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Greer Co, OK
Greer Co, O.T.

Greer County OKGenWeb map     Old Greer County, Oklahoma Territory

Old Greer County

Meers Map 1890, US vs TX 1896, by A. J. Meers, Surveyor, Draughtsman and Printer

Surnames and Township-Range-Section of land.  Some surnames were difficult to read and transcribe.

A. Acers T2N-R19W-S10; Acres T2N-R18W-S3; Adams T3N-R23W-S14, T2N-R19W-S13; Akin T2N-R21W-S24; Alexander T1S-R21W-S1; Alley T6N-R21W-S26; Allhorn T1S-R19W-S19; Anderson T2N-R20W-S11, T4N-R21W-S4, T3N-R24W-S23; Arbison T1N-R20W-S34; Armstrong T6N-R21W-S21, T6N-R21W-S24; Ashford T1N-R24W-S10; Atten T4N-R21W-S24; Avery T2S-R20W-S5

B. Baily T1N-R25W-S35; Baird T2N-R21W-S10; Baker T3N-R20W-S29, T3N-R19W-28, T2S-R24W-S24; Ballard T1S-R22W-S15; Bancom T2N-R20W-S29; Banks T2N-R18W-S30, T1S-R20W-S24; Barnes T6N-R23W-S19; Barre T1S-R21W-S14; Barrett T3N-R21W-S35, T5N-R22W-S3; Barry T5N-R22W-S25; Bartlet T6N-R21W-S25; Barton T4N-R21W-S31; Bates T1S-R21W-S29; Beanland T1N-R24W-S3; Beard T4N-R21W-S14; Beason T7N-R22W-S21, T7N-R22W-S22, T7N-R22W-S27, T7N-R22W-S28; Beck T2S-R20W-S3; Beckham T3N-R23W-S32; Beel T5N-R23W-S26; Beeson T9N-R22W-S21; T9N-R22W-S33; Bell T2N-R24W-S24; T2N-R23W-S30; Benderman T1N-R20W-S27; Benight T3N-R19W-S33; Banner T2N-R20W-S1; Bemont T5N-R21W-S9, T5N-R21W-S16; Bernard T4N-R21W-S3; Bery T1N-R21W-S26; Beryman T6N-R24W-S36; Bevins T3N-R22W-S10;  Bezzil T2N-R23W-S15; Birchett T8-R23W-S5; Bird T4N-R20W-S4, T2N-R21W-S24, T1S-R22W-S13; Black T4N-R21W-S11; Blalock T3N-R19W-S16; Blocker T1N-R21W-S20, T9N-R22W-S28; Boggs T2N-R25W-S34; Bolin T5N-R20W-S5; Boliner T4N-R21W-S19; Boling T2N-R21W-S5, T3N-R21W-S21; Bond T3N-R22W-S31, T3N-R22W-S32; Bowen T1S-R25W-S24; Bowles T3N-R22W-S30; Bowman T4N-R23W-S2, T4N-R23W-S3; Boyd T9N-R22W-S16; Bradley T1S-R21W-S4; Brake T1S-R21W-S2; Brinn T2N-R25W-S29; Briscoe T2S-R20W-S1; Britt T1N-R24W-S14, T1N-R24W-S23; Broady T6N-R21W-S27; Brothers T6N-R24W-S2, T6N-R24W-S6; Brown T2N-R25W-S3, T2N-R21W-S3, T2N-R19W-S8; Bryant T2N-R21W-S19, T1S-R23W-S20; Briggs T6-R20W-S5; Bryoe T2N-R20W-S22; Buck T5N-R21W-S13; Bulls T1N-R20W-S8; Bunton T1S-R21W-S28; Burge T3N-R19W-6; Burghart T2N-R21W-S2; Burk T2N-R20W-S23; Busby T5N-R21W-S18; Bush T2N-R21W-S20; Butler T2N-R24W-S27

C. Cain T1N-R25W-S26; Calhoun T4N-R21W-S1; Camell T7N-R21W-S4, T7N-R21W-S9, T7N-R21W-S10; Cameroon T4N-R23W-S15; Canard T2N-R21W-S13; Canfield T3N-R20W-S26; Cannon T5N-R22W-S15; Cantwell T2N-R21W-S30; Carlile T1S-R20W-S13; Caroll T6N-R23W-31, T1N-R24W-S11; Carr T2N-R23W-S2; Carter T3N-R19W-S19, T2N-R21W-S29; Cartha T1N-R21W-S7; Casada T6N-R22W-S20; Casebolt T4N-R19W-S20; Caudell T6N-R23W-S27; Caver T6N-R24W-S12; Chambers T3N-R22W-S11; Chaney T4N-R21W-S22, T4N-R21W-S27; Cherry T4N-R21W-S28; Chilton T2N-R19W-S31; Chism T2N-R21W-S26, T2N-R21W-S27; Cistliber T1S-R19W-S6; Clark T1N-R24W-S18; Clevelan T2S-R20W-S20; Clift T2S-R20W-S9; Clours T3N-R23W-S15; Cobb, T4N-R20W-S19; Cofer T1S-R21W-S17; Coker T2N-R22W-S23; Cole T2N-R20W-S36; Colin T3N-R22W-S4; Colins T2N-R18W-S18, T6N-R21W-S33; Collville T1S-R21W-S11; Colored T2N-R18W-S28; Colter T2N-R18W-S4; Comey T3N-R21W-S10; Coneland T1S-R23W-S5; Conner T9N-R23W-S3; Conway T1S-R23W-S6; Cook T1N-R20W-S6; Cooper T3N-R24W-S21; Core T6N-R22W-S12; Cousins T7N-R22W-S33; Crites T4N-R21W-S35; Cox T2N-R20W-S5, T2N-R18W-S9; Cozine T1S-R23W-S22; Craddoe T1N-R21W-S2; Craig T1N-R24W-S9; Crane T3N-R23W-S9; Cranford T3N-R19W-S34; Creel T3N-R22W-S27; Crites T4N-R21W-S35; Crosby T3N-R22W-S14; Crosier T5N-R21W-S14; Crossland T3N-R23W-S19; Crouch T5N-R20W-S28; Crow T2N-R22W-S27, T5N-R20W-S7, T5N-R20W-S18, T5N-R20W-S19; Cuffle T3N-R19W-S31; Cummins T5N-R22W-S4; Cunningham T3N-R25W-S33, T2N-R24W-S19

D. Dacis T4N-R22W-S1; Dacus T5N-R21W-S32, T5N-R20W-S15; Dale T2N-R19W-S3; Dallas T2N-R20W-S35, T2N-R20W-S25; Dalls T3N-R21W-S19; Dals T3N-R19W-S34; Danels T5N-R21W-S33; Danton T2N-R22W-S18; Darnell T2N-R25W-S27; Daughtry T1N-R24W-S8; Davenport T2N-R25W-S28; Davis T9N-R23W-S5, T6N-R22W-S10, T4N-R21W-S6, T1N-R20W-S11, T1S-R24W-S18; DeBary T3N-R21W-S4; Deboss T7N-R24W-S36; DeKass T4N-R19W-S3; Derick T3N-R23W-S21; Derr T3N-R20W-S31, T2N-R20W-S6; Detrich T9N-R23W-S4; Dial T3N-R21W-S6; Dickey T1N-R21W-S21, T1N-R19W-S5; Dobbins T1S-R22W-S10; Dodson T5N-R22W-S12; Doget T1S-R23W-S28; Donelson T4N-R21W-S34; Donnell T6N-R20W-S19; Dotson T2N-R22W-S25; Doughty T3N-R21W-S14; Drew T1S-R23W-S29; Drewry T1S-R22W-S2; Dukes T2N-R23W-S12; Dunn T3N-R22W-S29, T3N-R22W-S34; Dunaway T1N-R21W-S14; Duvall T1S-R24W-S30, T1S-R24W-S20

E. Earnest T2N-R24W-S16; Ebner T6N-R21W-S8; Eddleman T1S-R21W-S6; Edwards T5N-R23W-S35; Elder T1N-R20W-S9; Eliot T5N-R20W-S9, T5N-R20W-S15, T2S-R24W-S23, T2S-R24W-S34; Elmer T1N-R22W-S26; Eltier T1S-R25W-S11; Elzy T7N-R21W-S34; Endsly T2N-R20W-S21; English T4N-R19W-S27; Esteus T3N-R23W-S13; Evans T7N-R21W-S33, T6N-R21W-S7, T6N-R21W-S8, T6N-R21W-S4, T2N-R19W-S5

F. Fair T1S-R21W-S19; Fallwell T6N-R22W-S11; Fanner T1N-R22W-S27; Farrant T1S-R25W-S13; Ferbian T1N-R20W-S28; Fergeson T4N-R20W-S8; Ferry T2N-R19W-S22; Fink T3N-R19W-S27; Finley T6N-R21W-S36; Fitzgerald T2N-R21W-S27; Fitzgerald T2N-R21W-S27, T1S-R20W-S12; Fleeman T6N-R23W-S30, T6N-R23W-S29; Fletcher T5N-R22W-S22, T5N-R22W-S33, T4N-R21W-S5; Flood T4N-R21W-S30; Flowers T2S-R20W-S6; Floyd T1N-R25W-S25; Forcyth T2N-R25W-S25;  Ford T2N-R24W-S36, T2N-R19W-S12; Foss T3N-R20W-S35; Fraley T3N-R21W-S7; Francis T6N-R24W-S35, T1N-R20W-S24; Frazer T2N-R21W-S14; Freeman T4N-R19W-S23; Fuleron T3N-R21W-S18; Fuqua T6N-R23W-S17, T1N-R21W-S2

G. Gaden T3N-R25W-S36, T3N-R21W-S9, T2N-R25W-S1; Garret T2N-R19W-S35, T1N-R19W-S2; Garrison T3N-R23W-S36, T2N-R23W-S11; Garvin T2S-R24W-S2, T2S-R24W-S1; Gee T3N-R21W-S23; George T1N-R22W-S35; Gibson T4N-R22W-S13; Glass T5N-R21W-S2; Glenn T6N-R22W-S1, T2S-R20W-S2; Goar T2S-R24W-S13; Godfrey T1N-R22W-S15; Goodspeed T5N-R22W-S16; Graham T6N-R22W-S8, T5N-R23W-S22, T5N-R24W-S25; Gray T2N-R21W-S7; Grear T4N-R20W-S31; Green T3N-R19W-S29, T2N-R19W-S36; Gregory T1S-R19W-S7; Grimes T3N-R23W-31; Gripson T2N-R25W-S13; Gross T2N-R24W-S33; Groves T1S-R24W-S28; Grundy T1S-R25W-S12; Guffin T2N-R22W-S9, T2N-R22W-S16; Guthrie T3N-R24W-S22

H. Hacker T2N-R21W-S17, T2N-R21W-S16; Hague T3N-R20W-S30; Haines T1N-R24W-S32; Hale T6-R24W-S5; Haley T5N-R20W-S20, T4N-R21W-S29, T2N-R22W-S1; Hall T5N-R22W-S28; Ham T2N-R19W-S25; Hancock T3N-R19W-S10; Hanes T8N-R21W-S30, T7N-R22W-S35; T6N-R21W-S20; Harden T1N-R20W-S16; Hardy T3N-R21W-S29, T3N-R20W-S32; Harley T5N-R21W-S21; Harris T6N-R21W-S34; Harrison T6N-R22W-S18; Hart T2N-R25W-S9; Harvy T2N-R20W-S4; Hatley T2S-R20W-S10; Hattie T2N-R20W-S16; Hayford T4N-R21-S20; Heheran T9N-R23W-S4; Hendly T9N-R22W-S28, T3N-R20W-S24; Hendrichs T2N-R24W-S17; Henry T1S-R24W-S16; Hering T2N-R19W-S14, T2N-R18W-S29; Hesley T2N-R22W-S5; Hess T2S-R20W-S27; Hickerson T2S-R20W-S3; Hickman T7N-R21W-S27; Hidenrich T2N-R22W-S8; Higgeson T2S-R20W-S4; Higgins T1N-R20W-S33; Hill T6N-R22W-S16, T5N-R23W-S23; T2N-R24W-S18; Hix T2N-R25W-S20; Hoffman T2N-R19W-S15; Holden T6N-R21W-S6, T2S-R20W-S19; Homes T1N-R24W-S6, T1N-R24W-S25; Honeycut T3N-R21W-S27; Hooks T2S-R20W-S23; Horsely T2S-R24W-S10; Hosmer T3N-R21W-S11; Houk T6N-R24W-S23; Hound T1N-R19W-S30; Hood T2N-R23W-S9; Howard T4N-R19W-S32, T3N-R19W-S15, T3N-R19W-S14; Howgard T2N-R25W-S26; Hubbard T5N-R20W-S7; Hudgpath T2N-R25W-S16; Hudger T6N-R22W-S24; Hudson T5N-R22W-S13, T2N-R21W-S35, T5N-R21W-S25, T3N-R20W-S35; Huff T8N-R22W-S21; Hughes T5N-R22W-S9, T3N-R24W-S26, T3N-R1W-S33; Huling T3N-R21W-S2; Humpries T1S-R24W-S6; Hunt T1S-R25W-S14; Hunter T1S-R20W-S1, T1S-R24W-S9; Hutcheson T2S-R24W-S11; Hutchins T1N-R24W-S23; Hutson T2-R19W-S21     

I. Ice T3N-R19W-S23; Inklebarger T4N-R19W-S2, T4N-R19W-S11, T4N-R19W-S12

J. Jackson T8N-R22W-S22, T8N-R22W-S30, T6N-R24W-S14, T6N-R23W-S32, T4N-R20W-S35, T1S-R23W-S18, T1N-R21W-S8; Jacobs T1N-R21W-S18; James T1N-R20W-S13, T1N-R19W-S17, T1N-R19W-S20, T1N-R19W-S19; Janes T5N-R21W-S34; Jenkins T1N-R24W-S4; Jiles T5N-R21W-S11; Johnson T5N-R22W-S6, T2N-R26W-S25, T2N-R19W-S34; T1N-S22W-S23, T1N-R20W-29; Jones T6N-R24W-S1, T5N-R22W-S36, T4N-R20W-S20, T4N-R20W-S18, T4N-R20W-S2, T3N-R19W-S20, T3N-R19W-S3, T2N-R25W-S22, T2N-R19W-S17, T2N-R18W-S6, T1N-R21W-S5; Julian T1S-R22W-S3; Juster T6N-R24W-S11, J.0 T6N-R24W-S36

K. Kates T2S-R24W-S3; Karie T4N-R19W-S29; Kelham T2N-R22W-S14; Kelsy T5N-R24W-S14, T5N-R24W-S34; Keminzino T4N-R21W-S25; Ketchem T3N-R23W-S23; Keys T1N-R19W-S18; Kiddle T5N-R20W-S17; Kimball T2N-R19W-S19; Kimble T2N-R20W-S24; Kirby T2S-R19W-S12; Kizzar T2N-R22W-S2; Kline T6N-R23W-S15; Knox T6N-R22W-S13; T1N-R24W-S6

L. Lackey T5N-R21W-S6; Lacross T5N-R22W-S9; Ladow T3N-R20W-S24; Laird T1N-R19W-S10; Land T1N-R21W-S31; Lankford T4N-R21W-S36; Laughlin T5N-R20W-S4; Ledbetter T4N-R23W-S1; Lee T2N-R19W-S23, T1N-R21W-S6; Letta T3N-R21W-S12; Lewis T2S-R24W-S4; Lilly T2N-R23W-S34; Lindlsly T2N-R22W-S34; Lindly T1S-R23W-S21; Lock T1N-R20W-S36; Longess T1N-R24W-S19, T1N-R24W-S15; Look T3N-R19W-S2; Lowder T5N-R21W-S10; Lukehart T3N-R21W-S36; Lune T3N-R23W-S8; Lynch T5N-R22W-S21; Lynn T1S-R22W-S24; Lyons T4N-R19W-S16

M. Mabee T6N-R24W-S24; Maddox T3N-R21W-S15; Maggard T1N-R24W-S26; Manning T1S-R23W-S19; Maris T2N-R20W-S15; Mars T6N-R21W-S17; Marman T5N-R22W-S14; Marsken T4N-R19W-S21; Martines T1N-R19W-S29; Mase T6N-R22W-S36; Mathes T5N-R24W-S24; Mathews T3N-R21W-S2; Mays T2S-R24W-S15; McCall T2N-R21W-S12, T2N-R20W-S32; McCally T4N-R21W-S13, T2N-R23W-S25, T2N-R23W-S26, T1N-R22W-S1, T1N-R22W-S6; McCardy T4N-R20W-S28; McClaeson T6N-R23W-S22; McCleran T2N-R21W-S23; McClure T3N-R21W-S17, T3N-R21W-S16; McCord T2S-R20W-S18; McCormic T1N-R21W-S12; McCulough T2N-R25W-S2; McDoyle T5N-R210W-S32; McElroy T4N-R19W-S33, T4N-R19W-S14, T3N-R19W-S4, T1N-R19W-S22; McFarlan T2N-R23W-S13, T1N-R24W-S24; McFarland T2N-R22W-S24; McFarlin T2N-R22W-S21; McGeary T6N-R22W-S26; McGee T2N-R25W-S17; McHaney T2S-R20W-S2; McIntire T3N-R23W-S24, T2N-R25W-S30; McKithers T4N-R22W-S11; McMahan T2N-R21W-S11; McMann T6N-R24W-S9; McMore T2N-R22W-S17; McMurray T1N-R21W-S4; McNight T1S-R24W-S17, T1S-R24W-S2; McRunnels T1S-R24W-S15; Mead T3N-R21W-S1; Mears T5N-R21W-S22; Medlin T3N-R21W-S22; Meeks T3N-R24W-S27; Meisenheimer T3N-R21W-S8; Melton T4N-R19W-S35; Merith T2N-R21W-S1; Middleton T2N-R22W-S22; Miller T9N-R23W-S2, T1N-R19W-S15, T1N-R18W-S4; Millford T3N-R23W-S26; Mills T2N-R22W-S12; Miner T1N-R22W-S34, T1N-R20W-S15; Mitchell T1N-R22W-S36; Mock T2N-R21W-S36; Mood T6N-R23W-S21; Moody T2S-R20W-S22; Mooney T6N-R22W-S15; More T5N-R23W-S28, T5N-R23W-S33, T4N-R23W-S17, T1N-R19W-S3; Moreland T5N-R23W-S20; Morgan T3N-R19W-S9, T2S-R20W-S15; Morganroth T2S-R19W-S13; Morris T2N-R25W-S10, T1N-R19W-S9; Morrison T1N-R19W-S33; Morse T5N-R21W-S20, T5N-R21W-S28; Moseley T4N-R19W-S26, T2N-R22W-S26; Moss T3N-R19W-S22; Mulinax T7N-R21W-S29, T7N-R21W-S32; Murphy T5N-R24W-S35, T5N-R23W-S16, T5N-R23W-S17, T5N-R23W-S2

N. Nally T3R23W-S31; Neal T2N-R21W-S31, T1N-R20W-S6; Neely T1S-R23W-S26; Neil T3N-R19W-S32; Nelson T1N-R19W-S16; Newbom T1N-R23W-S1; Newcom T3N-R21W-S3; Newman T1S-R24W-S5; Nickles T1N-R21W-S32; Nix T8N-R22W-S23; Nix T2N-R21W-S8, T2N-R21W-S9, T2N-R19W-S16, T2N-R19W-S28; Nora T5N-R20W-S22; North T1N-R22W-S3; Northcut T3N-R24W-S24; Northwest T6N-R21W-S29; Norton T1S-R21W-S9

O. O'Neal T1S-R22W-S14; Oden T2N-R18W-S33; Odonell T2N-R21W-S25; Ogle T3N-R19W-S5; Omara T6N-R22W-S27; Owens T5N-R21W-S12, T2N-R19W-S7

P. Panes T1N-R20W-S10; Parish T8N-R22W-S19, T5N-R21W-S26; Park T5N-R21W-S19; Parker T3N-R19W-S7; Parmer T7N-R21W-S26, T7N-R20W-S31, T3N-R19W-S30; Parrot T1N-R19W-S31; Parry T5N-R21W-S36, T4N-R19W-S1, T3N-R20W-S23; Parsley T1N-R19W-S4; Parson T2N-R19W-S29; Paton T2S-R24W-S12; Patterson T2N-R22W-S35; Patton T3N-R23W-S6; Paxton T6N-R24W-S16, T6N-R24W-S15, T6N-R24W-S13, T6N-R23W-S18; Payne T2N-R25W-S35; Pearson T5N-R22W-S10, T5N-R22W-S11, T1N-R19W-S28; Penwright T2N-R19W-S32; Penix T5N-R21W-S23;  Penn T2N-R22W-S20; Peryman T3N-R22W-S20, T3N-R22W-S21; Phillips T1N-R21W-S17; Pike T1N-R20W-S12, T1N-R19W-S6; Plew T2N-R19W-S20; Plunkett T8N-R21W-S19, T8N-R21W-S20, T8N-R23W-S24, T8N-R23W-S25; Poindexter T6N-R21W-S31, T2N-R22W-S19, T2N-R21W-S32; Pool T1N-R19W-S21; Potts T1S-R24W-S7, T1S-R24W-S8; Powel T1S-R21W-S22; Powell T5N-R21W-S7, T3N-R24W-S36, T3N-R23W-S16; Prescott T1S-R24W-S33; Preston T5N-R20W-S21, T1S-R23W-S31; Price T8N-R22W-S24, T2N-R25W-S15, T2N-R25W-S23, T2N-R25W-S12; Prickel T1N-R21W-S19; Putnam T1S-R23W-S32

Q. -0-

R. Radford T5N-R20W-S31; Ragsdale T3N-R23W-S22; Ralston T1N-R20W-S32; Ramson T4N-R24W-S12, T4N-R23W-S7; Ramsey T6N-R21W-S14; Ramsy T6N-R21W-S14; Ranch T5N-R21W-S31, T2N-R21W-S4; Randolph T2N-R20W-S10; Raney T5N-R21W-S24, T2N-R18W-S5; Ray T6N-R19W-S4, T2N-R19W-S4, T1N-R24W-S22; Reagan T6N-R24W-S3; Redmond T1N-R21W-S35, Reed T5N-R20W-S6, T4N-R20W-S32, T3N-R20W-S28; Reegan T1N-R22W-S24; Reeves T1N-R24W-S31, T1S-R25W-S2, T1N-R22W-S12; Render T1S-R24W-S29, T1S-R24W-S32; Reynolds T5N-R22W-S20; Richardson T9N-R24W-S13; Rickard T1N-R21W-S28; Roach T4N-R19W-S17; Roberts T8N-R21W-S31, T1N-R21W-S10; Robison T6N-R21W-S5; Robinson T1N-R21W-S25; Rogers T6N-R22W-S22, T1N-R19W-S27; Roper T1N-R20W-S3; Rose T1S-R23W-S8; Rude T5N-R21W-S8; Rue T2N-R18W-S16; Runion T1N-R25W-S36, T1S-R25W-S3; Russell T1N-R21W-S11; Russet T2S-R20W-S28

S. School No. 3 T6-R21W-S25; School No. 7 T7-R21W-S28; School No. 8 T5-R23W-S33; School No. 12 T6-R21-S28; School No. 14 T2N-R19W-S20; School No. 25 T2S-R24W-S13; School No. 30 T5N-R21W-S28; School No. 40 T1N-R20W-S24; School No. 41 T1N-R19W-S16; School No. 43 T2S-R23W-S6; School No. 44 T6N-R22W-S11
Sacker T3N-R23W-S35; Sampson T4N-R23W-S4; Sams T1N-R19W-S8; Sanderlan T3N-R19W-S17; Sanderlin T1S-R25W-S1; Sanders T3N-R21W-S30, T2N-R24W-S28; Sanford T2N-R21W-S33; Salterfield T1N-R22W-S11, T1N, R21W-S16; Scarbrorough T3N-R24W-S12, T3N-R23W-S7, T3N-R23W-S17, T3N-R23W-S18; Schiler T6N-R22W-S23; Scrimsher T4N-R21W-S21; Seals T5N-R21W-S5; Sewell T4N-R22W-S6; Shafer T4N-R20W-S3, T3N-R21W-S32; Sharp T5N-R20W-S29; Sharra T2N-R24W-S26; Shaw T2N-R21W-S18; Shelton T3N-R19W-S18, T1N-R20W-S4; Sheridan T6N-R23W-S26; Shiftler T1S-R23W-S16; Shop T2N-R19W-S24; Shorsy T5N-R23W-S34; Short T4N-R23W-S5; Shrimps T2S-R20W-S35; Sigler T5N-R21W-S3; Silk T3N-R21W-S31; Simpson T4N-R21W-S9, T4N-R21W-S16, T2N-R20W-S7; Smiley T2N-R20W-S14, T1N-R25W-S24, T1S-R21W-S21; Skinner T4N-R21W-S8;  Sparks T7N-R21W-S32; Smith T6N-R1W-S10, T6N-R24W-S28, T4N-R21W-S12, T4N-R20W-S33, T4N-R19W-S28, T2N-R24W-S7, T1N-R21W-S34, T1S-R21W-S3; Snell T2-R20W-S26, T1N-R19W-S30; Snider T2N-R25W-S4, Snipes T4N-R22W-S14; Southall T1N-R20W-S2; Southern T1S-R21W-S15; Sparkman T5N-R24W-S23; Sparks T4N-R20W-S17; Spears T1N-R20W-S2, T3N-R21W-S26; Spence T1N-R24W-S7; Spicy T1N-R18W-S5; Stanfield T2N-R22W-S15; Staplin T5N-R21W-S17; Starkey T3N-R23W-S11; Startup T3N-R23W-S4; Steel T4N-R19W-S34; Stell T3N-R23W-S34; Stetler T2N-R25W-S24; Steven T3N-R19W-S26; Stevens T1N-R24W-S13; Stiles T1N-R24W-S20; Stinson T2N-R18W-S19, T1N-R21W-S1;  Stone T3N-R23W-S7, T3N-R23W-S8; Story T3N-R20W-S25; Stover T4N-R22W-S12; Straton T2N-R23W-S3, T2N-R23W-S10, T3N-R23W-S27; Strode T3N-R22W-S23; Stroud T2N-R19W-S27; Stuart T3N-R22W-S22, T1S-R21W-S12; Sullivan T2N-R23W-S12; Sumro T1N-R20W-S20, T1N-R20W-S17; Suttles T4N-R20W-S11, T4N-R20W-S12, T4N-R20W-S3; Sweet T4N-R22W-S3

T. Tacket T7N-R24W-S34; Tally T4N-R21W-S17, T4N-R21W-S18; Taylor T7N-R21W-S14, T7N-R21W-S35, T5N-R23W-S29, T3N-R21W-S28; Tayton T5N-R22W-S17; Temple T1N-R21W-S9, T1S-R23W-S17; Tery T6N-R24W-S25; Thompson T6N-R21W-S28, T2N-R25W-S14; Thomson T1S-R23W-S30; Tilly T5N-R23W-S27; Todd T4N-R23W-S2; Tometson T7N-R21W-S11; Tompkins T6N-R20W-S30; Toney T2N-R18W-S7; Townson T5N-R22W-S5; Trigs T2N-R18W-S32; Tucker T2N-R24W-S32, T1N-R24W-S9; Turner T9N-R22W-S21, T3N-R21W-S34, T2N-R19W-S30, T1N-R21W-S3, T1N-R20W-S31

U. -0-

V. Valley T2N-R25W-S21; Vermillion T4N-R21W-S7, T2N-R26W-S36; Vest T6N-R22W-S2; Vici T2S-R20W-S16

W.  W.O. Ranch T3N-R23W-S33; Wagoner T2N-R22W-S7; Waldrup T2N-R21W-S8; Walker T3N-R24W-S16, T3N-R23W-S10, T2N-R24W-S29, T2N-R21W-S5, T2N-R19W-S7; Wallace T1N-R20W-S30, T2S-R24W-S27; Wallcott T1S-R22W-S1; Walter T4N-R21W-S23; Ward T8N-R24W-S1, T4N-R21W-S15, T2N-R25W-S11, T1N-R20W-S26; Wasley T4N-R21W-S10; Wason T6N-R22W-S25; Weaver T2N-R19W-S2, T2N-R19W-S11; Webb T4N-R21W-S11; Weiland T7N-R22W-S7; Welch T8N-R22W-S29; Westmoreland T2S-R24W-S22; White T3N-R21W-S25, T3N-R19W-S8, T1N-R21W-S36, T3N-R19W-S21; Whitenburg T2N-R22W-S4; Whitley T6N-R21W-S15; Whitten T4N-R20W-S29; Wialder T5N-R22W-S23; Wicker T4N-R21W-S26; Wight T1S-R21W-S16; Williams T6N-R21W-S13, T6N-R21W-S18, T1N-R22W-S2; T2S-R20W-S26, T1S-R19W-S18; Williamson T7N-R22W-S34, T4N-R20W-S6; Willis T4N-R20W-S30; T2N-R19W-S6, T2N-R19W-S18; Willson T2S-R20W-S11, T2S-R20-S21, T2S-R20W-S34, T1S-R20W-S25; Wilson T5N-R23W-S15, T4N-R23W-S8, T4N-R23W-S9, T4N-R20W-S7, T1N-R22W-S1; Wilford T6N-R22W-S17; Winburg T2N-R23W-S14; Winters T4N-R19W-S18; Womack T4N-R21W-S32; Wood T2N-R20W-S3; Woodard T3N-R23W-S28; Woods T5N-R21W-S15; Worley T6N-R22W-S3; Wright T2N-R22W-S36, T2N-R21W-S15

X. -0-

Y. Yechley T3N-R19W-S35; Yeldell T2S-R20W-S17; Yewman T1N-S24W-S17; Young T5N-R22W-S24

Z.  -0- has microfilm and digital images of early Greer county records including Deed Indexes, Bills of Sale. The Old Greer County Museum holds copies of the microfilm for Greer County Genealogical and Historical Society.

Andrew Jackson Meers was an ex-Confederate Captain, surveyor and prospector of Greer County arriving about 1886.

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US v TX 1896 map 1890 surnames



Meers map 1890

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