Timber Hill - Hopewell Cemetery Nowata County Oklahoma

Recorded 1989-2002 by Elsie Berg, Lisa Frye and Jeannie Inman
Source: by Jeannie Inman March 06, 2007

Bee Ossa Y 1901 1906
Downing C B 1916 1917
Flowers Tillie M 7yrs, 9mos, 5das
Martin Daniel F 1906 1949 V UTAH Pvt 94 AAF AVN SQ WWII
Martin David 1837 8 Sep 1904 CfvFH order by W H Martin
Martin Florence 1880 1968
Martin James 1899 1966
Martin Jennie
Martin Mary
Martin Nelson 1881 16 Feb 1903 Cvf Skinner Hamlin FH, caus pneumon,ord S Martin
Martin W H 1873 1935
Martin Willie 1899 15 Mar 1906 Cvf Skinner Hamlin FH, ord by Fred Martin
Martin Willy H 1905 1937
Midget Idella 1951 N n Roe, obit died Saturday in Cfv Hosp, surv hus Bennie
Moore J C 1828 26 Oct 1899 Cvf Skinner Hamlin FH, ord by M E Moore, bur Timber Hill
Nero Davy 1983 9 Feb 1903 Cfv Skinner Hamlin FH, caus cold, ord by Sam Rogers
Roe Idella 1951 m Bennie Midget, obit died Saturday in Cfv Hosp, surv hus,
Mrs Lorene Roe Lenapah, 3 bro Lewis, John, Jesse Roe,
2 sis Mrs Leatta Gaskin, Mrs Iola Brown
Rowe Lourena E 1877 1956
Rowe Martha Jun 1903 31 May 1904 CfvFH order by Perry Rowe
Washington Ed 1890 1937
Weaver baby 28 Jul 1902 29 Jul 1902 Cfv Skinner Hamlin FH, order by Frank Rushing, Timber Hill
Wilson George 1874 1919

Please note this cemetery has been abandoned and terribly over grown. Relatives do want it taken care of but
are unable to do so. It is not fenced. It is located in the King ranch. It is quite a large cemetery and no records
have been found so far of the burials there. Referance Rosie Green says most of these people are her relatives.
. Most relatives now bury at Hickory Creek or Gooseneck Cemeteries or Coffeyville, KS


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