Photo taken during social at the George W. Morris home near Iona in 1914. Left rear, Cora Morris Greenwood; third from left (in large hat) Viola Morris Thrasher; rear forth from right in white shirt, tie and hat, William Welcome Morris; Next to him on his right is Julius Greenwood; second row center (infant) Authur Waylon "Son" Morris being held by George W. Morris; Nancy Elnora Gill Morris on left side of infant; Left side, Mamie Morris Herring in light colored blouse and hands clasped in front; Front center, young girl in light colored dress, Tillie Opal Morris Whisenhunt; Next to her (forth boy from right) George Aaron Morris; at the end, right front with white shirt and cap is Andrew Jackson Morris.  Submitted by Harvey Morris, June 2007.

Oral History of Mamie Morris Herring Nevans

Morris Family Bible



Dennis Muncrief - Host, Murray County, OK website, June 2007.

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