Nowata County, Oklahoma

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Families Contributed by
William Adams Family Home (Alluwe) Karen Adams Lynn
Charles Collins Family Home (Nowata) Tammy Allen
The Gray Family Men (Lenapah) Jo Crabtree
Elizabeth (Easton) King and Daughters-in-law Vivian Frost
Mary Jane (Starkey) Myers Home (Wann) Emmett Myers
Warner-Myers Hardware Store (Wann) Emmett Myers
Henry Tiblow Tombstone Found by Descendants Vickie Wilkins
Individuals Contributed by
James Mayes (Mayse), Sheriff of Nowata County Jo Crabtree
Groups Contributed by
Events Contributed by
Delaware Indian Leaders who participated in negotiations
in Washington, D.C.,in 1867
Vickie Wilkins
Class of 1915 Graduation Program (Wann) Emmett Myers
Places Contributed by
Methodist Church (Wann) Emmett Myers
Unidentified Contributed by
Misc. Contributed by
Oil Rush Days  
Museum Wall John Farrell October 13, 2006
Another Great Wall Painting John Farrell October 13, 2006

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