Scullin, C.N., I.T.

Scullin's post office was established on December 21, 1896.  The name of the community was originally Vaughn.  It was changed to Scullin in honor of an Frisco R.R. engineer.    Scullin had a huge cattle shipping facilities  north of the depot.  They were still there when I was a kid.  The community was primarily engaged in ranching,  farming and mining silica sand. Also large deposits of iron ore and asphalt were in the area. There was oil exploration as early as 1906. 

A telephone toll line was run to the Davis exchange.  In 1906 the Scullin Advocate newspaper was established.  Over 1,000 lots were platted and sold to newcomers.  There were many new brick, stone and wood buildings as well as a new hotel being built by 1907.  In 1909 a second newspaper, The Murray County Times, was established.   In 1909, Scullin was the third largest town in Murray County behind Davis and Sulphur.  Scullin had a debate club and a literary society. 

Scullin holds a special place for me as that is my mothers birthplace as well as the final resting place for many family members in the Scullin Cemetery.  My mother's uncle was a young man working on the Frisco as a brakeman and was killed working on the Frisco railroad in 1917.  He is buried in the Scullin cemetery with his family.  There are only 3 houses left in Scullin.  However, there are many large working cattle ranches in the vicinity that are still in full production.  Scullin is truly the "gem of the prairie".  There is no prettier prairie grassland anywhere on earth.

Dennis Muncrief, November, 2000


This photo of the Scullin Cemetery was made in March of 2000.  It is on private ranch land now and is easily entered.  It is maintained by the land owner and is well fenced.  It is generally in good condition.

Scullin Railroad Depot 1939