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John J. Barnett and wife, Mary V. (Rowley) Barnett

John J. Barnett and wife, Mary V. Barnett



John J. Barnett, 16 Mar 1829 - 29 May 1908

A neighbor and friend in the Hollis Post-Herald pays the following tribure to the memory of a good man departed:

On Friday night of last week Dr. J.J. Barnett of near Blake, one of the most esteemed citizens of the West, passed to his final reward.  Dr. Barnett was born in Jefferson county Kentucky, March 16, 1829.  He moved to Foard county, Texas where he lived for many years.  Seven years ago he moved with his family to Greer county, where he lived until his death.

“Dr. Barnettt  has lived a busy and useful life, filling two important stations with credit to both.  For fifty-five years he has borne with fidelity and love the sacred banner of the Risen Christ, preaching with great power the articles of faith as taught by thee Missionary Baptist church.  Up to last year he has been actively engaged in the ministry.  He has also been a regular practicing physician for over fifty years, supplementing his spiritual counsel with physical ministrations.

Dr. Barnett leaves a large and interesting family - an aged companion and six children surviving him.  Four children preceded him to their final rest.  He lived full of faith and good works, and at the ripe age of 79 was a peaceful passenger to the city of the dead, and now enjoys the fruits of his self sacrificing and noble career.”

Mangum Sun-Monitor. (Mangum, Okla.), Vol. 18, No. 36, Ed. 1 Thursday, June 11, 1908 (


Great-grandaughter, Judy Smith, adds this information. John J. Barnett attended the University of Louisville in 1853. Dr. William Postlewait was his preceptor (most likely who he served his apprenticeship under). He did not graduate, although this is not uncommon. Many doctors (particularly pre-Civil War) did an apprenticeship and maybe a session of school. There were no requirements regulating who could practice medicine. Later, when requirements became law, many older physicians were grandfathered in on the basis of their long years of practice.



Mary V. (Rowley) Barnett, 11 Apr 1833 - 2 Feb 1910

Mrs. Barnett, mother of S. D. and J. J. Barnett died yesterday at the residence of her son, J. J. Barnett, 4 miles east of Hollis. She had been in poor health for some time and her death was not altogether unexpected. She had several strokes of paralysis from which she has never entirely recovered. The funeral was held today, the body being interred at the family burying ground at Russell. Mrs. Barnett was one of the old settlers of the country having been in the west many years. She leaves a host of friends who will mourn her death. The Hollis Post-Herad. (Hollis, Okla.), Vol. 7, Number 32, Ed. 1 Thursday, February 3, 1910. 


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