V.Carr, James C.
Casford, Arthur A.Casford, Jefferson D.Castleman, Auguston
Centgraf, LeopoldChilds, John HenryChristmas, Alfred A.
Ciskowski Sr, John Cissell, Thomas J.Clark, James F.
Clinesmith, WelseyClover, PhillipCochran, Frank H.
Cole, Daniel P.Collins, Judah C.Cook, Edward J.
Colson, Albert M.Combs, Pleasant M.Compton, Charles M.
Comstock, James M.Conrady, Karl JosephConway, Addison T.
Cormack, JamesCormack, Mary AnnCorn, John M.
Coulter, Charles S.Coulter, Mary EllenCourtright, Andrew J.
Covey, Jonas R.Covey, Leonard H.Cowen, George R.
Cowen, John B.Cowherd, Zachary T.Cox, John Lewis
Craig, Homer F.Cravens, KatieCrawford, Charles C.
Crisman, John H.Crosby, Theodore D.Crosslin, Emanuel B.
Crouse, EzraCummins, AlexanderCummins, Arthur
Currier, William T.Czapansky, Herman

Dahlem, Charles F.Dahlem, FredDahlem, Frederick W.
Dailey, Charles C.Danford, Charles S.Danford, John F.
Dark, James W.Darland, VanlooDavenport, George E.
Davis, Charles W.Davis, James H.Davis, Samuel F.
Deere, Adolph E.Deere, Anna RadkeDelay, David D.
Dell, Andrew J.Depue, Richard T.Dervage, Benedict H.
Dester, Jacob S.DeVore, William A.DeWitt, Samuel E.
Dial, Walter W.Dick, AdelbertDick, Aljern
Dick, Granville M.Diller, Aaron B.Diller, Jacob
Dillman, Oliver P.Dolson, Charles H.Dombaugh, Mary Ann
Dorman, William W.Dorney, ThomasDowell, Stephen M.
Downing, ThomasDunkin, John H.Dunn, Emeline M.
Duvall, Preston V.Dvoracek, JamesDvoracek, John
Dvoracek, JosephDyer, Charles H.
 Evans, Hugh

Early, Mary E.Eberle, Christian F.Ebson, Lucius C.
Elling, Henry J.Elliott, BelleElliott, Montague B.
Elmore, Isaac M.Elmore, James R.Elsenrath, Henry
Elson, Charles W.Enterline, GeorgeErnest, Charles N.
Erwin, J. P.Estes, JessieEvans, Curtis D.
 Evans, Hugh

Falkenberg, LouisaFalkenberg, Peter A.Farr, Frank
Farris, James F.Fauchier, George W.Fauchier, James J.
Feagan, John J.Feist, FrankFink, Emory L.
Fisk, Frank B.Fisk, John R.Flint, Allen W.
Flood, Joseph A.Flood, WilliamFolger, Everett
Forrester, Ida StetlerForrester, RobertFortune, Charles D.
Foust, George B.Foust, William L.Fox, Samuel
Franz, Johannes P.Frazier, Robert P.Fredrick, Ernest R.
Freeman, Abraham L.Freeman, William S.Frieouf, Josef

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