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TWIN GROVE CEMETERY east of Checotah
The following information submitted by Bob Foster <rlfost@campusnet.org>

Directions: The old Central High School is shown on the Warner NW, OKLA
USGS topo (1:24000 scale), Beck TWP near BM 707. The house shown
directly due west of it across the unnamed road is or was Virgil Foster's.
Proceeding due east from the high school on the dirt road (I believe part
of it is now paved) from the crossroads, follow the road for about a
mile into the hills. The cemetery is off the road to the left, I think . Keep a
sharp lookout, it is easy to miss.

b. May 1848 in Madison Co., MS.
d.  March 5, 1915 Rentiesville, McIntosh Co.

Martha Ann FOSTER  (nee BAUGH), wife of Joseph,
b. Feb 24, 1848, Jackson, Gentry Co., MO.
d.  Jan. 1912, Rentiesville, McIntosh Co. OK

Martha L. KING (nee FOSTER), daughter of Joseph and Martha Ann,
b. Denton Co., TX 1870-
d. ?

Lanthum D. KING  (husband of Martha L.)
b. TX ?

 Joseph Franklin FOSTER, (son of Joseph and Martha Ann above),
b. May 24, 1875, Denton Co., TX,
d. March 9, 1960 in Checotah.

Minnie Mae FOSTER (nee COUGHRAN), wife of Joseph Franklin,
b. 1883 Scott Co., AR.
d. 1940, Checotah.

Legend has it that an elderly Cherokee Indian called "Grandpa" BECK donated
the land for the cemetery when the need arose, and that
he and some of his people were buried there as well.

The following information supplied by Sharon (CLAY) Mehl <skmehl@yahoo.com>
Sharon is related to the Clay, Duke, and Yow families.

C. C. Clay
b. 15 Sep 1862
d. 9 Dec 1936
was the husband of Mlitty Clay

Ethmer Yow
b. 21 Oct 1918
d 8 Nov 1919
was the son of C. J. & Annie Yow

There are stones
next to the C. C. Clay and Molitty Clay stones.

The following information supplied by Kenyon Littles <Kenyon@sbcglobal.net>

Flora Stewart (child of Jesse Jerome  and Maggie Mae (Duncan) Stewart
b. August 12, 1909
d.  6 mos. with the measles.  Buried at Twin Groves Cemetery.

Esther Stewart child of Jesse Jerome  and Maggie Mae (Duncan) Stewart
b.  May 9, 1016
d. 10 years of age of with Typhoid fever.  Buried at Twin Groves Cemetery.

Lillian Stewart child of Jesse Jerome  and Maggie Mae (Duncan) Stewart
b.  July 29, 1918
d.  at 2 years of age of  diarrhea.  Buried at Twin Groves Cemetery.

The following information supplied by A.J. Dornan <dd214aj@hotmail.com>
Lemuel Thomas Dornan
b.  30 March 1875
d.  25 Aug 1947

Nola Ann Dornan
b.  18 Aug 1881
d.  22 Sept 1966

John Thomas Dornan
b.  28 sept 1903
d.  14 apr  1927

The following information submitted by : Sharon & Jim <samjim@foothill.net>

George William HENDERSON
b. Aug. 27, 1881 Russellville, AR (had a twin sister named Winnie)
d. May 12, 1949

Sarah Alice HENDERSON nee DEAL
b. April 4, 1897
d. March 18, 1980

The following information supplied by Belinda Dillard <randb@pioneer-net.com>

Unmarked burial in Greenlawn cemetery:
James Thomas Cowens
b.  1858
d.  1946

The following information supplied by W. Jane Stroehmer <w.jane@dlrweb.com>

A Great Uncle is buried in this cemetery, in Block 5 - Lot 32
Clifford Boyd Turnipseed
b. 10 July 1867 - Pickens Co., Al
d. 20 May 1941 in Muskogee Co., Oklahoma.

The following information supplied by Chris Odom <kemoputz@conwaycorp.net>

Unmarked grave in Block 6 - Lot 16
George Washington Odom
b. 13 Apr 1875
d. 9 Jan 1923

The following information supplied by pbirchall@dccnet.com

Unmarked graves in Block 1, Lot 19
John Milton Turner, Jr.
b. Aug 1863
d. Jan 1917

Mary Clementine Baker Turner
b. Mar 1865
d. Feb 1932

The following information submitted by : Sharon & Jim <samjim@foothill.net>

b. July 7, 1877 or 1887
d. Jan. 11, 1958

The following information submitted by : Gale & Mary Treat <gltmlt@fn.net>

 John Berry Nathaniel Starkey TREAT
b. 8-3-1866
d. 5-10-1938

Delia Delois (ROBERTS) TREAT
b. 12-271880
d. 5-6-66

Charlie Albert HUGHES
b. 11-20-1882
d. 11-29-1957

Mossie Beatrice (MCNEW) HUGHES
b. 11-17-1887
d. 12-9-1975

William Alton TREAT
b. 5-29-1919
d. 7-28-1995

b. 10-7-1927
d. 2-23-1989

b. 10-27-1904
d. 6-15-1998

Milton Eiland (Happy) TREAT
b. 4-1-1910
d. 11-6-1994

Golman Orin TREAT
b. 8-1-1906
d. 7-1-1976

Gary Wayne LOGAN
b. 1944
d. 1976

Michael Allen TREAT
b. 9-19-51
d. 10-14-1984

b. 11-7-1904
d. 10-18-1986

Albert Orn SMITHEE
b. 1-25-1910
d. 1-7-1994

b. 5-1-1914
d. 1997

John William LOGAN
b. 1940
d. age 4 mo.-5 days

Myrtle Belle (HUGHES) JONES
b. 7-10-1905
d. 4-8-1966

b. ??
d. ??

Charlie (Pete) MCGUIRE
b. ??
d. ??

This information was supplied by Brenda Andrews <cliffa@yournet.com>

Nancy Brown CANTRELL died about 1912 while visiting family at
McRee Bend.(north of Lenna across the river)
She was taken across the river in a wagon and buried at Lenna.
I'm sure she is located by the McRee's in section A, row 11.in an unmarked grave.

The following information submitted by:  TREVA HILL-TREESH  <justcuztreva@earthlink.net>

Elisha Wright PETERSON
b. 12-20-1835 Vinton Co., OH
d. 4-18-1908 Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK

James Roland PETERSON (son of Elish Wright PETERSON, husband of Ella Edwards OWENS)
b. 12-09-1869 Louisberg, Dallas Co., MO
d. 7-8-1929 Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK
married: 1-11-1891 Clinton, Texas Co., MO

Ella Edwards OWENS (wife of James Roland PETERSON)
b. 9-19-1874 Hartville, Wright Co., MO
d. 11-28-1950 Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK

Delpha May PETERSON-NULL (daughter of James Roland PETERSON and Ella Edwards OWENS)
b. 6-4-1892 MO
d. 2-14-1914 Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK

b. 9-25-1895
d. 9-25-1895

b. 1-12-1897 Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK
d. 4-4-1934 Arbeka, McIntosh Co., OK

James Caleb (Kay) PETERSON
b. 2-21-1905 Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK
d. 3-1974 Henryetta, Okmulgee Co., OK

Mary Violet (Vi) PETERSON
b. 6-9-1908 Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK
d. 1-24-1990 Henryetta, Okmulgee Co., OK

b. 2-29-1912 Hannah, McIntosh Co., OK
d. 10-15-1972 Henryetta, Okmulgee Co., OK

Hubert MEYERS (husband of Esther Ann PETERSON)
married 12-27-1926 Checotah, McIntosh Co., OK
b. 5-10-1905 Blue Mts., Yell Co AR
d. 7-16-1983 Henryetta, Okmulgee Co., OK

Billy Joe MEYERS (son of Hubert Meyers and Esther Ann PETERSON)
b. 10-16-1936 Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK
d. 9-27-1937 Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK

Washington OWEN (son-in-law of Esther & Hubert MEYERS, married Wanell MEYERS)
b. 7-13-1922 Lenna, OK
d. 12-14-1995 Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK

Frances Elaine OWEN (daughter of Washington OWEN & Wanell MEYERS OWEN)
b. 1-13-1958 Okmulgee, Okmulgee Co., OK
d. 4-5-1981 Eufaula, McIntosh Co., OK

2)married: 07-24-1950 Henryetta, Okmulgee Co., OK
Henry Sherman SNOW

b. 6-12-1915 Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK
d. 6-12-1915 Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK

James Clifford HORTON (son of Mary Violet Peterson & Clifford Horton)
b. 07-08-1927 Hitchita, McIntosh Co., OK
d.  03-01-1935 Hitchita, McIntosh CO., OK

Henry Sherman Snow
10-13-1908 Ada, Ponotoc Co., OK
12-31-1990 Henryetta, Okmulgee Co., OK
married Esther Ann Peterson 7-24-1950 Benica, Selona Co., CA

The following information on Lackey Cemetery provided by Bill & Doris Creech <bdcreech@oklahoma.net>

Cook, Gladys M. - d/o Thomas & Dollie Hood - widow of Albert Cook
  died 3 Aug 1998 (Tulsa, OK)

Hasty, Beulah  - d/o Jos. A. & Martha Richardson - wid/of Thomas Hood

Hood, Dollie - lst wife of Thomas Hood

Hood, Jay Lenard "Bud" - s/o Thomas & Dollie Hood
  24 Nov 1916-2 Oct 1996 (died Tulsa, OK)

Hood, Lois  - born 13 Aug 1922 - died 2 Feb 2003, Tulsa, OK
w/o "Bud" Hood - d/o John & Maud (Alford) Porter

Hopper, Delores Dayle (not Hooper)

Hopper, Edith Ethel (not Hooper) - d/o Jos. A. & Martha Richardson
  died 7 Dec 1987 (Henryetta, OK)

Hopper, George Dallas (not Hooper)

Richardson, Joseph "Albert" (not Albert W.)

Richardson, Albert "Odell" - s/o of Wm. Allie & Isabelle R.
  3 Oct 1924 - 12 Jan 1997 (died Coalton, OK)

Richardson, Isabelle - wid/o  Wm. Allie Richardson
  died 23 Oct 1984 (Henryetta, OK)

Richardson, Kenneth O. - s/o Wm. Allie & Isabelle R.

Richardson, Mary "Martha" Dorcas - wid/o Jos. A.

Richardson, William "Allie" - s/o Jos. A. & Martha

Schatt, Margie "Oneita" - died 25 Jan 2003, Okmulgee, OK
w/o Raymond - d/o Wm. "Allie" & Isabell (Shaw) Richardson

Schatt, Raymond - died 19 Oct 1992, Henryetta, OK

Yancey, Martha "Norell", 3 Oct 1924 - 4 Jun 2000, d/o Wm. "Allie" & Isabell Richardson
(buried next to brother Kenneth Richardson

The following information on Lackey Cemetery provided by Max R. Redding <mrr1@cox.net>
CARSON, Shirley Elaine Allison (daughter of Woodrow W. Allison & Maude Ida
Ferial Allison)
b: January 14, 1946, Council Hill, Mcintosh County, Oklahoma
d: January 1, 1994, Hitchita, McIntosh County, Oklahoma

THOMASSON, Jerena Kay Carson (daughter of John Wayne Carson & Shirley Elaine
Allison Carson)
b: March 11, 1967, Henryetta, Okmulgee County, Oklahoma
d: February 20, 2000, Hitchita, McIntosh County, Oklahoma

ALLISON, Woodrow Wilson, (son of Sylvester Franklin Allison & Mary Leona
Kinworthy Allison)
b: August 11, 1914, Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas
d: September 12, 1986, Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

ALLISON, Dickey Reese (son of Woodrow W. Allison & Maude Ida Ferial Allison)
b:  February 27, 1958, Henryetta, Okmulgee County, Oklahoma
d:  November 21, 1997, Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

ALLISON, James Franklin (son of Sylvester Franklin Allison & Mary Leona
Kinworthy Allison)
b:  December 14, 1912, Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas
d:  January 1, 1993, Tulsa, Tulsa County,  Oklahoma

ALLISON, Nevada Maloy (wife of Robert Andrew Allison)
b:  October 5, 1913, Hitchita, McIntosh County, Oklahoma
d:  February 15, 1998, Dewar, McIntosh County,  Oklahoma

ALLISON, Doris Melvina Moore (wife of James Franklin Allison)
b:  July 31, 1914, Wetumka, Oklahoma
d. April 19, 2001, Fort Worth, Texas

ALLISON, Maude Ida, (wife of Woodrow Wilson Allison and daughter of
Charley Ferial and Ella Mae Ferial)
b: November 23, 1918 in Wister, LeFlore County, Oklahoma
d: October 6, 2001, Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

The following information on the Lackey Cemetery was provided by Jean Popovich <crstitch@cannet.com>
b. May 6, 1870 Cleburne/VanBuren County
d. 1917 McIntosh County, Hitchita, OK
    Daughter of Peter Gideon Turney Sr and Dicey Bell Potter

b. April 19, 1905
d. April 15, 1972.
    Daughter of Lucy Anna Turney and Jesse Marion Criswell

CRISWELL, Jesse Marion
b.  December 3, 1858, Independence County, Batesville, AR
d. September 9, 1886 McIntosh County, Hitchita,OK.

Jesse and Lucy are my grandparents and Iva
Velma is my aunt, who never married

There is a stone between Jesse & Lucy's headstone and the fence.
Someone scratched on it the letters J S.
This is the gravesite of James Solon CRISWELL, son of Jesse & Lucy Turney Criswell,
husband of Ila Maud Carpenter.  James S Criswell & Ila Carpenter had 2 daughters Vera & Dixie Criswell.

b. July 24, 1895 Pulaski County, AR
d. October 30,1965 McIntosh County, OK.
    Mother of Delmar Parker Jr.
    Daughter of Jesse Marion Criswell and Lucy Anna Turney.

PARKER, Delmar Jr was shot down while parachuting into France during WW II.

KIEFFER, Matilda J
b 10-7-1887
d 4-5-1971
daughter of Jesse Marion Criswell & Lucy Anna Turney

The following information on the Lackey Cemetery was provided by Layton McGoldrick <mcgoldrick@orofino-id.com>
Goldrick M E is probably Layton McGoldrick

The following information was provided by Wesley Parker <Stepside57@Mediaone.net>

Richard F. PARKER
b. headstone reads 1867 should read 1862
d. 1909

Elizabeth PARKER
b. headstone reads 1869 should read 1862
d. 1909

b. headstone reads 1886 should read 1883
d. 1909

Infant Son PARKER
b. Feb. 28, 1895,
d.  Feb ??? (Headstone is broken across the death date and it can't be read.
Since he wasn't named yet heprobably died shortly after birth.)

b. Sept. 17, 1898,
d.  May 27, 1900

The following information was provided by Bill McIntosh <edrei@provalue.net>

John Collins m. Aurora Scott the niece of Capt. James N. Scott.
Scott, James N., Capt, m to Martha 'Mattie' Drew granddaughter of Chief William McIntosh Jr.
Scott James N., Mrs., The Capt. was married twice but assume this was Martha 'Mattie' Drew.
Scott, Spia, This would be Spire Scott, son of Capt. and 'Mattie' Scott.
Scott, Thomas, this is the brother of Capt. James N. Scott.

The following information was provided by Nancy Jane njbalmer@aol.com
William J. Lane married Elizabeth Cagle 16 April 1880 in Ada County Idaho Territory

The following information was provided by Art Moore  artmoore@email.com
William "Billy" HOSEY died when he was 18 years old. At the time of his death
Hhe was attending school at the Indian Mission in Eufaula, Oklahoma.
He is buried in the Fishertown Cemetery between Checotah and Eufaula.
His family left Mississippi on December 24, 1888. A four span of Oxen pulled the wagon they traveled in.
They arrived in McIntosh County, Oklahoma (Indian Territory) on February 10, 1889.
Source: Cora Adeline WRIGHT (niece to William "Billy" Hosey)

The following information submitted by Herman Rudiger  RUDIGER3@aol.com
Claud A. Fellows

b. Sept.2,1885 in Indian Territory, OK.
d. June 2, 1947.
The son of Dan and Maude Fellows.
Callie ( Self ) Fellows

b. Dec. 28, 1882 in Louisana.
d. Aug. 22, 1944.
The daughter of Thomas and Mary J. Self and wife of Claud A. Fellows.
CARR CREEK CEMETERY (3 or 4 miles east of Checotah)
Information supplied by John E. Cleek, Ph.D. <cibcleek@cctr.umkc.edu>
John Henry Cleek

b. abt 1881 TN
d. 1926 Onapa, McIntosh Co OK
(Son of Ward Cleek)

information supplied by Richard E.Williams <whiskers42@hotmail.com>

Everett Hilton (has tombstone

Nancy Mae (Buchanan) Williams
b. 30 Apr. 1830
d.    Mar. 1912

Martin VanBuren Williams
b. 4 Feb. 1860
d. 18 Dec. 1946

Thomas H. Hilton              Margaret Virginia (Hilton) Williams
Double tombstone             b. 19 Dec. 1857
Mae (Isaacs) Hilton           d. 27 Dec. 1934

two Hilton chilren
infant son of Jim Wheeler & Della(Williams)
next row east of the Hilton graves is Mary Elizabeth (Moreland) Williams and
Charles Wesley Williams both have tomestones

About 4 rows east of the grave of Charles Wesley Williams is the grave of
"Boots" Dorothy Evaline (Presgrove) Deal 2nd wife of Theran Deal

Charles & Mary Williams lived in the house that sat in by the cem. now part
of it at one time as did Mr. Boyles and Boot's grandfarther Presgrove.

COMBS (WILLIAM F. McINTOSH)  1 1/2 miles north of Rentiesville on NS423
Information supplied by Bill McIntoshedrei@provalue.net

The name 'William F. McIntosh Cemetery' has a burial ground form on file with the Oklahoma Historical Society. A matter of public record dated July 19, 1937 by William's son Thomas F. McIntosh, my ggrandfather.

Bettie McIntosh  (First person buried here)
b. Aug.1, 1836
d. Sep. 20, 1877
The daughter of Rev. Thomas and Nancy Bertholf and 2nd wife of William F. McIntosh

Nancy, wife of Rev. Thomas Bertholf,
Born July 11, 1811.
Died August 28, 1882.
"For more about Nannie Keys, see Old Settler Roll; 1851, Tahlequah, Group 9.
She was William’s mother-in-law.

Bettie, Daughter of Rev. Thomas and Nancy Bertholf and wife of Rev. William McIntosh.
Born August 1, 1836.
Died September 20, 1877.
I do not know where this headstone is located today.
I will, hopefully in the fall, return to the Cemetery and locate her headstone.

Rev. William F. McIntosh.
Born November 12, 1824 in Georgia.
Died July 15, 1898. I don’t know where his headstone is located today.
I will, hopefully in the fall, return to the Cemetery and locate his marker.

Chilly, Son of S. W. and E. V. Gray,
Died February 4, 1878, Age 1 month 23 days.
S. W. is Stand Watie Gray and E. V. Gray is Electa Victoria Bertholf,
(Daughter of Rev. Thomas and Nancy Bertholf and sister to Bettie buried here.)

E.V.B. Electa Victoria Bertholf, wife of Stand Watie Gray and mother of chilly,
also Daughter of Rev. Thomas and Nancy Bertholf and sister to Bettie, buried here.

Lydia, wife of J. McIntosh,
Born November 20, 1845.
Died August 9, 1882.
This is Lydia Steel a sister-in-law to William F. McIntosh,
she was married to William’s brother John M. McIntosh.

William Grayson,
Born 1844.
Died 1911.
Wm. Grayson was a father-in-law to
William F. McIntosh by McIntosh’s marriage to Martha Grayson.

Nancy, Wife of William Grayson.
Born 1853
Died November 11, 1910.
Nancy Grayson was a mother-in-law to William F. McIntosh by McIntosh’s marriage to Martha Grayson.

Sarah Keys
Born abt 1840.
Died abt 1906.
Maiden name Sarah McIntosh (1/8 Creek).
Married Samuel Houston keys; parents to Samuel R. Keys whose children were
Jesse and Pearl. Pearl Keys 160 acre Creek land allotment was the Range and Section where the William F. McIntosh Cemetery is located

Sallie R. McIntosh, Third wife of Johnie ‘John’ Louis McIntosh a grandson of William F. McIntosh.
Born 1888,
Died 1923 of Tuberculosis.
Sallie and Johnie McIntosh had a son, Roy F. McIntosh (5/28/1921-4/5/1988).
Roy, my uncle, retired from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol,
he was the first trooper to patrol the new Indian Nation Turnpike.

John M. Moore,
Father of Sallie R. Moore.

John T. Moore, 1
Son of John M. Moore, and brother of Sallie.

Infant Keys
Born January 13, 1903.
This person will also be a relative to William F. McIntosh.

HANNA CITY CEMETERY (1/2 mile east of Hanna on EW125)
Information supplied by Joe Wood <wo52@sierra.psnw.com>

In Row 9 Section C
Bessie Wood is Sarah Elisabeth Lane Wood. Sarah is the daughter of
Tarlton Lane and Elisabeth Fitch Lane. Sarah was born Jan. 1860 in
Kingston, Madison Co., AR and died in Hanna, McIntosh Co., OK June of 1924.
James Wood is James Enoch Wood  the son of William J and Malissa Wood.
James was born April 22, 1852 in Dover, Pope Co., AR and died Jan. 23,
1930 in Roswell, NM.

The following information supplied by Paula Coburn Moore <tworavens.@augustine.gci.net>

In Row 6 of section C,
A. M. Murphree was Amanda M. Glass Murphree.  The fieldstone next to her is her husband
W. C. Murphree who died Sept. 26, 1926.

The following information supplied by KeplinSchwick  <KeplinSchwick@webtv.net>

Row 2 Section E
Betty Joyce Hunnicutt
b. 2 Oct 1935
d. 4 Sep 1938 (diptheria)

The following information supplied by Chris Odom <kemoputz@conwaycorp.net>

Robert Herman Odom
February 2, 1888 - March 27, 1909
His headstone is still standing towards the entrance to the cemetery.
Robert was killed during the Crazy Snake Uprising.

Kiamisha (possibly spelled wrong) Scott Odom (wife of George Washington Odom)
August 13, 1886 - December 25, 1912
Kia does not have a headstone at this time, although I believe the base of
hers has been propped up against Robert Herman Odom's

WEOGUFKEE CEMETERY  (2 miles west and 1/2 mile south of Hanna)
The following information supplied by Joe Wood <wo52@sierra.psnw.com>

Parthenia M. ( Davis) Spillers   (w/o  James Eugene Spillers)
b.August 16, 1869  Pope Co., AR
d. February 7, 1917  Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK

Jessie H. Spillers     (The son of James and Parthenia)
b. September 10, 1888
d. November 10, 1909  Hanna, McIntosh Co., OK

Jessie died of the flu. Parthenia's wish was to be buried next to her son

The following information was supplied by John & Debi <panda@brightok.net>

James H. Waller
b. 1842 AL
d. 1905 Hanna, Indian Territory, (OK)
buried  in Muddy Creek Weokfugee Cemetery. Indian Cemetery.

Mary Francis Mooney;
wife of James H Waller, daughter of William Monney, Cherokee Chief; in Leake Co., MS
b. 1843 in AL
d. 1905 Hanna, IT (OK)
buried at Muddy Creek Weokfugee Indian Cemetery.
They had five children: Mary, John, Benjamen, Matilda, Leona.

LERBLANC CEMETERY Relocated to Greenlawn at Checotah
The following information was provided by Barbara West <barbara@guerra-tech.com>

The stone bearing the name W. M. West is actually William E. West

The following information supplied by  Robert Reed <bobreed@macomb.com>

In row 16 section E the marker for
The marker next to Sammy Grayson is McNally without a first name---her name was
Susan James.  She was my Chickasaw gggrandmother, who married Valentine N.
McNally.  Valentine's mother was Tillity Grayson , but I'm still searching for Susan's
"James parents and brother".  They were all listed on the Chickasaw Annuity Roll of
Coal County in 1876

The following information supplied by Joe Wood <wo52@psnw.com>

In row 20, section C is a tombstone inscribed "Wallen  Mom and Dad"
The marker has no names or dates. The couple buried there are:

Reuben Wallen b. July 30, 1902 in Keota, Haskell Co., OK
                           d. May 7, 1974 in Eufaula, McIntosh Co., OK

Ruby Marie Wallen b. February 18, 1911 in Clarksville, Johnson Co., AR
                                  d. May 15, 1976 in Eufaula, McIntosh Co., OK

Ruby Marie is the daughter of Jesse Bell Davis and Margaret Rebecca Wood Davis.
Margaret is my great aunt.

CONNER burial.

This is apparently a single burial.  At least I wasn't able to locate additional stones when I was there.
If anyone has any additional information please contact me.  Ron Long <ronglong@chickasaw.com>

Located on the east side of NS409 1.3 miles south of highway 9 (eight miles west of Eufaula)
Thomas Conner Jr.
5 May 1900
27 Jul 1926

TIMOTHY CEMETERY  southwest of Richardsville

This cemetery might also be called the Richard Family Cemetery
Eastman Richard's date of death should be 2 April 1934, and
the date of birth given in his obituary is 1871 which agrees with the
age of 49 given in the 1920  If anyone has additinal iformation please
contact me  Ron Long <ronglong@chickasaw.com>

The following information is provided by George Windes <windes5@aol.com>
All the Howell burials there are descendants
of Winfield Scott Howell, who came to I.T. from Louisiana around 1880.

"Scott" Howell married Selina Lowe, and had two children. He may have died
during the Spanish American War. Selina later married John McIntosh and had
additional children. Scott Howell was a direct descendant of William
Weatherford (Red Eagle), who led the Muskogee Creek warriors against the army of Andrew
Jackson in the Creek Indian Wars of 1812/1814.  Scott was Billy Weatherford's
grandson through his daughter, Mary Levitia Weatherford, who married Doctor
William Forbes Howell. The Howell's moved from Alabama to Louisiana in 1850.
After the parents died early, two of their children made their way on to I.T.

I can provide additional data concerning the descending generations.

ASBURY CEMETERY   relocated to Fishertown
The following information was supplied by Nancy Jane <Njbalmer@aol.com>
William J Lane
b. 1856 IN
d. Eufaula
m. Mary Elizabeth Cagle April 16 1880 in Cassia, Ada Conty Idaho

Mary Eliabeth Cagle Lane (d/o Henry & Martha Cagle)
b. 1858 Richland Twp. Newton Co AR
d. 5 Nov 1895 Eufaula
(sister of Margaret Caroline (Cagle) Hubble)

The following information was supplied by Ed Sweeny <familyresearcher98@yahoo.com>
Marion Johnson
b. 1903
d. 1919 age 16 yrs

The following information was supplied by Bernnice Jones <prunella@qzip.net>
Spicey Sampley Wall
b. 1 Dec 1887
d. 5 Oct.1915.  There was also a son,

Ray Wall (s/o James T. and SpiceyWall)
b.  4 Nov. 4, 1906
d. 30 Aug.1907

Mary Wall (d/o James T. and SpiceyWall)
b. 3 Oct.1915
d. 1 Nov. 1915.

Infant Wall (c/o James T. and Spicey Wall)
b. 3 Apr 1910
d 7 Apr 1910

The following information was supplied by Ron Stone <blueoak@ix.netcom.com>

Ailey Bolding (#139 in the listing) was wife of Andy Bolding
Jack Bolding (#138 in the listing) was the son of Andy and Ailey
(He was hit be a train pushing a friend off the track)
William and Alice Coody , (#135 and 136) were their son in law and daughter.
#137.Brooks is also related.

Information supplied by Max R. Redding <REDD3@email.msn.com>

We know that the following Redding's are also buried in Moore Cemetery in
unmarked graves.  These fellows were old bachelor sons of Isabell.  The
records of Kelly Funeral Home in Eufaula verify the information.  We do not
know the row # of the graves.  We do not believe they are buried near
Isabell since it does not appear there would be sufficient room for their
graves in that area.

Arthur A. Redding (1881 - 1958)
Cage W. Redding (1884 - 1954)

Also, the unreadable dates on the stone of "REDDING Wm P." are 1869 - 1923.
William Pleasant was another son of Isabell.

Information supplied by Debbie Woolf <woolfpac@prodigy.net>

MYERS, Wm Hence is buried here in an unknown location

H.P. KISSEE     is Hiram Porter Kissee husband of Dora Anna MYERS
                           Dora is d/o Wm. Hence MYERS (above)

Alma SWEARINGEN  wife of William "Will" SWEARINGEN who later md. Dora
                           Ann MYERS KISSEE

Liddia J. PARKER  nee MYERS d/o Wm. Hence MYERS
                            wife of Willie PARKER who later remarried

Jenni K.PARKER is Geneva "Jenni" Catherine BUTLER mother of
                           Willie & Anna Mae PARKER.
                            Her husband may have been J.C. or William Marion PARKER
                            who is suppose to be buried in Stidham, McIntosh Co. as well.

Anna Mae PARKER (Sister to Willie PARKER of my line)
                            md. Blassingam Gymm HAMM.
                           the young children of B.G. HAMM appear to be his if not hers as well

Florence BRANUM  nee THOMPSON also called "Flo
                          md (1) DUNN
                         sister of Henry Miles THOMPSON who md. Maggie MYERS d/o Wm. Hence MYERS
                        Her sister md.Rufus Edgar MOORE a brother in law of Wm. Hence MYERS
                         and her brother of course md. Maggie MYERS the dau. of Wm. Hence MYERS.

The following information supplied by Annis Farrar Hill <mitzi74426@yahoo.com>

George Franklin FARRAR (spouse of Minerva Ann Traywick Farrar)
Sept 1857-1902

b. Sep 1886

Moses W FARRAR (brother to George Franklin Farrar)
b. 29 Jul 1864-1900

Emmitt lHARWELL  (son of Cleve Harwell and Della L Williams)
12 Oct 1917-7 Dec 1993

Lorene FARRAR  (daughter of George B & Della L Farrar
born/death aft 1940)

Arvie C FARRAR (son of General Wilber Farrar & Fannie Laster)
3 Jun 1909-1 Apr 2001

Edith Raymer FARRAR (wife of Arvie Farrar)
22 Aug 1917-

Jay A FARRAR  ( son of Arvie & Edith)
20 Feb 1950-6 Sep 1996

The following information on Triplett cemetery supplied by Tammy McMillian Lane <GTRLane@aol.com>

Harvey Johnson (Earl) Wooten
b 8-21-1900 Florence Al.
d 1-18-1993 Muskogee, Ok.
son of William Riely and Francis (Frannie) (Johnson) Wootton from Laudersale co. Al.
Married Beulah Mae Parker 12-8-1920 in Mcintosh co.

Beulah Mae Parker Wooten
b 12-12-1904 Indian terr.
d. 1-28-1975 McIntosh co. Ok.
She was the daughter of  John. W. and Francis E.(Hill) Parker

C.A. (Charlie) Hill
Brother to Francis E. Hill

Barbra Jo Lemar Wooten  Wife of Floyd Wooten
Floyd Wooten    living

A.C. Collins
Married Edna Mae Estes

Ewell E. Collins
son of A.C. collins and Edna Mae Estes

J.A. (James Avery) Lane  Was Postmaster at old Texanna
12-3-1865 tenn.
10-17-1927 McIntosh Co.
Married Lizzie ?  she died and is buried in Spiro

Arch (Archie) P. Lane
11-18-1957 McIntosh Co.
son of J.A. and Lizzie Lane
Married Minnie M Dorlan

Minnie M. Dorlan Lane
wife of Arch P. Lane

Cara A. ( Collins)Lane
 6-9-1906 Ark.
7-15-1978 McIntosh Co.
Daughter of A.C. and Edna (Estes) Collins
Married Lonnie Ray Lane  3-3-1923
She is listed in the ss index as Cora
On my father in laws birth certificate she wrote her name as Carrie Collins

Lonnie Ray Lane
8-16-1897 Parthenon, Ark.
12-4-1977 McIntosh Co.
son of  J.A. and Lizzie Lane, Husband of Cara Collins Lane
Lonnie was a postman who deliverd the mail in horse and buggy in McIntosh co.

Dora Bell Waters Lane
1921-1985    1st. wife of Harold D. Lane ( Son of Lonnie and Cara Collins)

Harold W. Lane
Son of Harold D and Dora Lane

Lloyd Ray Lane
Son of Lonnie and Cara Lane

Madge Elizabeth Lane
daughter of Arch and Minnie Lane

Timothy Lee Lane
son of James (Demp) and Gladys Lillian (Whisenhunt) Lane

James (Demp) Lane
Son of Arch.P and Minnie Lane
Married Gladys Lillian Whisenhunt

Caroline Pearline Lane
daughter of Lonnie and Cara Lane

Wanda M. Lane
daughter of Harold and Cora Lane

Author Maurice Wooten
10-16-1921 McIntosh co
2-1-1986  McIntosh co
son of Harvey and Beulah (Parker) Wooten
1st married Nancy Toney  who is buried in Toney Cem.  after she passed he
remarried Jeanetta Anderson

Winford Eugene Wooten
10-4-1925 McIntosh Co.
 cant recall date  McIntosh Co.
Son of Harvey and Beulah (Parker) Wooten
married Mildred Whisenhunt

The following information supplied by Kim Marion  <Jstpk@aol.com>

Mary E. Odom (doesn't say Mollie)
Born Mar. 18, 1863 (not Jan 13, 1885)
Died Apr. 14, 1898

Olah Odom
Born Dec. 28, 1886
Died Mar. 11, 1897

The following information supplied by  DdHober <DdHober@aol.com>

Thomas Brown, husband of Pairlee Brown is also buried in Red Oak Cemetery

Additional  information on the Hawkins burials was supplied by Betty Eash <JLEASH@prodigy.net>

The following information was supplied by Lyday Mosley <OKCottontail@aol.com>

       B. Eldin Lyday
       August 16, 1894 - January 20, 1941

       Ella Inez Lyday (Sugar Lump)
       November 3, 1910 - March 20, 1940

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