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Greer Co, O.T.

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This information was provided by the U.S. Geological Survey.

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Old Greer County Post Offices 1886-1907

Feature Name Feature Latitude Longitude Location
Armstrong Creek stream 345846N 0992048W Lake Altus
Baldy Point cliff 345406N 0991952W Lake Altus
Bloomington populated place 350006N 0993750W Plainview
Bloomington, township of civil 345625N 0993740W Reed
Brinkman cemetery 350103N 0992133W Willow
Brinkman populated place 350036N 0993059W Willow
Brown Mountain summit 345928N 0992506W Granite
Byrd Mountain summit 345114N 0991929W Blair
Cave Creek stream 345143N 0994213W Russell
City View populated place 345029N 0992106W Blair
Deer Creek stream 345826N 0994059W Reed
Elm Fork Red River stream 345217N 0991900W Blair
Fish Creek stream 345114N 0993301W Mangum South
Fish Creek stream 350037N 0995224W Minnow Creek
Granite cemetery 345607N 0992133W Lake Altus
Granite populated place 345744N 0992249W Granite
Granite, township of civil 345750N 0992500W Granite
Granite Mountains summit 350010N 0992539W Lake Creek
Grape Creek stream 345739N 0994921W Vinson
Hackberry Creek stream 345835N 0995056W Vinson
Haystack Creek stream 345721N 0993326W Mangum North
Haystack Mountain summit 350453N 0993732W Plainview
Haystack, The pillar 350419N 0993549W Willow
Headquarters Mountain summit 345840N 0992320W Granite
Hester cemetery 344902N 0992241W Hester
Hester populated place 344804N 0992559W Hester
Jay Buckle Spring spring 345737N 0994140W Reed
Jester cemetery 350005N 0994157W Plainview
Jester populated place 350033N 0994141W Plainview
Jester, township of civil 345840N 0994850W Vinson
Ladessa cemetery 344749N 0993344W Mangum South
Lake Creek stream 350315N 0992215W Retrop SE
Lake Creek populated place 350146N 0992447W Lake Creek
Langford cemetery 344936N 0994237W Russell
Mangum populated place 345219N 0993014W Mangum South
Mangum, township of civil 345620N 0993150W Mangum North
Marie cemetery 345744N 0993536W Mangum North
Moravia populated place 350709N 0993035W Willow
Mulberry Creek stream 344939N 0993702W Mangum South
Plainview cemetery 350329N 0994336W Plainview
Plainview populated place 350424N 0994319W Plainview
Pleasant Valley cemetery 350425N 0992024W Lake Creek
Quartz cemetery 345443N 0992024W Lake Altus
Quartz Mountain summit 345425N 0991923W Lake Altus
Quartz Mountain State Park park 345630N 0991610W Lake Altus
Quartz, township of civil 345040N 0992210W Blair
Raney, township of civil 350410N 0994350W Plainview
Reed populated place 345402N 0994143W Reed
Riverside cemetery 345146N 0993025W Mangum South
Rock cemetery 345821N 0992548W Granite
Root Creek stream 345807N 0994607W Vinson
Roselawn cemetery 345405N 0993045W Mangum North
Russell cemetery 344518N 0994002W Russell
Russell populated place 344605N 0994001W Russell
Sleepy John Creek stream 345724N 0993717W Mangum North
Smedley Creek stream 345724N 0993717W Reed
Station Creek stream 345823N 0994023W Reed
Tilley, township of civil 344740N 0993610W Mangum South
Tittle Creek stream 345442N 0992449W Granite
Twin Peaks summit 345409N 0991805W Lake Altus
Walsh Mountain summit 245835N 0992437W Granite
White Flat cemetery 345216N 0993728W Mangum South
Wildcat cemetery 344934N 0994308W Russell
Willow cemetery 350401 0993104W Willow
Willow populated place 350305N 0993033W Willow
Willow, township of civil 350430N 0993350W Willow
Altus Lake, Quartz Mtn State Park
Altus Lake, Quartz Mountain State Park