Riley Cemetery Nowata County Oklahoma                        
Last checked 2003 by Elsie Berg & Jeannie Inman                        
Source: by Jeannie Inman, March 21, 2007                        
Location: Nowata Co., Oklahoma                        
ACHORD   William       1834     1887      
ALLEN   John N 24 Feb 1905 3 Mar 1905     p RM & LJ, FH caus bleeding at naber, ord by RM Allen,resid 1/2mi N
ALLEN   Laura J 18 Mar 1884 9 Mar 1905     FH caus phemona, order by RM Allen, resid 12mi NE Nowata
BURGESS   Charley       1884 1 Feb 1899 N   FH caus tyford fever, ord by E Burgcas, resid 2mi E Nowata
BURNS   Fannie J     1845 13 Oct 1899 N   FH caus slow fever, ordered by George Burns, resid 4mi E Nowata
BURNS   George       1844 20 Jan 1900 N   FH caus consummition, ordered by Dr Strother, resid 5mi NE Nowata
BURNS   Mrs Wimen       1884 22 Aug 1905 N   FH inflamation of bowels, ord by Wimen Burns, resid 4 NE Nowata
COODY   Belinda G 22 Nov 1822 6 May 1902     FH Malindy Coody, age 80, caus dont know, ord by J H Coody  
COODY   infant dau   15 Apr 1890 15 Apr 1890     p JH & MA, little lamb curled up on top of marker  
COODY   James   27 May 1911 8 Sep 1914     p RH & R, little lamb on top with cem wall behind lamb to protect it  
COODY   John H 8 Jul 1854 18 Nov 1911     medium size upright 4 sided marker, knocked off its base  
COODY   Johnny Clem 14 Feb 1894 12 Feb 1898     engrav over a star "Gone to be an angel"  
COODY   Lillor Rogers 23 Jul 1881 27 Jan 1884     marker company LD Long,Prairie City,I.T; large 4 sided upright marker,  
COODY   Lillor Rogers 23 Jul 1881 27 Jan 1884     verse: This lovely bud so young & fair, Called hence by early doom,  
COODY   Lillor Rogers 23 Jul 1881 27 Jan 1884     Just come to show how sweet a flower, In paradise would bloom.  
COODY   Madelner Victoria 6 May 1857 13 Feb 1874     tall thin marker broken in 2 pieces, lying flat & bur in grave  
COODY   Mary E 13 Nov 1858 3 Jun 1881     marker company LD Long, Prairie City, I.T., m JH Coody  
COODY   Samuel       1836 9 Apr 1869     large thin 4 sided marker knocked off base & lying on grave  
CRUPPER   baby     Aug 1898 3 Sep 1898 N   FH caus omit, ord by Mr Paxton, resid Nation  
DRISKILL   Fannie B 2 May 1892 18 Aug 1900     p JM & L, marker broken in to through the date & cem repair hides poem  
DRISKILL   Harry       1899     1912     family says he adopted & never put on Indian Rolls  
DRISKILL   Lucy Ellen 27 May 1864 17 Sep 1889     m Joseph D, large old thin marker with "goodbye" over shaking hands  
FLOID   omit   nd Jan 1909 4 Jul 1909 N   FH caus omit, ord by W M Garner, resid 2mi E Nowata  
GILLIAM   John             1894 N   p William Walter & Mary (Gibbs) Gillum  
GILLIAM   Mary             1894 N   died child birth  
HARLOW   Nannie M 17 Jun 1882 10 Oct 1883     p ZN & JE, med size thin marker with dove at top, broken off base  
HAY   Neva       1874 18 Sep 1899 N   FH heart trouble, order by E J Sirl, resid 3mi NE of Nowata  
HIBBARD   Frank   nd Oct 1905 16 Dec 1905 N   FH throte truble, ord by A T Hibbard, resid 3mi NE Nowata  
HOLLEY   Ellen   18 Jul 1868 12 Mar 1888     m JM, p John & Minerva Riley, big thick 4 sided marker off base now  
HOLLEY   John P 3 Feb 1886 24 Aug 1886     p James & Ellen  
HOLLEY   Mary E 22 Jan 1888 22 Aug 1888     p JM & E, marker off base & leaning against the base now  
ICE   Mary A 30 Apr 1871 19 May 1884     p JR &RW, verse "I tell him I am weary, And I fair would be at rest,  
ICE   Mary A 30 Apr 1871 19 May 1884     That I am daily, hourly, longing, for a home upon his breast"  
JOHNSON   Jesse       1896 25 Sep 1899 N   FH caus donít know, ordered by C R Johnson, resid Nowata  
JOHNSON   S M nd Mar 1892 nd Sep 1892        
JOHNSON (Johnston)   Harry N   Feb 1895 14 Aug 1899 N   FH caus omit, ord by N B Mattox, resid Keys farm  
JONEYCAKE   omit   nd Aug 1898 4 Dec 1899 N   FH order by Ike Journeycake, resid 2mi E Nwt see Journeycake  
JOURNEYCAKE   Buck       1894 14 Apr 1903 N   FH caus consumption, order by Ike Journeycake, resid Nowata  
JOURNEYCAKE   Harvey N 29 Aug 1899 4 Dec 1899     p JF & MA, FH caus omit, order by Ike Journeycake, pink granite marker  
JOURNEYCAKE   infant son   nd               aged 3 months, body reinterred at Bratcher Cem, marker still at Riley  
KETCHUM   James L     1905     1906        
KETCHUM   omit       1904 17 Dec 1906 N   FH cau omit, ord by Hurb Ketchem, resid Coodys Bluff  
KETCHUM   Violet   11 Feb 1898 16 Feb 1898        
LACEY   M E     1861 8 Jan 1883     3 leaves with acorns attached to twig, a tall thin marker lying across grave  
LLOYD   Hughie A 7 Jul 1889 17 May 1977   V PFC US ARMY WW I, flat bronz military marker with a cross  
MARTIN   Willie   nd Dec 1898 8 Oct 1899 N   FH summer complaint, ordered by Joseph Martin, resid 5mi NE Nowata  
MOTT   baby   19 Jul 1901 20 Jul 1901 N   FH cause omitted, order by Pery Mott, resid 9mi NW Nowata  
MOTT   Edgar (Edkar)     Sep 1902 15 Nov 1902 N   FH kidney truble, order by Chan Mott, resid 9mi NW Nowata  
MOTT   Harvey (Harve)       1870 28 Mar 1899 N   FH caus abseth, ord by Chan Mott, resid NE of Nowata  
MOTT   Mary       1834 16 Nov 1904 N   FH cau cansor, ord by Pery Mott, resid Nowata  
MOTT   Mollie (Moley) S     1871 25 Apr 1903 N   FH malery fever, order by Perry Mott, resid 4mi NE Nowata  
PAGE   babe   nd Jul 1903 26 Sep 1903 N   FH whooping cough, order by Alfred Page, resid E of Nowata  
PARRISH   Dolla   nd Jun 1898 17 Nov 1899 N   FH billies ma, ordered by James Parrish, resid Nowata  
PARRISH   Jim   nd     21 Dec 1908 N   FH adult, caus accident, ord by F J Woods & Ben Reitter, resid Nowata  
PORTER   Bethany   16 Mar 1925 9 Jun 1884     m LW, old tall, thin upright marker with a weeping willow at top  
PRICE   baby       1906 6 Aug 1907 N   FH caus omit, ord by Price, resid Nowata  
PRICE   Tommy Atwood     1905 29 Nov 1908 N   FH caus mimbranes crupe, ord by A S Price, resid Nowata  
RILEY   baby   nd       N   p Ray & Alda, only tall thin iron rod marks grave  
RILEY   Barbara       1949     1949        
RILEY   Beatres   nd Dec 1906 1 Jul 1907 N   FH cau brane fever, ord by J H Coody, resid Nowata  
RILEY   Billy J 23 Oct 1943 29 Jul 1944     plain, soft gray-green flat granite marker  
RILEY   C W 7 Oct 1866 7 Apr 1883     tall pyramid type marker with a hand at bottom pointing up to open bible  
RILEY   Cleoria       1891 9 Nov 1893 N   Cfv Skinner Hamlin FH ord by Lewis Riley, bur Nation  
RILEY   Elizabeth Jane 24 May 1941 8 Nov 1958     family said fell out of car & struck by another car  
RILEY   Herbert C 18 May 1948 19 May 1948     twin bro Hurbert J, behind small flat marker is head & foot rocks of grav  
RILEY   Hurbert J 18 May 1948 11 Aug 1948     twin bro Herbert C  
RILEY   infant girl nd           p Jennie M & James S, cause death whooping cough  
RILEY   James E 1 Jun 1901 12 Nov 1961     m Juanita, shares marker with Juanita, pinkish flat granite marker  
RILEY   James S     1870     1932     father, p John  
RILEY   Jennie M 25 Oct 1875 19 Dec 1958     mother, marker a soft gray granite with flowers in both upper corners  
RILEY   John R 18 May 1918 7 May 1973   V PFC US ARMY WW II, bronz flat military marker with cross  
RILEY   John   1863 3 Jun 1890     family : Luney & Rachel, tall thin upright 4 sided marker light white marble  
RILEY   Juanita   27 Jun 1910 13 Sep 1962     m James E  
RILEY   Kenneth M 8 Jul 1942 6 Nov 1942     flat, soft gray-green granite, plain  
RILEY   Laura J 27 Jan 1883 26 Sep 1883     p Rufas & Elizabeth, "God has taken my little lamb home", damaged lamb  
RILEY   Lettie W     1913     1971     m Thomas M, mother, shares marker with husband  
RILEY   Luney   6 Nov 1800 22 Feb 1883     m Rachel, father, Cherokee Chief or high official in tribe  
RILEY   Luney   6 Nov 1800 22 Feb 1883     his marker came from Tennessee by wagon  
RILEY   Mary J 28 Aug 1866 10 Jul 1873     "We gave her up into angels hands, And kissed a sade goodbye, Till we  
RILEY   Mary J 28 Aug 1866 10 Jul 1873     meet again in that cloudless land, Where none are sick or die"  
RILEY   Minerva       1845 21 Jan 1890     m John, a tall thin smokey gray 4 sided marker lying across grave  
RILEY   Ople   nd Jan 1906 16 Aug 1906 N   FH summer complaint, ord by S T Edmonds, resid Nowata  
RILEY   R Lee     1937     1949        
RILEY   Rachel   21 Jul 1850 15 Apr 1883     m Luney  
RILEY   Randolph   5 Dec 1842 2 Nov 1878     p Luney & Rachel,"Since thou canst no longer stay, To cheer me with thy  
RILEY   Randolph   5 Dec 1842 2 Nov 1878     love, I hope to meet with thee again, In yon bright world above"  
RILEY   Richard R 27 May 1878 29 May 1896     bro,"Dearest bro thou hast left us, Here thy loss we deeply feel, But tis  
RILEY   Richard R 27 May 1878 29 May 1896     God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrow heal"  
RILEY   Rufus R 21 Jan 1831 8 Jan 1888     p Luney & Rachel, 4 sided upright marker & verse on one side  
RILEY   Sally A 27 Mar 1837 20 Dec 1878     tall thin upright. cut flat across top in square, shaking hands engraved  
RILEY   Samuel K 29 Nov 1924 31 Mar 1875     p Luney & Rachel,huge cedar foot of grave & marker embeded in tree  
RILEY   Thomas M     1898     1957     m Lettie W, Father  
ROGERS   C W 20 May 1856 10 Nov 1873     large river rock wall surrounds it plus large slab covering grave  
SMITH   Alvin   28 Feb 1846 17 Jan 1884     marker company LD Long,Prairie City I.T.  
SMITH   Alvin   28 Feb 1846 17 Jan 1884     pyrimid shaped marker lying across grave  
SMITH   Sally A 20 Sep 1835 12 Mar 1888     a huge gray marble still on base  
SMITH   Thompson   nd   1841 23 Jan 1891 N   Cfv Skinner Hamlin FH, age 50 something, ord by Mary O Smith  
STEWART   Albert G     1884     1889        
STEWART   Emma J     1887     1889        
STEWART   infant   6 Jul 1886 7 Jul 1886        
THOMPSON   George Leroy 8 Apr 1893 10 Mar 1894     unique engrav: like logs with scroll draped over them,at base of logs  
THOMPSON   George Leroy 8 Apr 1893 10 Mar 1894     little boy curled up sleeping with head laying on his left arm, ivy climbing  
THOMPSON   George Leroy 8 Apr 1893 10 Mar 1894     up both sides of the logs, the most beautiful detailed art work  
THOMPSON   J M     1821 15 Mar 1886     m Martha A, "A voice we loved is till, A place is vacant in our home, Which  
THOMPSON   J M     1821 15 Mar 1886     never can be filled"  
THOMPSON   Martha A 12 Dec 1836 10 Jan 1875     m JM 1st marker, tall thin upright with weeping willow, lying across grave  
THOMPSON   Martha A 12 Dec 1848 10 Jan 1887     m JM 2nd marker, shares marker with husband  
TYNER   Fannie L         1873     most unread,3/4 of broken marker left under huge cedar tree, faded dove  
VINCENT                     V Marilyn Spence's uncle, she put up new marker in 2000  
WALKER   C W 8 Dec 1885 12 Jul 1886     p WJ & GA, 4 sided upright marker, shared with brother JW  
WALKER   J W 5 Oct 1883 5 May 1885     p WJ & GA  
WILLSON   Pearl   26 May 1889 3 Jan 1891     p WB & LM, "budded on earth to bloom in heaven"  
WOOD   Jack   nd Feb 1898 7 Jul 1899 N   FH col infantum, ordered by Wilis Wood, resid Calif Creek  
WOOD   Jessie   nd Oct 1899 15 Jul 1901 N   FH marila, ordered by Willis Wood, resid 8mi NW Nowata  
WOODY   Ida M     1876     1903     m C F, tall 4 sided upright with part of open bible with robe draped over it  
WOODY   Ida M     1876     1903     that hangs down the side  
YAGER   James       1884     1887        
parents were headed west in covered wagon & tried crossing flooded Verdigris River. Water entered wagon and swept baby out & it drowned.                          
The grave is surrounded by upright sandstone rock slabs and another slab covers the grave completely. Estimated year of death was 1870's.                        
ref Jake Riley told to him by his mother.                        
two fishermen drowned in flood waters when boat turned over, names unknown, has sandstone rock wall around graves, estimated 1880's                        
beside Minerva Riley is 3 graves of Indians marked with an iron rod plus each grave has iris planted on it, estimated 1870's                        

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