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Volunteers Needed

Do you have access to Jefferson County records,
from the cemeteries, libraries, courthouses, or books?

Contact Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky or County Coordinator


Sheridan Brandon Drowatzky
will do lookups in the 1910 CENSUS of
Jefferson Co.  & Names in the News

Dick Samples
will do lookups in the Jefferson Co. Oklahoma Family Histories, Pub. by
Chisholm Trail Historical Museum Society, Waurika OK,1997. 

Phyllis Jean Moore Janaskie Murphy 
Ardmore, OK 73401 
From Thu Nov 19 17:11:55 1998
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 15:47:18 EST

Well, it looks like I'm getting into even MORE stuff that I already am into!
But, I'm familiar with the cemeteries--my father, both sets of grandparents
and various other "kin" are buried in the Waurika cemetery.  I have great
grandparents in the Addington Cemetery and Sugden Cemetery.  AND I'm
acquainted with some of the people in the Court House--a gal I went to school
with is County Clerk, I think. AND, AND, AND, I go to Waurika from one to
three times a week--my mom is 84 so I try to help her (Daddy passed away in
January)--not that she needs a lot of help.  She lives in a big house by
herself and works from 9 to 4 every day as manager of the Senior Citizen
Center in Waurika.

I graduated a loooong time ago from Claypool (east of Waurika--halfway to
Ringling) High School--1956.

Anyway, it may take some time.  It's a busy holiday season and I work a
business out of my home--have to earn a living.  BUT, I'll be glad to
help when and where I can.  


Phyllis Jean Moore Janaskie Murphy
Ardmore, OK  73401



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