Turner Falls Park

Mazeppa Turner, an early pioneer of the Arbuckle Mountains, settled this area in the early 1870's shortly after the Civil War.  He had a large land holding with many cattle as well as tenant farmers who worked this land.  His first residence was near Arbuckle.  He later moved to a cabin on Honey Creek.  He is buried in the Dougherty Cemetery.

Honey Creek  forms many natural swimming holes as it flows toward the Washita some three miles away.  Three hundred seventy acres  for the park was acquired from Turner on October 21, 1925 for the sum of $17,000, by the City of Davis.  Later an additional 820 acres were purchased.  Recently, the City has bought an additional 7,000 acres  paying in excess of one million dollars to secure this scenic area for the future.  Until recently, a narrow gauge Railroad was a highlight of the park.  Also, there are the Castles built on the side of the mountains that were interesting to say the least.  Turner Falls has been a recreation area for nearly 100 years with visitors coming many miles and from every other state.

The Park has recently had trout stocked in Honey Creek during the winter for fishing.  There has been additional camping areas expanded to provide more camping spaces.

The area may be reached by taking Exit 51 off  Interstate Highway 35.  Turn south on US highway 77 for two miles.


Dennis Muncrief, November, 2000.