Ft. Gibson

Gateway to the West

By: C. W. "Dub" West (c) 1974

Muskogee Publishing Company, Muskogee, OK 74401

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[article on Old Fort Club (1933) pg 236]

[article on Frank Gladd Post of the American Legion (organized after WW I) pg 236]

[article American Legion Auxiliary pg 236 & 237]

[article The Girl Scouts pg 237]

[article Knothole Baseball pg 237 & 238]

[article Ft Gibson Roundup Club organized 1958 pg 238]

[article Kiwanis club organized 1971 pg 238]

[pages 239-244 are devoted to information about the restoration of the old stockade]

Teachers listed in the Ft Gibson Post September 8, 1899 were: Allie Nash, Berttie Eiffert, Adna Benge and Flora Lindsey for the while and Indian children. W H Fields and Harriet Skates ere listed for the Colored children. Pg 245 <complete>

[photo High School building in 1918]

The following list of Ft Gibson teachers has been developed after consulting Mrs. Beatrice Berd Kerr, Mrs Margaret Sleeper Laswell, Earl Boyd Pierce, Bob Langston, Peral Mayers Langston, Miss Mary Clyde Walker, Miss Pearl Robison and Volney Howell. Dora Johnson taught Bob Langston, and an accompanying picture that was taken in 1894 or 95 has Flora Ross and Anda Benge as teachers. Other early teachers soon after the turn of the century until around statehood were: Flora Thornton, Laura Gott, Flora Lindsey and Jean Archer Jones Budd. We do not guarantee the order of the following, but here are some others that had an early tenure: Mary Clyde Walker, Evelyn Blackard, Mary Gulager, Beatrice Bert Reeves Kerr, Beulah Pierce Rounds, Margeret Sleeper Laswell, Pearl Robinson, Chattie Baldwin, Elsie Everett Lowther, Grace Eichling, Ruth Hatch, Faye Hardgraves Rooney, Lucy Nash, Mary Dean Watkins, Kathyrn Quinton McLain, Gertrude Rogers Shimoon, Evelyn Woods, Mattie Edwards Balley, Ovel Johnson Cragg, Lois Watson Howard, Pearl Mayes Langston, Miss Hollybaugh, Eilience Carter, Mrs. Margaret Duval, Maude Hopkins, Christine Kreipke Harrison, Grace Mountcastle Martin, Beulah Wolfenberger, Mary Watson Dotson, Jewel Rogers Paul, Anna Gilliland, Ruth Yeager Boatright, Vera Cornelius, Allie Carter, Mattie Edwards, Beatrice Holley, Charles Wallis, Emma England, Lillie Ferguson, William McFee, Roger Shaw, Lydia Brown, A J Henson, Mary Jo Henson, Marilyn Thompson, Kay Thompson, W S Smith, Beulah Smith, Sally Ford, Doyle Stone, Emmett Wheatt, Ocie James, Hoyt Smith, Elizabeth Gill, Edith Penner, Harriett Reisburg, Nina McCollum, Bill Gill, Bill Walling, Elizabeth Pack, Floyd O'Dell, Harold O'Dell, Zoe Covington, Elsie Hurt, Joe Spring, Maxine Munger, Marie Haworth, Margeret Lowenthal, Virginia Ward, Florece Shower, Fay Johnson, Nola Douglas, Margurite Sweatt, Jeanne LaFerry, Ethel Williams, Betty Willock, Zelma Cudd, Irene Muriata, Julia McIntosh, Martha Wingfield, Evelyn Garrett, Vera Mosely, Freida Lewis, Charlotte Moon, Olive Thompson, Cleo Thompson, Twyla Paine, Anna Turner, Bennett Guthrie, Bill Cummings, Christin Ryker, Bill Maddox and Waldo Eichling. Pg 245-247 <complete>

[photo High School Building 1940s pg 246]

[photo School group of 1916-1917 pg 246]

[photo School group of 1917 pg 247]

[photo 1973 Champion Football Team pg 247

[article on Football organized in 1923 pg 247-248]

[photo school group 1919]

So far as we can determine, Herbert Kneeland was the first Superintendent of the Ft Gibson Schools, followed by C W Comstock and Mr. Monicle. ... B F Watson, Leonard Logan, Professor Logan, Bob Sanders, Professor Merlin, J S Gifford, I L George, George Coffee, W L Camp, Limon Landman, Glen Dalton, Max Harmon, C M Johnson, Clerence Browning, Leo Donahue. Pg 248-249 [this article gives some background on these people]

[photos school group 1920 & 1921 pg 249]

[photos of 1970-1971 Basketball Champions and School Group 1922 pg 250]

[photos School Grup 125 & 1926 pg 251]

[photo Seniors 1927 pg 252]

[articles - Future Homemakers, future Farmers of America & 4H winners pg 252 & 253]

A picture in the Muskogee Phoenix of Mar 4, 1973 had he following caption - OLD STREETS GET SIGNS. Person in the picture were James E Cooper, Robert Langston and Q B Boydstun. The signs were a project of the Kiwanis club and reminded observers of times gone by with names such as Lee, Jefferson, Coppinger, Stanley, Irving, Johnson, Nash, Garrison, Rveille, Battery, East Railroad, Artillery, Armory, Cavalry, Jackson and Hazen. As will be noticed the former names were reminders of the days the fort was in operation. Most of the streets running east and west were named for trees such as: Ash, Bois d'Arc, Cottonwood, Hickory, Elm, Black Jack, Maple, Pine and Poplar. Pg 255 <complete>

Technically Ft Gibson has not had any mayors. The official head of the town government is Chairman of the Board of Trustees, but they are generally referred to as mayors. We have been able to determine the following: George W Huges, William P Ross, F H Nash, Charles H Shaffer, Ran Lee, J F Haas, E A Hill, W B Master,s J C Howell, S T Bell, Louis G Sleeper, S W Everett, Bill Lindsey, O B Boydstun, Robert Langston, Claude Garrett, Bill Bull, Jason Todd, Javnie Taylor, B J Laswell, Bill Bennett and J E Cooper. Pg 256 <complete>

[photo Mr and Mrs James E Cooper pg 256]

[list of current city government pg 256]

[list of present day business men (would be 1973 or 1974 pg 256-258]

[list of present day farmers pg 258]

[list of Verterans of WWI pg 258]

[article about Wm Ross Adair, Distinguished Service Cross recipient pg 258]

[pg 259 photo of Ft Gibson Sesquicentennial Committee - lists of WWII, Korean Conflict and Vietnam dead]

[Anniversary Ceremonies - reprint from Fall Issue Chronicles of Oklahoma by Dub West pg 266]

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