Buckhorn is probably the oldest community in Murray county.  It was established by the rancher W.B. Lowrance in the 1870's where he was engaged in farming and ranching. (The ranch is located about three miles southeast of Sulphur.)  A school was established in 1878 on the ranch for the Lowrance and neighboring children in the area.

  Mrs. Lillie Loyd was the first school teacher.  She taught a subscription  school on the ranch of, and built by Bird Lowrance.  A subscription school was one in which each pupil pays a set fee for each month that they attend school.  In this case, the school lasted four months and had thirty pupils. By the early 1920's, as many as seventy students attended the school.

A post office was established on June 3, 1890 and lasted until Aug 15, 1910.

Oil and gas wells were drilled in the area in the 1920's.  A Ladies' Missionary Society was established.

There are two cemeteries in the area.  The Buckhorn Cemetery located on Highway 177, 3 miles south of Sulphur.  The Lowrance Cemetery is located on the Lowrance Ranch, about 1/2 mile east of the Buckhorn Cemetery.  Check the School of Murray County page for a picture of the last school to be used.

Buckhorn School - S24, T2S, R3E

Dennis Muncrief,   November 19, 2000.