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Sevier Family Cemetery

(This cemetery is located on highway 266 and NS408)

This cemetery is located on land belonging to Mike and Brenda Hood. Mike reported that the 4 graves belonged to his Great-Grandfather Louis Sevier and Great-Grandmother Amanda Sevier and their 2 daughters.

Mike reported that the land was part of an original alotment to Louis Sevier. Louis Sevier is listed on the Dawes rolls. Mike also reported that his family line was from Louis & Amanda Sevier to Lena Sevier who never married but did have a daughter named Geneva Lucy Peterson. Geneva married Joe Hood, Jr. Joe and Geneva are Mike's Parents. He explained that his mother Geneva was in a nursing home at the time of the interview (May 22, 2005). And that his father had passed away. His father Joe Hood, Jr. is buried in the Council Hill Cemetery as is one of his daughters Amanda Hood.

Louis Sevier

Died July 20 1911

Age 36 years

Amanda Sevier

April 1, 1873

Nov 20, 1952

Annie Sevier

Jan 5, 1908

June 20, 1937

Blanch (Sevier) Kilgore

June 16, 1914

Nov 14, 1938

(has son named Bob Kilgore)

Shelley D. McBride~Lynch <leesh@mytownisp.com>

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