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of James and Cora (Wolfe) Johnson, Greer County, Texas 1893-1895

Abstract of Family Guest Register of JAMES LEROY JOHNSON and wife CORA ELIZABETH WOLFE, married 23 Febuary 1893 Willowvale, Greer County, Texas / Oklahoma Territory, grandparents of Norma Johnson Bremer,, who contributed this family history piece. The Register is in possession of Norma's cousin, JonMarc Johnson, in Waco TX. Cora Wolfe Johnson used the Register as a guest book. Her father was Fred Wolfe, her step mother was Sarah Johnson Wolfe. Norma has added notes on family and guests.

1 James Leroy Johnson, B: 1870 Joplin MO. (Cora E. Wolfe betrothed and Norma's grandfather)
2 Eva Wolfe, 2/22/1893 (Cora Wolfe's sister)
3 J L Bradley Willowvale 6/9/95 (believe to be the Husband of Eva Wolfe)
4 Nora Kizziar, Duke OK. 3/1/1893
5 John Edwards, Quanay TX. 3/20/1893.
6 Lizzie Johnson 3/27/1893 (family member?)
7 Herbert Johnson ///1/25/1893 ( Are Herbert and Lizzie related?)
8 Mother, Cisco TX (No date.)
9 L.P (?) M. Willowvale OK.12/21/1893
10 B.F. Johnson, Willowvale OK? 3/14/1893
11 Aunt Emma, Willowvale (Emma was a Nichols, Maiden name Bronsen)
12 B. Johnson Willowvale 3/14/1893 (Same writing as # 10)
13 J. M. Nichols, Willowvale OK. (James Madison Nichols married Lulu Montgomery. Emma # 11 is his Mother)
14 L. Moss ( Friend ) Willowvale, Greer county TX. 2/5/1895
15 Nettie Edwards, Quanah, TX 3/20/1893 (see # 5) Friend
16 Violet---3/26/1893
17 Lee Woodard, friend, Willowvale OK. 11/29/1896
18 Ansley ( Wolfe, Cora's Bro.) 5/11/1893/ (Dear sister)
19 Ruby Slaughter, Friend, Willowvale OK 4/30/1893 (Ruby Later married a kate Nichols Have info on that)
20 WT Brinkley, cousin, Willowvale OK 3/30/1893. (He married Millie Nichols. Their son the last time I checked is alive 96 Yrs. old and lives in Salem OR. Name Nick Brinkley)
22 Ma Holley, Friend Willowvale OK 5/17???
23 Cara Harris, Friend Willowvale OK 10/15/1893
24 T. C.Talley, Friend, Willowvale, OK 6/10/1893
25 Cora Richard Friend Willowvale OK 2/2/1893
26 V.S. Lindsey, Friend, Willowvale OK 8/2/1893
27 L.E. Cook, friend,Willowvale OK 11/29/1893
28 J.L.Hardin, Friend, Willowvale, OK 7/7/1893
29 Georgia Root Motley, cousin, From ? in Minn. 3/8/1893
30 Amanda E. Pritchard, sister, Portsmouth IA (Letter pasted in book.)
31 Cousin Addie, North Lawrence NY (No date, card pasted in)
32 "Old 99" Friend, Willowvale Ok 1/20/1893
33 J. Blocker, 3/19/1893
34 R.C. Echols, friend, Willowvale, OK 11/27/1893
35 G. M. Harris, friend, Greer Co. OK 12/4/1893
36 R. A. Ellis, Pastor Altus circuit 4/20/1894
37 G.H. Wolfe ( Cora's Bro) Willowvale 12/12 1893
38 Preacher 4/20/1894 (Note same date as #36 )
39 Kate Nichols, Willowvale OK 12/10/1893 ( See #13) Husband Ruby Slaughter
40 Eva Montgomery, Friend, Willowvale OK, 3/26/1893 (Eva married Loren Wolfe, Cora's brother)
42 T. H. Hardin, 11/27/ 1893
43 Crutchfield, Pastor (Date torn out!)
44 "I. Cothee" 6/10/1895 (could be Coffee?? )
45 R.F.Byrd, Willowvale OK 6/23/1895.

Mrs. Cora Johnson 1915 James and Cora Johnson family 1915

This is a book that grandmother kept for visitors and special occasions. My Cousin has it. He faithfully copied this fragile piece of history for me and I am researching JAMES LEROY JOHNSON and wife CORA ELIZABETH WOLFE, to locate my GrGrandparents. Norma Johnson Bremer

Background from Cora's Autograph Book