Rivers & Streams of Murray County, Oklahoma

Falls Creek  -  Price's Falls - 1890


Cochran Creek


Mill Creek Headwaters  west of Hickory

The Washita River is the largest tributary in the county.  It forms the boundary of the northwest and southwest edge of the county.  It was the most important stream running through the Chickasaw Nation.  The river served as the boundary between Pickens District and Tishomingo District in the Nation.

The Battle of the Washita was fought up river in the winter of 1868.    

The first water powered grist mill was established at Pauls Valley on the Washita River shortly after the Civil War by a Choctaw named Zack Gardner. Pioneers such as Nathan Price established a mill near Dougherty at Price's Falls in the 1870's.  Cyrus Harris established a mill in far eastern Murray County on CherOKee Creek and the named changed to Mill Creek.

Other streams and creeks with approximate locations in the county are:

Big Sandy Creek - between Iona and Oak Grove

Branch Creek - 1/2 mi. SE of Buckhorn

Broad Hollow Creek - NE of Big Canyon

Buckhorn Creek - from SE of Sulphur to Arbuckle Lake

Chigley Sandy Creek - from Chigley to Washita N of Davis

Chili Creek - 1 mi. N of Drake

Cochran Creek - 3 mi. NE of Sulphur

Colbert Creek - Arbuckle Mtns - SW Murray county

Deel Creek - 3 mi. W of Dougherty

Denmark Creek - 2 mi. S of Big Canyon

Dry Creek - 1 mi. E of Buckhorn

Eight Mile Creek - 8 miles west of Ft. Arbuckle

Falls Creek - 7 mi. S of Davis, Baptist Assembly Grounds

Five Mile Creek - 5 miles west of Ft. Arbuckle

Garden Creek - Original name of Garrison Creek

Garrison Creek - Ran through Ft. Arbuckle

Guy Sandy - from Oak Grove to Arbuckle Lake

Hickory Creek - Arbuckle Mtns - SW Murray county 

Hogskin Creek - 2 mi. W of Oak Grove

Honey Creek - Arbuckle Mtns - Source of water for Turner Falls.

Jack Creek - 1 mi. NE of Big Canyon

Kickapoo Sandy Creek - 1 mi. NE of Joy

Little Hickory Creek - Arbuckle Mtns - SW Murray county

Little West Blue Creek - 1 NE of Hickory

Mill Creek - from NE of Hickory along eastern boundary of county

Old Mill Creek - Original name of Colbert Creek near Ft. Arbuckle

Oil Creek - 1/2 mi. E of Nebo

Pumpkin Creek - E. Murray Co. on old Turner Ranch

Rock Creek - NE of Sulphur to Lake Arbuckle

Spring Creek - Arbuckle Mtns - SW Murray county

Squirrel Creek - 4 miles E of Hennepin

Thomas Creek - Arbuckle Mtns - SW Murray county

Vines Branch - 1 mi. NW of Dougherty 

Wildhorse Creek - 2 miles NW of Davis