The Coffeyville Journal
Coffeyville, Kansas
January 30, 1907


Wann, I.T., Man Wanted to Vote and Pay Taxes

There are men within less than twenty-five miles of Coffeyville who are 35 and 40 years of age and who have never voted at any kind of an election unless it be for a Sunday school superintendent or for the president of a local literary society. It is not because they are not patriotic and have not the love of country at heart, but because they have never had the opportunity to cast a vote. They have had no voice in the government under which they receive protection: These are residents of the Indian Territory south of Coffeyville.

One man who lives in Wann, I.T., about fifteen miles south of this city, made the remark to a Journal representative recently that he was past the age of forty years and that he had never known what it was to cast a vote at an election. He said: "I have lived in his part of the country practically all my life and I am getting tired of living where I do not have a say in the governmental affairs. I cannot say that I am subject to taxation without representation, for I never have paid a cent taxes and still I have for several years been a property owner and would have paid a large tax in the state. That is why I was in favor of having the town of Wann incorporated. I wanted to vote and I don't mind paying taxes. I know I would feel better and feel more like I was an American citizen."  


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