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Surname List by Janet Moore, 22 July -10 August 2000

It is certainly helpful to have the census images online, however reading the census images in search of a surname is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. For that effort this Surname Index was created. Some names were very difficult to read, and areas of pages are faded, blotchy or dark. Where there was uncertainly about a name or part of a name, question marks were inserted. Those names that were especially difficult to read are underlined.

There is no guarantee that all names in this list are accurate, but have been examined and carefully recorded.

In some cases, you may recognize a spelling variation on the names you search. Check the census, rather than rely on the index. The Index

Page is only designed to assist you in your search.To search for a name, click EDIT on toolbar and choose FIND, and if you find a surname of interest, make a note of the page number, then go to the actual census and choose that page.

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The Enumeration Districts are complete, though there are places that have have blanks. Maybe someone recognizes a household that seems unreadable, by the names and ages of the children and locations of birth or by their neighbors. Will accept alternate spellings for incomplete words.

Susan Bradford, Greer County, OKGenWeb CC

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County subdivisions enumerated in each Enumeration District:
Bloomington Township: ED 112
Granite Township: ED 113 - 114
Jester Township: ED 115
Mangum Township, Mangum City: ED 116 - 117
Mangum Township: ED 118
Quartz Township: ED 119
Tilley Township: ED 120 - 121
Willow Township: ED 122
Raney Township: ED 272

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E.D. 112, Bloomington Township

01a - Ewell, Sloan, Smith, Herndon, Post, Carroll, Butler, Fletcher, Woods, Cross, Adams

01b - Cross, Adams, Foster, Middleton, Mitchell, Justice, Yates, Stout, Hickman, McBride, McCall, Maxey, Middleton

02a - Higgenbotham, Roberts, Thompson, Dodson, Dailey, Wyatt, Vicker, Hartley, Crook, Simmons, Austin, Richardson, Rutherford

02b - Nation, Cheek, Foster, Thompson, Wells, Scout, Sheridan, Dodson

03a - Dodson, Francis, Davis, Butler, Hook, Leard, Chancellor, Davis, Johnson, Jackson, Buchanoster, Sears, May

03b - May, Francis, Jackson Gooden, Johnson, Aden, Masoner, Hix, Smith, Massad, Mores

04a - Corek, Moser, Smith, Kemp, Langley, Elkins, Esson, Roberts, Waldram, Everet, Whitsnor

04b - Whitman, Kelson, Bullard, Faulk, Lard, Horner, Evans

05a - Bolan, Murray, Willson, Emess, Jackson, Reynenou, Prentice, Ratliff, Jams, Cundel, Reynolds

05b - Reynolds, Noble, Wetsel, Burcham, Smith, Blallock, Mathis, Gray, Bradshaw, Burks

06a - Burks, Wilson, Trammell, Kemp, Ivie, Barker, King, Roberts, Goodman, Flynn, Lusk, Rose

06b - Steppans, Moore, Kellium, Pile, Ennis, Warren, Cookesy, Fuller, Martin, Pleasant, Brown, Jenkins, Bettes, Jones

07a - Jones, Curtin, McCullough, Nesotor, Burden, McLaird, Lasiter, O neal, Rogers, McElroy, Caskey

07b - Cooksey, Frage, Jackson, Martin, Webb, Shaw, Knight, Roberts

08a - Roberts, Watts, Vance, Pittman, White, Andrews, Wiseman, Webb, Thompson

08b - Thompson, Briley, Dorrbey, Wiseman, Bradshaw, Killiam, Busner, Deon, Berry, Clark, Seivally, Askins, Freeman

09a - Freeman, Myers, Moyer, Barnes, Payne, Martin, Anglin, Earlwins, Seivelly, Pleasant, Simmons

09b - Daniel, Seivally, Armstrong, Baker, Gault, Mooney, Cadedell, Hendrick, Tidwell, Hughes, Saunders

10a - Tidwell, King, Allen, Barker, Moyer, Gody, McKall, Cline, Basden, Paxton, Moore, Rogers, Pack

10b - Moore, Bo__?, Adams, Byrd, Burnett, Dunn, Rawls?, May, Kelly

11a - Williams, McAlpin, Heard, Paxton, Veach, Prircell, Ramsey, Smith, Burnett, McCown, Parker, Bascom, Williams

11b - Williams, Paxton, Veach, Jones, Branham, Avery, Walker, Crook, Post, Hale, Trammel

12a - Dranger, Tramel, Parkey, Cherry, McCasland, Parker, Ramsay, Rickels, Stowe, Hampt

12b - Hampt, Frage, Roberts, Crone, Gamble, Abernathy, Edwards, Manuel, Reed, Baxter, Mason, Parker, Owings, Cowan

13a - Herndon, Stone, Culpepper, Williams, Garrett, Miers, Disharson, McCarty, Loften, Vaughn, Robertson

13b - Harp, Scott, Gregson, Parker, Harbor, Clemens, Bardin, Shaddid, Smith, Sloan, Marsh

E.D. 113, Granite Township (part)

01a - Garrison, Spears, Wills, Fowler, Preslor, Davis, Wren, Rogers, Black, Crawford, Wilson, Imboden, Miller, Sohave, Christy

01b - Stacy, Lyons, Schave, Parten, Jordan, Saint, Harrington, Marshall, Belmore, Coon, Spears, Williams, Hampt, Evans

02a - Bristow, Harper, McGeeHee, Dwyer, Fulton, Dyson, Greer, Litton, Moon, Smith, Browe

02b - McCarty, Brown, Norris, McCart, Duncan, Bartgis, Reeves, Smith, Crookshire, Koughes, Stiles, Locke, Maize, Bartlett, Rea, Burk, Robnett, Dill

03a - Prosier, Turner, Parton, Deal, Elkins, Speake, Ross, Kolley, Suitor, Donald, Kleirs, Norris, Chissom, _____pp, Winston, Surry, Keddey

03b - Polaski, Martin, Crawford, Brooks, Trotter, Harlow, Kemper, Retheal

04a - Sowell, Skelley, Brown, Evans, Robinson, Edwards, Fisher, Mitchell, Trotter, Pierson, Perry, Shirley, Carter, Callicott, Sherrod, Henry

04b - Schwartz, Dechance, Hastings, Trammell, McCaffity, Davis, Adams, Hood, H__t__ber, Phepps, Kennedy, Cochran, Perkins, Lane, Murry, Bingham

05a - Barker, Waldrip, Schmitt, Harville, Vaughn, Johnson, Partin, Rains, Taylor, Pride, Denney, Jones, Bryan, Broskney, Ross, Moss, Harlow, Dillogg, Lantz

05b - Hensmore, Keddey, Houston, Moseley, Wray, Burris, McClurg, Wiley, Babek, robinson, Morrow, Ma___?, Gentry, Baker, Davis, Bennett, Hunter, Haslett

06a - Bittgnald, McPheeters, Reser, Spillman, Mitchell

06b - Baker, Lippert, Thompson, Donald, Sewell, Counts, Brush, Brannan, Austin, Huff, Evans, Grant, Sahare, Gabriel

07a - Patterson, Crow, Brown, Smith, McWhorter, Leach, Williford, Anderson, Kayden, Bogan, Abbottt, Williams, Bryan, Stratton, Brown

07b - Jackson, Reeves, Black, Ratheal, McGuire, Bowman, Laswell, Williams, Brown, Reynolds, Bassett, Roberts, Yarbrough

08a - Roberts, Johnson, Lewis, Stovall, Cole, Tompkins, Stovall, Cole, Tomkins, Lawrence, Greersle, Bartlett, Lindley, Macinan, Sohave, Adair

08b - Ryder, Sessions, Gifford, Bolton, Evans, McMiltin, Saunders, Ladd, Adams, Davenport, McKenzie, Dinelly, Buchanan, Lee, Martha

09a - Ford, Barnes, Watford, Hoskins, Harris, Scoggins, Roussan, Perry, Garrison, Kehady, Onatal, Foster, Hayes, Fisher, Kealy, Lyons

09b - Jackson, Sanlidge, Bachelder, Hind__t, Pawson, Kunnery, Burnett, Cardwell, Pace, Smith, Arnett, Duvall, Lee, Burk, Wood, Anderson, Cook, Thompson, Pulaski, Ogle, McRee, Saunders, Schwyor

10a - Fricke, Egleston, Williamson, Reeves, Allen, Clark, Smith, Cox, Wright, Shelton

10b - Frisby, Carney, Tate, Marsh, Brush, Elliott, Vaughn, Chatwin, B____?, Lackey, Saunders, Adair, Maxey, Williams, Shumate, Evans, Bryan

11a - Burk, Norris, Reeves, Thompson, Atkinson, Cosley, Wright,

11b - Sprague, Wagonseller, Benge, Webber, Hun__g, Riskel, Wright, Veale, Lewis, Word, Mayfield, Evan, Robinson, Sparks, Lanier, Armstrong, Cabiness

12a - Bellow, Foster, Fullerton, Misemore, Wall, Gibson, Holman, Collier, Roberts, Dabney, Dunchan, Smith, McClure

12b - Loudes, Elder, Chew, Smith, Hand, Alexander, Gooch, Haynes, Raemer, VanDyke, Baker

13a - Slaton, DeWees, Drehmer, McPheeters, Campbell, Simmons, Lee, Briggs, Anderson, Kammon, Morris, McRee, Weaver, Pellow

13b - Triplett, Womack, Adair, Bigbee, Alexander, Gooch, Graves, Bailey, Atcheson, Hunt, Harrison, Coffin, Williams

14a - Johnson, Pellow, Malloy, Windom, Vandyke, Mainors, Oneal, Hill, Hester, Leffel, Jaye, Armstrong, Wimbler, Walker

14b - Wall, Carlton, Cooley, Alexander, Mitchell, Cagle, Black, Hess, Flynn, Jones,

15a - Sutton, McGee, Corothers, Allen, Lynne, Sewell, Chisholm, Rose, Ruggles, Haynes, Cross

15b - Fox, Campbell, Davis, Christy, Thorp, Cummings, Wartz, Head, McCloud, Holmes, Cross

16a - Gross, Hubbard, Nokes, Cross, Ligon, York, Caddell, Griffith, Paulk, Redwine, Woods, Weese

16b - Berry, Teague, Nance, Yosst, Collier, Elliott, LaCasse, Lackey

17a - Daniell, Dorman, Brown, Jones, Wait, McLemore, Wright, Elliott, Pierez

17b - Flynn, Moore, Wright

19a - Nanny, Murray, Carey, Shoemaker, Chilton, Gifford, Holman

19b - Brooks, Ande, Smotherman, Lang, Rude, Penrod, Dobbins, Elder, Maynard, Parsons, Call, Wallace, L____y, Steinson

20a - Graumann, Chisolm, Jordan, Wilson, Turner, Edwards, Steinsbor, Underwood, Kole, Larrew, Nelson, Suitor, O Hara, Brooks

20b - Graumann, Th___?, Davis, Harris, Lattimore, Elliston, McIntosh, Johnson, Thompson, Muse, Watson, Burk, Webb

21a - Krause, Graumann, Smith, Wardell, Aims, Edens, Bell, Terry, Taylor, Andrews, Godfrew, McGee

21b - Godfrey, Hand, Hacket, Copeland, Shark, Clinton, Williams, Cobb, Barnard, Maynard

22a - Maxfield, Baker, Gilbeck, Johnson

23a - Carothers, Floyd, Morgan, Gray, Huggins, Langford, Hunter, Howard, Bird, Whitefield, Parsix, Johnson

23b - High___?, Johnson, Winnett, Overstreet, Highdon, Crouch, MacDoogle, Rusk, Brooks, Markham, ____st

24a - Markham, Johnson, Taylor, Rushing, Hambree, Maynard, Higdon, Coffman, Corville

24b - Evana, Randall, Edwards, Hobbs

25a - Howard, Buford, Vaughn, Bell, Kendrick, Burg, Riley, Burd, ___rby, Trotter, Lasik, Davis, Caldwell, Shaw, Parnell

26a - Mullins, Thompkins, Ming, Monfredi, Wood

E.D. 114, Granite Township (continued)

01a- Allen, Houmey, Crowder, Maloy, Love, Stiles, Simpson, Morris, Turner, Brooks, Davis, Wray, Williams, Burno, Erwin, Cobender, Reilly, Austin, Vaugh, Huggins

01b - Adurman, Guess, Baker, Long, Sexton, Hughs, Woolsey, Culberson, Smith, Norman, Gowers, Downey

02a - Downey, Davis, Smith, Arnold, Carver, Warshopen, Beddo, McCarty, Dilbeck, Rice, Norris, Green, Sewell

02b - Griffin, Thorp, Buzbee, Cochran, Broadie, Williams

03a - Copelin, Mc___ane, Wills, Gilliland, Morris

03b - Olds, Hawkins, Briggs, Wills, Shwen, Lee, Harris, Lyon, Rhoden, Cagle, Rice, Pace

04a - Lee, Fitzgerald, Elam, Williams, Lyon, McKaran, Hager, Gunning, Pond, Pendley

04b - Shirley, Dikes, Gibdon, Lyon, Omartin, Sewell, Harris, Newton, Evans, Ward

05a - Carrell, Harrell, Breshers, Clem, Babek, Gates, Nelson, Elmore, Townsend, Hawkins, Parks, Guest

05b - Brook, Allen, McGuire, Thescott, Morris, Redwine, Roberts, Cagle

06a - McFarlin, Curtis, Litle, King, Bratton, Martin, Allen, Litton, Thomas, Shumate

06b - Reeves, Litton, Maxey, Shwen, Curtis, Gill, Rush, Ballengee

07a - Ballengee, Harris, Fite, Holden, Gill

07b - Gill, Clack, Broadrick, Townsend, Brazier, Stiles, Wilson, Adams, Leakie

08a - Thrower, Loe, Saxton, Combs, Wilson, Conrad, Floyd, Davis, Grunles, Ulm, Jones, Corothers

08b - Morris, Mulanax, Dempsey, Ulm, Fitzgerald, Shrophsire, Casey, Dawson, Pendley, Sawyers

09a - Adams, Reeves, Mackett, Spann, Frost, Elam, Daulton, Huffman, Stovall, Wilson, Clary, Blain, Dawson

09b - Cantrell, Finch, Harper, Lloyd, Taylor, Williams, Carver, Biddo, Moore, Gram___?, Norton, Brown, Long, Schaffenberg, Smith, Clark, Covington

10a - Holsey, Pruit, Burton, Ross, Haswell, Darby, Moore, Barker, King, Tedford

10b - Ulum, Browning, Cheek, Hogge, Griffin, Kesbow, Evans, Smith, Totty, McMurtrey, Wall, Walkin

11a - Scott, Hudson, Tapp, Dodson, Brown, McGavack, Fulton, Morris, Byram

11b - Campbell, Martin, Howard, Puckett, Cole, Evans, Manning, Bright, Garrett

12a - Pruitt, Lanier, Stephens, Brooks, Eubanks, Howell, Cole, Blair, McGee, Miltram, McGavack

12b - Evans, Wild, Fowler, Wall, Olds, Rockhold, Gill, Sheets, Fleming, Wyatt, Reid, McGavack

13a - Shropshire, Douglass, Evans, Hogg, Roberts

E.D. 115, Jester Township

01a - Dial, Belew, Martin, Bray, Dales, McAlistor, Pruett, Gray, Venable

01b - Venable, Pearson, Perren, Fisher, Pichard, Jeter, Burnes, Morris, Barr, Bracknell, Whitiker, Little, Tracy, Hanster, Solomon

02a - Solomon, Boswell, Saulsberry, Nance, Jeter, Tucker, Cox, Pickard, Rust, Chambers

02b - Austin, Boyd, Finley, Ellis, Gault, Kester, Bowin, Pruett, Massey, Robertson

03a - Robertson, Jackson, Price, Buinn, Brandon, McElroy, Girdis, McBride, Scales, Byram, Kilgore, McClendon, Carpenter, Edwards

03b - Lasater, Knight, Peters, Fletcher, Covington, Rogers, Morton, Manley, Presty, Barker

04a - Barker, Benham, Burber, Davis, Hinds, Ridings, Biggerstaff, Pruett

04b - Jones, Pruett, Harbour, Smith, Krumble, Mosely, Pugh, Taylor, Buchner, Rogers

05a - Rogers, Carson, Tucker, Jones, Elking, Smith, Salisbury, Wilson, Pendly, Finch

05b - Mitchell, Evans, Pruett, Moyer, Harbour, Mear, Penn, Ross, Story, Choat

06a - Smith, Bogart, Rusk, Grimes, Knight, Tracy, Higgins, Gibson, Mc___ander

06b - McCain, Cox, Presley, Sief, Harris, Ashley, Moffit, Choat, Jones, Burgess

07a - Gockley, Bull, McClasland, Choat, Davis, Howins, Kegter, Howard, Fleming

07b - Davis, Donley, Routen, Beam, Bulb, Horton, Manuel, Bodinge, Norris, Williams, Baird, Mattock

08a - Baker, Ross, Combs, Carpenter, Williams, roberts, Dorris, Pettey, Smith, Donley, Palmer, Powan, Stockman

08b - Gardner, Christian, Smith, Handley, Stansbury, Duvall, Donley, Doyle, Long, Polly, Ginn

09a - Cates, Duval, McDaniel, Harris, Cornaban, Griffin, Maxwell, Tipton, Hughes, Pittard, Bowen, Knight, Combs

09b - Combs, Jackson, Paxton, Dinkins, Train, Crain, Thorton, Cotton, Shelby, McMahon, Marshall, Haggood, Shannon, Mayfield

10a - Mulfield, Wells, Loth, Douglass, Gunn, Birchfield, McCrary, Nordo, Smith, Stephens, Copell, Elkins, Hinds, Bordon

10b - Stokes, Griffin, Winfield, Holt, Paxton, McMinn, Berry, Cummings, Echols, Culwell, Langly, Dwight, Magill

11a - Kelley, Paxton, McMillan, Manuel, Balthrop, Mabree, Frazier, Grubbs, Veach, Stockton, Corder, Stiesetaugh, Heatly, Campbell, Shumate, Gaulshry, Neal

11b - King, White, St___gh, Jones, Smith, Veach, Dotson, Isbell, Slate, Brothers, Bell, B____th, Echols, Parr, Williams

12a - Williams, Jister, Walback, Frans, Peavey, Houch, Paxton, Atwood, Gunzel, Taylor,

12b - Richards, McBeal, Haygood, Wright, Smith, Simpson, Ponder, Pendley, Crook

E.D. 116, Mangum Township, Mangum City (part)

01a - Adamson, Amcott, Bassett, Cummings, Dearmon, Dotson, Fox, Hau___?, H___?, Hall, Johnson, Killum, Lambert, McMann, Norris, O Connell, Otten, Parker, Rayburn, Rude, Shaun, Shell, Smiley, Talby, Walker, Ward, Weatherly, Womble, Worters, Yeager

02a - Abernathy, Bradshaw, Crittendan, Cur___?, Garrett, Hall, Lansford, Mosely, Neal, Peck, R____?d, Rude, Skamp, Sutton, Vick, Wells, Williams

02b - _______ck, Armstrong, Cornelius, Crittendan, Dodson, Engis, Galbraith, Goodwin, Higgins, Jones, Josten, Lawson, McCallister, Ward

03a- A____?, Bratton, Britton, Busby, Byrom, Cox, Crosby, Delaney, Gaitson, Hancock, I____?, McCaislin, McNally, Monroe, Morrison, Robison, Rolain, Sanders, Stone, Witworth, Wyatt

03b - Ackerman, Alexander, Bayless, Britton, Corlock, Cox, Cryer, Dodson, Fisher, Frank, Hennenger, Hurston, Johnson, McKinney, Morton, Northcut, Pack, Timsinger, Wood, Young

04a - ____itt?, Adams, Bean, Bolin, Burkett, Burt, Carson, Cowan, Byors, Douglass, Elara, Gooding, Gooly, Haddock, Harrell, Kelly, Martin, Moloy, Oak, Park, Roca, Shelton, Whitehurst, York

04b - B___?, Bumgardner, Burton, Cooper, Eloco, Graham, Hancock, McLeod, Mobley, Patton, Stuart, Tom____?, 05a - Abernathy, Boon, Brill, Caffy, Doason, Elliott, Hastings, Jarrett, Lecor???, Palmer, Ross, Snowden, Winbramer

05b - Allison, Armstrong, Black, Body, Caddell, Carpenter, Eagin, Farrell, Fox, G____?, Green, Holland, Jamison, Little, Mercer, Mullins, Newton, Pinkerton, Reaves, Snowden, Step, Tracey, Travis, Wayanan

06a - Abernathy, Bryant, Caddell, Carpenter, Davenport, Dennis, Easton, Eaves, Glover, Hawkins, Lenon, Love, Miller, Nicholson, Stepp, Tracy, Wynne

06b - Brown, Cooper, Davis, G____?, Hall, Hawkins, Holland, Shipman, Smith, Switzer, Young,

07a - Boling, Border, Cla___p, Conway, Frank, Hager, Hopper, Maddin, McReynolds, Morton, Polk, R___burgh, Russell, Steward, Thompson

07b - _____?st, At____?, Brown, Cab___?, Co___?, Cox, Farmer, Fox, Go___?, Har___?, Lo____?, Sanders

08a - _______g, Ha___?, Anderson, Co__?, Jackson, Jewel, Meadows, Moor, Stevenson, Taylor, White, Wright

09a - Bowden, Ca_____n, Conway, Dodson, Gordon, Gua___?, Harrol, Heron, Hickox, Hunt, Johnson, Taggart, Tucket, Wilson

09b - Baker, Cornelius, Dubois, Elroy, Grover, Hearne, Higston, La___?, Mayfield, Moyer, Park, Patterson, Perkins, Saltar, T___r__? Thompson, Tilman

10a - Blanton, Boyle, Bronson, Byars, Donoway, Frost, Hatly, Odum, Stanley, Thompson, Williams, Woodridge

10b - Bradly, Crl____?, Gillespie, Good, Hagar, Harrison, Hodges, Jones, Jonson, Littleton, Tucker, Wilson, Woodridge, Woody

11a - Boman, Hagar, Jones, Lavin, Mangum, Mayfield, McCod, Perkins, Reed, Robinson, Simpson, Stark, Teague, Tidmoor, West

11b - Adams, Boman, G___?, Graham, Hill, Lowrance, Martin, Mitchel, Mullins, Rea, Ti___?, Wilkerson, Wooten

12a - Broswell, Cromwell, Day, Dennis, Hanks, Henderson, Hollis, Latham, Mo___?, Smith, Teague

13a - Bennet, Borlain, Carr, Carson, Davidson, Fisher, Franklin, Ga____?, Griggs, Hainey, Morgan, Morrison, Weaver, Davis

13b - ______in?, Brozwell, Carloss, Clark, Clay, Copeland, Davidson, Duff, Glendon, Hall, Jacobs, Johnson, Latting, Lawrence, M____hon, Richards, Rickey, Shaw, Trippett, Walton

14a - Blon____?, Darwan, Davidson, Garrett, Gray, Gregor, Gregory, Horton, Johnson, Jones, King, Lad____?, Meyers, Middleton, Mills, Morton, Newton, Northcut, Rudy

14b - Bennett, Cato, Davis, Diamond, Durst, Elinger, Galbraith, Harrison, Hatly, Howard, Mills, Ramsay, Steele

15a - Corbin, Evans, Ledbetter, Matthewson, Mathis, Miller, Mosely, Noble, Page, Parker, Richards, Robinson, Shell, Taylor, Watkins, Wright,

15b - Cambel, Cantell, Combs, Coward, Echols, Harison, Harvey, James, Janeway, Mitchal, Mobrey

16a - Adams, Baker, Ball, Clark, Cullins, Doyle, Fine, Hamilton, Hatfield, James, Ledbetter, Logan, Martin, Moore, Ricko, Simpson, Williamson

16b - Buevindes, Caughy, Cook, Cullins, Durst, Hewitt, Howard, Kissel, Miller, Morrison, Rennard, Speigh, Spilker, Tims

17a - Cook, Elliott, Fitch, Francis, Gundy, Harris, Higby, Hoighton, Johnson, McCoray, McGregor, Melton, Moor, Pettyjohn, Prura, Reno, Stone, Sutton, Thomison

17b - Bennett, Easons, Elliott, Evan, F___t__?, Fox, Gantz, Hobart, Laird, Orbison, Overton, Paisly, Patrick, Tucker, Wakefield, Wigham

18a - Alwel, Cambell, Cheathum, Crosby, Dawson, Elliott, Embers, Fergenson, Fisher, Guthrie, Harris, McMilan, Rippy, Roberts, Tucker, Weber, Wigham

18b - Castleford, Gordan, Guthrie, Holby, Jewel, Kirby, Major, McGriffin, McNeil, Medcalf, Putnam, Robinson, Shorder, Sim, Smith, Summers, Wilson, Wolf

19a - Allison, Ball, Calbera?, Cox, Eastham, Elgin, Evans, Franklin, Go___?, Hurkinson, Kerby, Loffen, McDonald, Parkinston, Sheaver, Shipley, White, Williams

19b - Bishop, Couch, D____y, Daugherty, Edelman, Forest, Jacobs, Kerby, McKenzie, Moor, Thompson, Weldon, Young

20a - Babcock, Brow, Brown, Cockrell, Cunningham, Despain, Francis, Hughes, Karis, McKenzie, Oglesby, Roberts, Samuel, Veach

20b - ____sby, Burd, Edy, Gillespie, Harris, Hill, Jackson, Johnson, Overstreet, Powell, Randall, Stubblefield, Williams

21a - Alexander, Cobb, Faulkner, Hutch, Johnson, Justice, McCarty, Moore, Roas, Williams

21b - Bolen, Butler, Craig, Eutslor?, Hughes, Johnson, McLendon, Norman, Ramsay, Simmons, Townsen, Williams, Wright

22a - ___illingswerth, Brikey, Brown, Bryant, Childress, Clift, Doak, G___?, Hickerson, Richerdson, Riley, Sanders, Sutton, Tucker, Wright

22b - Adams, Allen, Bailey, Cresey, Crossland, Gray, Hill, Martin, Miller, Mitchell, Nutt, Persnell, Phillips, Shelton, Staples

23a - Adams, Bird, Brown, Deer, Delaney, Fulton, Johnson, Roper, Sanders, Satterwhite, Tilley, Ward, Waters, Williams

23b - Satterwhite, Boyd, Taylor, Putman, McCauley, Latimoor, Thacker, Lunsford, Isler, Fowler, Gillespie, Matheson, Herron, E____in

24a - ___lor, Avant, Carter, Dobson, E___?, Gatewood, Haney, Matheny, McDougal, Merchant, Rogers, Veach

24b - Co___?, Gl___?, Haney, Hart, Hunsaker, Johnson, Jones, L___?, Lenten, Maloy, Pendleton

25a - Ashlock, Burningham, Johnson, La___c, Maloy, Williams

E.D. 117, Mangum Township, Mangum City (continued)

01a - ___g?, Thives, Gunther, ___uak?, Hodges, Cox, Abernathy, McCaualles, Bynum, Chastain

02a - Powell, Jones, Ki___?, Graham, Simon, Ullaway, Bricker, Parker, Hart, Willingtram, Bush, Lawford, Griggs, Clay, Burgess

02b - Templeton, Warrell, Gill, Cuppy, Buppy, Watts, Johnson, Murr, Thomas

03a - Curphey, Bynum, Putnam, Box, Goodenhise, Willian, Truss, Stat___, Wasil, Stiles, Davis, Hambrey, Brasher, Bill, Hamy, Tyson

03b - Johnson, Moore, Wilman, Eroin, Oran, Montgomery, Jones, Maloy, Henry, Neighbors, Holland, Carnes

04a - ___ghty, Burger, Harpoon, Gilliam, Porter, Miller, Crawford, Orr, Cruse, Harris, Stallings, Nellsen, Whiteheart, Chambers, Hale, Smith

04b - Ramsay, Smith, Scaborough, Ross, Byers, Martin, Morgan, Lowe, Taylor, Sutherland, Sullivan, Broles, Murry

05a - Duncan, Brown, Berryman, Howell, Franklin, Smith, Willson, Jackson, Mount, Martin, Powell, McMurtry, Hunter

06a - Dicter, Van____?, Harris, Thompson, Gutry, Edwards, Cawthorn, Marriott, Moore, Stern, Hellar, Hamilton, DeAman

06b - DeAman, Bowles, Watt, Jones, Anthony, Smith, Helmson, Watkins, Cristopher, Wilson, Williams, Gresham, Johnson, Netz, Phillips, Kolby, McNeece, Shores, Dusard, Bowin, Aslain

07a - Waller, Hickerson, Chaffie, Diger, Dish, Wilson, Winter, ___ish, G___t, Jones, Womack, Gilliam

07b - Trapman, Johnson, Roger, Wall, Taylor, Byars, Blackburn, Smith, Sharp, Burd, Bryant, Edgar

08a - Ford, B___ird, Tracin, Allen, Parker, Stone, Culleton, Jackson, Barbrey, Morrison, Tipton, Bennett, Yasberry, Jackson, Clower

08b- Switzer, Pace, Hawkins, Blake, Turner, Jacobs, Gilland, Ritter, Parker, Blankenship, Miller, Skidmore, Douglass, Echols, Stone, Smith, Prater, Moyer, Mc___bern

09a - Thrower, Cole, Davis, Bumgardner, Mitchell, Elu___, Watson, Vi___, Rolsten, Doran, Pearcy, Sullivan, Short, Marsh, Allen, Isbell, Howard, Creed, B____?

09b - Beaker, Wilson, Wynah__?, Lynn, Henson, Summers, Shaw, Busby, Norman

10a - Kern?, Young, Blunndell, McCullough, Casey, H___l__?, Thorp, Jackson, Albertson, Wo___?, Hightower, Gold___, Turbo, Reiborn, Howard

10b - __h__a, Adair, William, McLreath, Skitting, G___?, C___?, Byar, Cad__?, McHafe, Nobbergall, Mc___?, Roberts, Hartman, Long, Merrill, Lovett, Jetton

11a - Powers?, Morrell, Clem, Rody, Fullerton, Tipps, New, Gates, ___sides, P___?, Wu__?, Bailey, Campbell, Beaumont, Moore, Barnes, Riffe, Roberts, Vick,

11b - Lackey, Clark, Rork, Mccurry, Sadler, Warner, Sutherland, Killum, Stewart

12a - Wright, Brum, Dickey, Cunningham, McBee, Rippie, Eaton, Roberts, Krier?, Hafer, Hughes, Hodges, Moman, Crawford, Watkins

12b - Arnold, ___sey, Townsend, Wright, Kellett, Sanders, Kitchum, Stephenson, Eagen, Hall, Norris, Smith, Conners, Milan, Ca___?, Walls, Bal__?, Nicholson, Hifford

13a - Lillaird, Siene, Robertson, Heath, Bevell, Darroll, Chacy, C___?, Weeks, Wilson, Fi__?, Stack?, Doors, Callires, Floyd, Sieverts, Harris, ___ker, Putman, McDill

13b - Trowbridge, Pole, Montgomery, Garrison, Neal, Erwin, Reeves, ___en, V___?, Story, Rit__?, ____s?, C___?, Evans, G___?, Newton, ___ing, Spaddin, Baxter, Heflin, Kirby, Ice, __t__, V__?, Drew

Pages 14a, 14b, are very faded and difficult to read:

14a - Mabry, Wilson, Hardin, Snow, Jacobs, Rodney, Beasley, Hadley, B___?, Oaks, Holland, ___dy?, Auld, M___?, B___?, Potts, Strebling, Holmes, Gu__?, Ladd, ___ain?,

14b - Pace, Denton?, Davis, Clay, __i__, Doors, Clay, ___k, Pea__?, S__be, St___?, Mc___?, __under__?, Avia, McKinsey, Hair, F___?, Davison?,

15a - TOO FAINT TO READ: Wilborn, Jackson

15b - TOO FAINT TO READ: Willis

E.D. 118, Mangum Township

01a - Carloss, Combs, Cheek, Warnook, Pool, Smith, Bean, Reynolds, McCrey, Ford

01b- Manay, Stewart, Lewis

02a - Holmes, Stone, Glidnell, Pugh, Bortie, Tunnel, Sweet, Head, Harris, Overall

02b - Stowe, Murray, Copeland, Overall, Jackson, Harris, Wright, Tarver, Wilson, Cusa

03a - Sentell, Carver, Erwin, Clement, Kutsheir, Jones, Westbrook, Covington, Taylor,
Gregg, Overstreet

03b - Smith, Todd, Young, Johnson, Sjholm, Stahler, Silk, Gardiner, Fortune, Bradshaw, Smith,

04a - Guthrie, Rattan, Courland, James, Kirshhof, Botts, Weddle, Butcher

04b - Hoover, Jones, Townsend, Thrasher, Tunnel, Collins, McBride, Strelta, Cowten,
McRuley, Snell, Williams, Elkins

05a - Busby, Smith, Bullock, Tunnel, Baker, Johnson, Carpenter, Gainor, Chadwith, Bond,
Gable, Gill

05b - Gable, Holland, Rodgers

06a - Shaw, Pulliam, Warson, Uiche, Bingham, Horne, Powell, Forester, Stock, Roberts

06b - Miller, Sorrel, Summers, Long, Grover, Walling, Davis, Chase, Riggel, Crabtree

07a- Crabtree, White, Osborn, Holland, Osburn, Knight, Bahnam, Berringer, Gatewood, Adams, Bahnaim, Berringer, Gatewood, Adams, Hughes, Bannister, Vines, Gowan, Smith

07b - Gray, Woods

08a - Branham, Mangum, Busby, Bannister, Williams, DeArman, Hughes, McCarland, Castle, Lord, Ball, Backham, McWilliam, Mabry, Simpson

08b - Banister, Simpson

09a - Church, Gilbreath, Homer, Lipscomb, Logan, Love, Pierson, Rimmer, Roach, Rodgers, Vogles
Wetsel, White, Wittenbarger

09b - Allman, Banister, Beaver, Carlson, Cates, Head, Hester, Hughes, Johnson, Powers, Vance, Warrick

10a - Bingham, Cannon, Draper, Jackson, O'Hara, Pierson, Roger, Weber, Wheeler, Wilson

10b - Askins, Baker, Caddel, Capkrum, Gripps, Hardin, Laney, Williams

11a - Beaver, Caddel, Edwards, Hager, Johnson, Mayfield, Morris, Ormensby, Richards

11b - Donham, Garrison, Hagris, Hall, Harris, Isbell, Thompson, Witty

12a - Lytle, Osborn, Richardson, Samples, Taylor

12b- Armstrong, Broyles, Caddel, Creason, Huddleston, Kori, Lafevers, Lamb, May, Robinson, Spurgeon

13a - Caddel, Clark, Forgy, Garrett, Ivebaden, Morgan, Tidmore, Vanashall, Wharton

13b - Davenport, Mathis, Mayfield, Morgan, Speers, Warlick

14a - Friday, Haddad, Ivey, Mooney, Osborn, Ringer, Roach, Taylor

14b - Berry, Harris, Hebruck, Kirby, Lansfert, Meager, Soutok, Steele, Warner

15a - Harris, Stephens, Sumrall, Warner, Wider

15b - Dean, Gross, Haynes, Montgomery, Sh ?, Standard, Sumners, Whatley

16a - Bryant, Edens, Hunter, Morgan, Pace, Post, Willis

16b - Andros, Clark, Klis, Lovett, McDaniel, Owen, Scroglen, Sumrall, Wade

17a - Dicke, Hopper, Koura, Mafors, Morgan, Reeves, Sauri, Smerdon, Tables, Toma,
Tynes, Wharton, Yarid

17b - Adwon, Ashlock, Barton, Clark, Hamad, Harris, McDaniel, Sharide

18a - Clark, Davenport, Goodman, Hamssay, Nelson, Walker, York

18b - Brit, Dufie, Gilchrist, Lockes, Maloney, Oliver, Pullins, Simmons

19a - Carnahan, Hill, Lockert, Morgan, Pope, Samples, Smith

19b - Calwell, Crawley, Francis, Goode, Johnson, McCarthur, Simms

20a - Corban, Cowan, Dowdy, George, Holland, Kolin, Lampert, Newberg, Omingo,
Patton, Reed, Traylor, Wacker, Wade, Wharton

20b- Abbott, Boyd, Claycroft, Davis, Fletcher, Frost, Ham, Holland, Holter
Kauri, Massad, Ominges, Phy, Powell, Roach, Skinner, Summers, Toma, Traylor

21a - Berry, Byrom, Carpenter, Corcoran, Edwards, Fite, Frost, Oglesby, Petigo

E.D. 119, Quartz Township

01a - Wilson, Thompson, Chapman, Hackett, Morgan, Hopkins, Taylor, Leach, Capps, Walker

01b - Walker, Allison, Wommack, Smith, Moore, Dennis, Turner, Redden, Stephen, Milburn, Howkins, Roberts, Martin, Peirce, Pendergrass, Braden

02a - Fhenmoor, Fisher, Dennis, Smith, Funderbrock, Ferrell, Powell, Scott, Jones, Pepper, Anderson, Young, Harris, Hunt, Reed, Bermon

02b - Bermon, Cooper, Wyatt, Farmer, Medearis, Rimmer, Harrison, Wallace, Foraker, Smith

03a - Miller, Tackett, Howard, Reeves, Foster, Ross, Rienhorn, Sampler, Warren, Duffer, Casper, Ashley, Cheney

03b - Bond, Kirk, Baird, Burly, Jenkins, McDuffy, Taylor, Goss, Colifar

04a - Smith, Foraker, Wooldridge, Lonlay, Star, Garrison, Holder, Thomas, Miller, Hawood, Kelison, Spivey, McMullen

04b - McMullen, Rodney, McGill, Smith, Hood, Westbrook, Maddox, Kay, Dub___?, Wicker, Regin, Skinner, McCarty, K____glin, Tripp

05a - Tripp, Wilkerson, Hodges, Hudson, Tarlton, Welch, Addoms, Johnson, Luker, Boswell, Walling, Whitiner

05b - Whitiner, Madearis, Region, Copeland, Burger, Parks, Worthington, Lomox, Anglin

06a - Anglin, Taylor, Givins, Gas___?, Young, White, Smith, McGuffin, Steel, Moore, Kalloway, Woodall

06b - Woodall, Dillingham, Madison, Carter, Beard, Ward, Deer, Talbey, McCutsheon, Locker, Smith, Rubin

07a - Rush, Young, Bishop, Bradshaw, Smith, McCurdy, Bills, Hall

07b - Hall, Massey, Young, Hagar, Harris, Bogard, Anderson, Chandler, M_____?, Star, Luellen, Bevis, Tillman, Mullen, Allin

08a - Allin, Imboden, Walker, Brown, Chapman, Porter, Carter, Northington, Davis, Hawkins, Davis, Pugh, Sterling

08b - Sterling, Jenkins, Butcher, McCondlin, Thurmon, R___?, Nix, King, Nichols, Hammon, York

09a - West, Stovall, Davis, Pistole, Vaughan, Huff, Butler, S____?, Calhoun, Cross

09b - Cross, C____?, B_____?, Hood, Beaver, Snipe, Mullins, Smith, Atkinson, Kayes,

10a - Atkinson, Thompson, Spencer, Grimes, Tucker, Powell, Dennis, Mc____?, R____?, Roden___?, Duglas, Jones, Laws, Gortman

10b - Gortman, Byrd, Atkinson, Anderson, Hubbard, Mc___, Arms, Sewell, Adams, Libel, Graves, Phelps, Laws

11a - Richardson, Pickering, Locasse, Scott, Griffin, Shirley, Bliss, Hart, Chadwick, Graham, Hughes

11b - Hughes, Smith, Taylor, Parks, Sullivan, Carpenter, Rudisell, Pulley, Asberry, Thompson, Cheek

12a - Crawford, Shark, Roberts, Hollman, Buson, Chambliss, Dennis, Severe, Godfrey, Powell

12b - Kelly, Carlson, Fluty, Martin, Carpenter, Durgan, Cox, Gillham, Phillips, Williams, Vaughn, Burgess, Owens

13a - Owens, Bellows, Hawood, L______, Sullivan, Lawson, G______?, F___mon?, B____?, Mitchell, Mc____?

13b - Mc____?, Mitchell, Bowen, Boswell, West, Rankin, Brooks, Clark, Miller, Graham,

14a - Graham, Willhite, McBride, Smith, Sechrist, Gage, Laws, Barton, Guinn, Stephens, Winforey, Pearson, Goodman

14b - Willhite, Goodman, Powell, Price, Miller, McC____?, Post, ____on, Barton, D____?, ______b

15a - Fraque, C____?, Vaughn, Campbell, Hamilton, Stephenson, Pruitt, Barnett, Brown, Wall, Graves

15b - Graves

E.D. 120, Tilley Township (part)

01a - Briley, Evans, Abel, Wrigley, Haney, Slaton, Bovall, Busby

01b - Walters, Frazior, Osborn, Colwell, Olive, Duncan, Pa____, Smith, Mayson, Owen, Carder, Killingsworth

02a - Waller, Osborn, Risinger, Rodgers, Davis, Bryant, Starnes, Abel, Hickx, Staples, Sipe, Rolan, Ruso

02b - Abel, Gentry, Thomson, Ware, Roark, Daise, Vanderford, Witt, Blank, Andy, Woods

03a - Washington, Jourdan, Wasby, Robinson, Smith, Gentry, Nelson, Brennell, Jones

03b - Barnett, Patterson, Gossage, ___yson Vanlandingham, Wright, Osburn, Combs, Thomas, Yarbrough, Southniell

04a - Markham, Speller, Meadows, Norman, Cotney, Brown, Tice, Fox, Walkon, Cotten

04b - McReynolds, Louis, Longmire, P_____?, Wheat, Huter

05a - Gibson, Kennedy, Wilson, Deen, Butcher, Callaway, Matlock, Coleman, Parkey, Sines

05b - Parkey, Goins, Powell, Karlos, Crabb, Chambers, Roberts, Longmire

06a - Hanks, James, Kennedy, Harrison, Joplin, Silk, Strother, Chenault, Patrick

06b - Boswell, We___er, Burden, Copeland, Powell, Bond, Isbell

07a - Mead, Estep, Polf, Gibson, Harris, Hollis, Henderson, Allen, Thompson

07b - Estlinbann, Coleman, Davidson, McIntyre, Martin, Roberts

08a - Martin, Crosby, Douglas, Kelley

08b - Schryver, Reeves, Blain, Wall, Conatser, Washburn, Castle, Reagan

09a - Adams, Pak, Stowe, Wortham, Herlong, Luck, Murray, Lennon, Ballard, Lee

09b - Snipes, Nash, Young, Medaris, Byars, Houpe, Field

10a- Stripling, Watson, Bird, Simson, Wilson, Snipes, Rimmer, Moore, Williams, Little

10b - Byars, Bill, Cameron, Snipes, Spietz, Sismore, Fancher, Stovall, Hartman

11a - Barton, Settle, Slaton, Gilchrist, Cooper, Allan, Morgan, Speed

11b - Wright, Crisp, Hartman, Newton, Dial, Murdock, Eaves, Stovall, Bridges, Fraley

12a - McWatters, Yarberry, Fraley, Murray, Morris, Thorp, Stiles, Gilispee

E.D. 121, Tilley Township (continued)

01a - Carpenter, Johnson, Hudson, McKivins

01b- Moore, Jinkinson, Morden, McAtee, Ginn

02a - Prichett, Donehoo, Turnbow, Cotton, Ware, Wall, Westbrook, Spruill, Briley

02b - Wright, Golihugh, Reaves, E___?, Adams, Ware, Splawn, Stinson, Garrett, Gilliam, Jackson, Merrell

03a - Murry, Estep

03b - Corner, Edwards, Cox, Dry, Smith, Busby, Robinson, Norris, Harwin, Harmon, Logsdon

04a - Caldwell, Bolt, Bradshaw, Posey

04b - Ware, Roycroft, Nicholas, Vanderford, Cooke, Harrison, Holloway, Madden, Keithly, Helton, Spier

05a - Pickett, Ramsy, Hollis, Dean, Hinkle, Bates

05b- Jackson, Brawley, Wilson, Walker, Montgomery, Tubbs, Goiyers, Wilkes, Epps, Dearman, Adams, Cook

06a - Dean, Barnett, Robinson, Moore, Jackson, Estep, Baker

06b - Stark, Smith, Moser, Byars, Hunt, Shiner, Barker, Baze, Meek

07a - Hambright, Hunt

07b - Briley, Dyer, Kushing, Day, Resnur, Bass, Barnett, Cundiff, Redding

08a - Barnett, Davis, Tubbs, Boyd, Adington, Rogers

08b- Veach, Norris, Penner, Edelman, Sorrell, Martin, Nelson

09a - Hopson, Blasingame, Bradshaw, Hood, Nelson, Carder, Brooks, Marshall, Sloan, Perryman, McAttee

09b - McAttee, Epps, Cook, Fulnechek, Postern, Parkey, Meason, Miller

10a - Herron, Turvey, Aylesworth, ____ck, McElgin, Beane, Dearman, Johnson, Martin, Hill, House, Crocker, Mosley, Mercer

10b - Philips, Wilson, Olive, McM___?, Raly, Shiran, Parkey, Sharp, McAtte

11a - Wilhite, Abernathy, Johnson, Brown, O Dell, Schultz, McWilliam, Simmons, Thompson, Williams, Morrow

11b - Thompson, Walker, Chisum, Long, Bragg, Calluway, Briscoe, McKenzie

12a - McKinzie, Spier, Kildow

12b - Smith, Porter, Hopkins, Stinson, Jones, Shoemaker, Baze, Galloway, Stephens, Kerbo

13a - Kurbo, Coughey, Miller, T____?, _____ser, Kirby, Kirtley, Coggatt, Wolfe, Chipman, Crawford, Bronson

13b - Harper, Miller, Kennedy, Aylsworth, M____, Brown, Fleming, VanLandingham, Thomason

14a - Nelson, Smith, Passmore, Hickman, Johnson, Sorrell, Leath

14b - Williams, Laneur, Torenison, Collier, Kerbo, Holloman, Duncan, Cowen, McCrady, Chisum

15a - Crawford, Hare, Allmond, Mullins, Lassmore, Kelsey, Mikeman, Bennitt

15b - Hill, Cole, Hughs, Lanford, Daffries, Eubank, Craig, Smith, Corneelison, Murray, Miles, Sutton

16a - Sharrock, Christopher, Herron, Jones, Kennedy, Brown, Hughes, Nichols, Thomson, Ellington, Lanford, McLaughlin

16b - McLaughlin, Smith, Melton, G___y__?, Fleming

17a - Fleming, McCarty, Jones, Thompson, Cook, Watson, Hare, Sutherland, Osborne, Puffer,

17b - Martin, Wilhite, Hopkins, Wyrick, Padings, Seymore, Vanlandingham, Math, Bonner

18a - Byron, Easton, Miller, Armstrong, Hester, Rogers, Carson, Cartwright, Davis

18b - Jackson, Lassiter, Knott, Hatton, Bengum, Archey, Paterson, Barker, Short, Farmer, Berrus, Briscoe, McCord

19a - Davis, Pruitt, Overbey, Hopkins, Lassiter, Alexander

E.D. 122, Willow Township

01a - Dudek, Hammack, Clark, Haynes, Thompson, Bowman, Harmon

01b - Beasley, Wood, Darby, Berry, Joyner, Coleman, Allen, Malone, Armstrong, Babek

02a - Daulton, Bryant, Morgin, Jenkins, McJesmy, Totty, Strouhel, Tillman, Dalton, McDaniel, Hudson, Goodman, Richardson, Elliott

02b - Elliott, Dalton, Darmer, McAlester, Patton, Roberts, Finley, Merrell, Walker, Cobb, Boatwright, Beaver, Moore, Kishola, Reid, McKinley

03a - Bryant, Richardson, Greene, Elkins, Read, Atkinson, Hammock, Wiles, Word, Whitten, Jackson

03b - Jackson, Lewis, Stooksburry, Ried, Maston, Mayer, Undorwood, Dooly, Staggs

04a - Castleburry, Armstrong, Rute, Williams, Dover, Thompson, Gill, Young, Ray, Allum, Clifton, F___air,

04b - Mayer, Martin, Timmond, Rochester, Ramsey, McAllester, Denton

05a - Black, Bullard, Ryan, Gardner, Stewart, Watson, Steen, Emberton, Clancy, Morgan, Day

05b - Robbins, Cecil, Clancy, Vinson, Tedford, Jenkins, Whitton, McNiel, Edwards, Lowrance, Doke, Cherney

06a - Cherney, Boatwright, Hollis, Smith, Kapovik, McAddog, Stovall, James, Emberton, Strohval

06b - Word, Morgan, Carson, Montgomery, Williams, Sumrall, Ash, Suddeth, Mallouf, Armbrustor, Biffle

07a - Biffle, Simmons, Clancy, Able, Maddox, Moss, Warnor, Stotts, Willis, Weskert, Stoker, Hood

07b - Hood, Stephenson, Kabler, Kopusk, Bapsel, Bargor, Coble, Bowman, Cory, Bradshaw, Cooter, Greene, Hargrove

08a - Rihelsmer, Lowery, Moore, Spearman, Moss, Gibbons, Satterfield, Webb, Briggs, Mi____iom, Mayes, Dodson, Darby, Summers, Faulkner, Pace

08b - Falkner, Paty, Erwin, Montgomery

09a - Hagee, Cooper, Miller, Tadlock, Johnson, Dalton, Crook, Griffin, McKisseck, P___?, Sage, Sohley, Jones, Snow

09b - Snow, Griffin, Gaddis, White, Jones, Wright, Sheets, Hargrove, Tyler, Moore, Sanford, Bogard, Russ

10a - Harris, Prigmore, Chrystal, Lauderdale, Lackey, Dodson, Hallmark, Denney, Carter, Hullett

10b - Hullett, Range, McGalpin, Veach, Summers, Cook, Rowe, Lock, McCurim, Johnson, Ragen, Dutcher

11a - Goodwin, Gibbs, Carter, Prigmore, Harris, Elkins, Waggoner, Eagon, Shaw, Eller, Christal, Ettor, Keith, Hargrove, Clack

11b - Manning, Boyd, Stotta, Hill, Edgmon, Owens, Buchanan, Morrison, Mallouf, Smith, More

12a - Mannin, Smith, Potter, Mores, Myers, Dudek, Abajik, Kisbola, Armon, Johnson, Huffman

E.D. 272, Raney Township

01a - Ray, Mathis, Self, McClure

01b - Johnson, Fenson, Raney, Bradley, Miller, Rotane, Rubfar, Moth___?

02a - Easthal, Wells, Kolley, Dickerson, Lawrence, Atmond, Poole,

02b - Daily, Reese, Mooriman, Backer, Boeaker, Mattix, Corrington

03a- M____sk, Huffries, Treadaway, ______iffest, Hill

03b - Coning, F_____, _____itt, Ferris, Price, Ray

04a - Tubb, Ray, Kuffman, Bradley, Fragies, Hood, Ginn

04b - Eastham, Frost, Harris, Falkner, Tuton, Hood

05a - Poole, M____, Pence, Morrell, Beavers, Matheney

05b - Fambrigla, Keith, Durham, Keith, Ashlock

06a - England, Johnson, Simmons, Teague, Sears, Lynderman, Elkins, Blankenship, Moore, Jester, Hall, Gilbreath

06b - Caldwell, Heateley, Campbell, Lock, McKinney, Loyd

07a - Eapon, Karris, Bornn, Maxfield, Griffin