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Greer County OKGenWeb map     Old Greer County, Oklahoma Territory


Name & link to inventory Latitude - Longitude as found in USGS
Section-Township-Range Cemetery list
by Sharon McAlister
Brinkman Cemetery 350103N 0993035W 3-T6N-R22W
Granite City Cemetery 345607N 0992133W


Hackberry Cemetery 345820N 0995217W 30-6N-25W map - a mile west of Vinson
on Hwy 9, then north some 5 or so miles. Walk a very short distance into a field and there is one lone tombstone standing. Zula R. Handley died Feb 7, 1905 aged 5 yrs 7 mos old. There were six or so rocks about that might possibly have been markers for other graves, but no inscriptions on any of them.
Hester Cemetery 344902N 0992241W 14-4N-21W Corinth cemetery - county line near Blair
Jester Cemetery 350005N 0994157W 14-6N-24W
Ladessa Cemetery 344749N 0993344W 25-T4N-R23W Previous name: Centerpoint .
Lanford Cemetery 344936N 0994237W 10-T4N-R24W

 Lutheran Cemetery

Marie Cemetery 345744N 0993536W

Plainview Cemetery 350329N 0994336W 26-7N-24W map
Quartz Cemetery 345443N 0992024W

Reed Cemetery 13-5N-24W Old Sulphur Springs?
USGS shows Sulphur Church & Sulphur Creek near Reed
345456N 0994351W

Inventory by Jerry and Barbara Sevier
Riverside Cemetery 345146N 0993025W 35-T5N-R22W 2001 section map
1991 cemetery inventory 1991map
Rock Cemetery 345821N 0992548W
aka "Mt. Walsh cemetery"
Roselawn Cemetery 345405N 0993045W 15-T5N-R22W map of cemetery
Russell Cemetery 344518N 0994002W 1-T3N-R24W
Smallpox Cemetery near Granite .
Sand Hill Cemetery 350425N 0992555W Also known as Pleasant Valley or Lake Creek cemetery - map .
White Flat Cemetery 345216N 0993728W .

Wildcat Cemetery 344934N 0994308W 15-T4N-R24W .

Willow Cemetery 350401N 0993104W 22-7N-22W
Riverside Cemetery, S of Mangum, Okla.

Wickersham stone at Riverside Cemetery
Roselawn cemetery view north

Jackson County Cemeteries (part of Greer County, Oklahoma Territory to 1907)
Jackson County OKGenWeb

Name & link to inventory latitude & longitude Section-Township-Range
Aaron Cemetery 343446N 0992755W 12-T1N-R22W
Altus Cemetery 343903N 0991802W
Antioch Cemetery 342608N 0994224W
SW of Eldorado
Baird Cemetery 10-T2N-R21W ! 5 markers
Blair Cemetery 36-T4N-R21W
Boggy Cemetery 342517N 0992558W 31-T1S-R21W
Carmel Cemetery 342603N 0992922W 24-T1S-R22W
Cottonwood Cemetery 343816N 0993713W 16-T2N-R23W
Duke Cemetery 343905N 0993313W 18-T2N-R22W
Durham Cemetery 342427N 0993849W findagrave Inventory
Eldorado Cemetery 342732N 0993921W 24-T1S-R24W findagrave Inventory
Elmer Cemetery 343026N 0992204W 36-T1N-R21W findagrave Inventory
Francis Cemetery 343259N 0991530W 24-T1N-R20W
Frazier Cemetery 343749N 0992208W 23-T2N-R21W
Guffin Cemetery 17-T2N-R22W findagrave Inventory
Headrick Cemetery 343907N 0990721W 17-T2N-R18W findagrave Inventory
Hess Cemetery 15-T1S-R20W findagrave Inventory
Martha Cemetery 344306N 0992239W 23-T3N-R21W findagrave Inventory
Moseley Cemetery
31-T2N-R21W ! Joel Mosely 1846-1890, s/o Miles & Nancy Moseley, md Martha F. Howell, 1869 Van Zandt co, TX.
1880 TX, Van Zandt county, E.D. 123, Joel Masley, Marthah, Lulor, Howell, Nora, Pearce.
Navajoe Cemetery 344144N 0991003W 35-T3N-R19W findagrave Inventory
Odema Cemetery 342655N 0993404W 25-T1S-R23W *Incomplete inventory in Jackson County archives
Olustee Cemetery 343120N 0992418W 28-T1N-R21W findagrave Inventory
Poor Farm Cemetery mile north of Duke ! 21 unmarked stones
Prairie Hill Cemetery 31-T2N-R22W *Incomplete inventory in Jackson County archives
Restlawn Memorial 344055N 0992005W findagrave Inventory
Rock Cemetery 344232N 0993452W 26-T3N-R23W NW Duke, Oklahoma 30 Aug 2001
findagrave Inventory
Vale cemetery near Eldorado ! infant Vale buried 1906
Victory Cemetery 343817N 0992614W 17-T2N-R21W *Incomplete inventory Jackson county archives
findagrave Inventory
Warren Cemetery 34.78410N 99.20668W 28- T2N-R19W findagrave Inventory

! Reference: Cemetery Records of Jackson County, Oklahoma, C. Dollar, 1980.

Victory Cemetery, Jackson County, Oklahoma

Fowler monuments, Altus cemetery

Harmon County Cemeteries (part of Greer County, Oklahoma to 1909)
Harmon County OKGenweb

Name latitude & longitude
Bitter Creek 344452N 0995852W near Hollis
Cave Creek 345306N 0995116W section-T5N-R25W near Vinson
Dryden 344439N 0994936W
Fairmount 344016N 0995541W near Hollis .
Gould 344051N 0994612W 6-T2N-R24W near Gould
Halsmith 343628N 0995751W SW Hollis
Independence 345417N 0995628W 16-T5N-R26W near Madge
Liberty 343724N 0994509W near Louis
Louis (Bethel) 343339N 0994941W Louis
McKnight 344534N 0995441W 2-T3N-R26W McKnight
O. M. Hollis
No. 2 (Westview) 344157N 0995439W near Hollis
Pleasant Hill 343118N 0994405W SW of Duke
Teacross 344753N 0995205W Shrewder

Harmon County Cemeteries, OKGenWeb

Harmon County Cemeteries, Jeanette Coaly

Resources: U.S. Geological Survey - National Mapping Information Service and Cemetery inventories.

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