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Located in the Arbuckle Mountains on Falls Creek, this assembly ground was in use as early as 1911.  The first verifiable date of an assembly was in 1917.  The terrain, being extremely rugged, was traversed in early days with mule and horse pack animals.  Tents were used for sleeping and a brush arbor was used for the worship building.

In 1917, J. B. Rounds and W. W. Moorer held an assembly with 273 in attendance.  At first, the assemblies lasted only a few days each summer.  Then, as the automobile became more popular, and roads to the area were built, the sessions lasted all summer.  Many churches use the area as a youth camp as well as general assemblies.  Each Baptist church has it's own cabin or may lease a cabin of another church. 

Today a new multi-million dollar 100,000 sq ft convention center is being built which will make Falls Creek a year round facility.


  • Falls Creek is the largest youth camp in the world.
  • The first tabernacle was 30 X 50 foot tent in 1917.
  • There are 145 cabins that are independently owned by churches and associations.
  • The original 160 acres was purchased for $1,200.
  • 1,639,327 campers have attended Falls Creek.
  • Rosalee M. Appleby, first Baptist woman missionary attended the 1917 assembly.
  • More than 45,000 annually attend encampments.

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