Listings from the Daily Ardmorite, Ardmore, I.T., beginning Nov. 2, 1893.

Listed are the Date, Officer, Location and arrested Offender if known.  Federal District Court, Ardmore, I.T.


1886 Heck Thomas    
11-2-1893 Frank Genung visiting from Muskogee chief deputy
11-5-1893 Sam M. Farmer Ft. Worth city marshal prisoner extradition
" John Stephens Dougherty brought in whiskey peddler named Arnold
" D. Stowe Ardmore in federal court
11-8-1893 John Stephens Davis serve papers
11-9-1893 Deputy Burns Ardmore R.H. Hennington-liquor
" Deputy Little Ardmore Bill Burgess-robery
" Sheriff Bell, Brown County, Texas Elk, I.T. arrested Charley Messick-cattle theft
" Marshal Perry - Ardmore Marshal Stewart - Paris, TX Mud Creek, Chickasaw Nation shootout with whiskey peddlers
11-10-1893 Deputy Pullian Ardmore raids gambling house
" A.M. Burch Ardmore city constable
11-14-1893 Seldon Lindsay to Paris, TX John Watson - murderer
" Deputy Pillian Ardmore raids gambling house
11-15-1893 Tom Covington - Paris, TX Extradition to Paris Court Ben Fletcher - Horse theft
11-17-1893 J.J. McAlister Ardmore in federal court
11-21-1893 Deputy Burns    
1930 John W Cantrell    

Corner Saloon Murders

1885 Intruders of Chickasaw Nation

Bill Doolin

Ned Christie

Contributed by Dennis Muncrief, December-2003