Chigley, C.N., I.T.

Chigley, located 3 miles east and six miles north of Davis, OK, took it's name from Nelson Chigley, a prominent Chickasaw rancher in the area.  The post office was established on January 24, 1900 and lasted until October 31, 1914.  There was a school for Indian children as well as a school for white children. 

The community boasted by 1906, a Farmers Union, churches, a Woodmen of the World Lodge, Anti Horse Thief Lodge (what ever that was), a telephone to Wynnewood and a mayor, namely George Williams.  Tom Nixon and Harry Stewart put up a telegraph line and learned to operate the system. 

The school was taught by Miss Stewart with a average of 40 students.  The school building is still standing, but, in poor condition.  R. J. Vanderslice was a resident of the community as well as W. N. Talley who was the commander of the WOW Lodge.

There is very little written about the community and more will be added as it is learned.

Below is an email from Judy Laster Barbiaux who remembers people and events from Chigley.


I would like to add some information regarding Chigley, OK.  During more recent history, Winnie "Miss Winnie" Gettle was the teacher at the one-room schoolhouse in Chigley.  She and her husband, Mike, lived about 1/4 mile east of the Chigley schoolhouse and were well known in the community.  He was a farmer and always busy.  Miss Winnie was hard of hearing and wore a hearing aid.  They were both very personable and friendly.
The schoolhouse was used on Sundays for church.  In the late fall, a pie supper would be held there.  Ladies would bake a pie and wrap it up fancy, and the men would bid on the pies.  Usually you had to eat with the guy who bought your pie.  Then, in December, very close to Christmas, a "Christmas Tree" was held with the proceeds of the pie supper.  This also included a visit from Santa Claus.  A bag of goodies was handed out to everyone who came.  In this bag was an apple, an orange, some peppermint sticks, some Wrigley's gum, a few nuts, and some chocolate drops.  I still remember how good that tasted.   A few people would show up who had not participated in the pie supper, but no one ever said anything, and the goodies were shared by all. 
Some of the residents in the area were Sim and Dillah Nelson, Jack Nelson and his family, the Hucks family, and the Henry Lee family, the John Wiggins family and the Peck Lancaster family.   Most all had children who attended the one room school, and I never heard anything but good things about Chigley school from them.
I would estimate that in the late 50's the school closed when consolidation came about, and the school continued to be used for community events.  Last time I drove by the windows were boarded up. 
I hope I have not bored you with these details.  They are fond memories for me.
Submitted by Judy (Laster) Barbiaux
Killeen, TX - 1/21/2001

Dennis Muncrief,  November,  2000.