The Riley Family

I. The Riley Family

It is believed a man named Samuel Riley came from Ireland to Tennessee and married a full blood Cherokee Indian girl. We have no record of this.

The Riley's came from Tennessee to Indian Territory. They settled north east of Nowata in the early 1800.

John Riley was born June 1927 near Nowata. He was 1/2 Cherokee Indian.

Minerva Porter was born Jan. 1845 at Charleston, West Virginia. Later she, with her parents, came to Indian Territory.

John Riley and Minerva Porter were married in Indian Territory, Nowata, Oklahoma.
Four Children were born to John and Minerva Riley:
         1. Lewis Porter
         2. Eliza Ellen,
         3. James Stewart
         4. Sallie Lucinda.

All were 1/8 Cherokee Indian.

At one time John Riley, father of James Stewart, ran a ferry boat across the Verdigris River east of Nowata, Oklahoma.

II. The Thomas Paxton Family

Thomas Marion Paxton was born May 1, 1835 in Charleston, West Virginia.

Elizabeth Jane Thornton was born July 13, 1837 in Charleston, West Virginia.

Thomas Paxton and Elizabeth Jane Thornton were married and came to Lincoln County, Kansas on a train. Thomas worked on the building of the first railroad that goes through Nowata, Oklahoma. They moved to Emporia, Kansas. Later they moved to Coody's Bluff, Oklahoma in a covered wagon. Their was only three houses near the road from Coffeyville, Kansas to Nowata, Oklahoma at that time.

Thomas Paxton was a farmer and worked his farm with an ox team. He ran a ferry boat across the Verdigris River at Coody's Bluff, Oklahoma.

Nine children were born to Thomas and Elizabeth Paxton:
         1. Angenetta Paxton       b. April 22, 1863 in West Virginia
               d. Sept. 1, 1863 in West Virginia      Buried in West Virginia.
         2. Elmer E. Paxton     b. Feb. 17, 1864 in West Virginia
         3. William Henry Paxton     b. May 19, 1866 in West Virginia
         4. Nancy Youarkee Paxton     b. Jan. 9, 1869 in West Virginia
               d. June 12, 1899     Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Coffeyville, Kansas
         5. Ora List Paxton     b. Oct. 25, 1870 in Clay Co., West Virginia
               d. Aug. 19, 1929     Buried Winngona Cemetery, Rogers Co., Oklahoma.
               Ora List Paxton was first married to a man named Fulson, first name unknown.
               He was Sheriff of Nowata Co. He was shot. They had 3 children:
                     1. Mary
                     2. Rosie
                     3. Mae
               Ora then married Charlie Sharp. They had 3 children:
                     1. Oca D.
                     2. Edna
                     3. Tim
               They lived in Nowata Co., Oklahoma.
                          Oca D. Sharp married married Walter W. Price.
                          They had 5 children:
                                 1. Jim
                                 2. Jo
                                 3. Doris
                                 4. Ronald
                                 5. Billy
                          Oca divorced Walter Price and married Loyd Fuzzell.
                          Oca and Loyd Fuzzell are both buried in Winnagina Cemetery,
                          Rogers Co., Oklahoma.

                          Edna Sharp, b. May 3, 1909, d. June 20, 1984,
                          buried at Montecito Mem'l Park, married 3 times.
                          The last time she married Phillip Swart.
                          Phillip Swart, b. Aug. 13, 1913, d. Mar. 19, 1986,
                          was buried in Montecito Mem'l Park in the section for Mason's.
                          He was retired from the Santa Fe Railroad.
                          There were no children.

                          Tim Sharp married Pearl Evans and they had 3 children:
                                 1. Barbara
                                 2. Deloras
                                 3. Jim.

         6. Samuel Jerome Paxton b. June 7, 1873 in Wood Co., West Virginia
              d. Nov. 8, 1935 at Wellington, Kansas.
         7. Jennie Mae Paxton b. Oct. 25, 1875 in Lincoln Co., Kansas.
              d. Dec. 19 1958. Buried in Riley Cemetery, Nowata, Oklahoma.
              After the family moved to Coody's Bluff, Oklahoma, Jennie Mae Paxton
              met and married James Stewart Riley, 1/8 Cherokee Indian.
         8. Mary Madeline Paxton b. Arp. 18, 1878 in Lincoln Co., Kansas
         9. Mollie Paxton --Don't know name of first husband.
              2 girls Mattie and Hazel. Mattie married Sam Christian.
              Mollie later married Griff Little. They lived at Newkirk, Oklahoma.

III. The James Stewart Riley Family

James Stewart Riley 1/8 Cherokee Indian and Jennie Mae Paxton were married May 15, 1894 at Vinita, Oklahoma. James courted Jennie Mae on horseback. He was a farmer and oil field worker. Ten children were born to James and Jennie Mae Riley:
         1. Raymond Riley b. Jan. 27, 1896
         2. Thomas Marion Riley b. Sept. 15, 1898
         3. Jennie Florance Riley b. June 1, 1901 (Twin)
         4. James Edwin Riley b. June 1, 1901 (Twin)
         5. Minerva Ellen Riley b. July 2, 1904
         6. Beatrus Riley b. Nov. 24, 1906
         7. Gladys Violet Riley b. Aug. 2, 1908
         8. Samuel Richard Riley b. Feb. 25, 1912
         9. Jacob Riley b. Jan. 20, 1915
         10. John R. Riley b. May 18, 1918
All Children were born in Nowata Co., Oklahoma. All 1/16 Cherokee Indian. Beatrus died when only 7 mos. old.

James S. and Jennie Mae Riley lived on his allotment north east Nowata except for a short time they lived in Nowata, Oklahoma. He worked his team in the oil field.

When the Indians got their land allotments, James S. Riley, his 5 oldest children, and some of James S. cousins took their allotments north-east of Nowata, Oklahoma, on the Verdigris River where there is a big bend in the river. The Three acres already set aside for the Riley Cemetery just happened to be in part of James S. Rileys allotment. This area later became known as the RILEY BEND COMMUNITY.

The children all went to school in Nowata Co.. They went to the Franklin School, a country school close to their home. When the country school was consolidated into the Nowata School they rode the school bus into Nowata School.

Raymond was in World War One. Thomas M. was called, he got as far as Muskogee, Oklahoma when the war was over.

The children all got married and left home except John the youngest son. John was in the army for a while in 1942 and 1943. He was at camp Roberts, California and Camp Carson, Colorado.

James S. and Jennie Mae lived the rest of their lives on his Indian allotment. They are buried in the Riley Cemetery north east of Nowata, Oklahoma in Nowata County, Oklahoma.

IV. The Families of the Children of James S. and Jennie Mae Riley

      A. The Raymond Riley Family

      Raymond Riley met Alta Smith when they were all living in Nowata Co., Oklahoma.
      Raymond Riley and Alta Smith were married May 11, 1921 at Nowata, Oklahoma.
      To Raymond and Alta Riley 7 children were born:
            1. Mildred Jewell Riley, b. Dec. 18, 1922
            2. Baby Boy, Died at Birth June 1, 1923
            3. Betty Ann Riley, b. Sept. 8, 1925
            4. Alice Mae Riley, b. Mar. 21, 1927
            5. Raymond T. Riley (Buck), b. Oct. 31, 1928
            6. Eunice Lavon Riley, b. Aug. 19, 1930
            7. Virginia Lee Riley, b. Nov. 11 1940
      The first 4 born at Nowata, Oklahoma. The last 3 born at Independence, Kansas.
      Raymond was an oil field worker in Oklahoma before moving to Kansas in May 1927.
      He worked in the oil fields around Independence, and Wayside, Kansas.
      They moved one mile east of Wayside, Kansas in 1945.
      The children all finished their schooling in Independence, Kansas.
      Alta and Virginia moved into Independence, Kansas.
      The other children were married and gone from home.
      Alta worked as a cook at the Mercy Hospital in Independence, Kansas.
      After Virginia finished school she went to work at Hillies Music Store.
      Virginia plays the violin and organ.
      Raymond and Alta bought their house in Wayside, Kansas Oct. 1960.
      Alta quit work and moved back home. Raymond retired in Jan. 1961.
      They moved into the house at Wayside in Nov. 1961.
      Raymond and Virginia worked for one year remodeling their house.

      B. The Robert Brownlow Family (Sissie)

      Jennie Florance Riley went to Coffeyville, Kansas to work.
      This is where she met Robert (Bob Moore) Brownlow.
      Robert (Bob Moore) Brownlow and Jennie Florance Riley were married in Coffeyville, KS.
      Two children were born to Robert and Jennie Brownlow.
            1. Robert Jr. (Moore) Brownlow
            2. Billy Ray (Moore) Brownlow
      Jennie (Sissie) and Bob lived on a farm and dairy. Bob worked for Sam Benson.
      Then Bob went to work for the Police Force in Coffeyville, Kansas.
      Later they moved to Waco, Texas where Bob worked on the Police Force
      until his death. Bob was in a car wreck while on duty and died Dec. 1, 1938
      from the results of the wreck.
      Sissie later went to California and lived with her son Bob Jr.
      where she lived until her death Oct. 18, 1968.

      C. James Edwin Riley Family (Jimmy)

      James Edwin (Jimmy) Riley met Juanita Shaw when the Shaw Family moved to
      the Witt Place north east of Nowata in the Riley Bend Community. (Fall of 1928)
      James E. Riley and Juanita Shaw were married Sept 14, 1935 at Nowata, Oklahoma.
      Two children were born to James E. and Juanita.
            1. Patty Sue Riley, b. June 22, 1936
            2. Jenna Lee Riley, b. April 30, 1940
      The family lived on Jimmy's Indian allotment north east of Nowata, Oklahoma, in
      Nowata County, except for a while they lived in Coffeyville, Kansas when Jimmy
      was working for the Acme Foundry 1942 and 1943. They moved back to Jimmy's
      place in 1943. The girls went to Nowata School through the 12th grade.
      Jimmy worked as a farm hand for different people and in the hay fields in
      the summer time.
      Pat and Jenna Lee both belonged to the 4-H Club, and were very active memebers.
      Juanita belonged to H. D. Club for several years.
      Later Jimmy and Juanita both worked for the county in Nowata, Oklahoma.
      Pat went to Coffeyville, Kansas and stayed with an Aunt and Uncle (Sam and
      Henrietta (Ret) Riley) and went to College. She went to work for Dr. Bryant
      and then got her own apartment and continues to work for Dr. Bryant until her
      marriage to Eugene Reeder.
      Jenna Lee went away to school in Sept. 1958 to Humboldt Inst. Airlane and
      Business Training in Minneapolis, Minn. Then went to live in Arlington,
      Virginia and worked in Washington D. C. for Navy Dept. Arlington is where
      she met and married Dallas Adkins. married Feb. 19, 1960.
      Jimmy became constable in mid 1950's in Nowata, Oklahoma and worked there
      until his illness and death (Nov. 12, 1961).
      Juanita went to work for Pearl Pool working in a nursing home in Vinita,
      Oklahoma and worked there until her sickness and death. (Sept. 13, 1962)
      They are both buried in the Riley Cemetery.

      D. The Clifton Everett Watts Family (Minerva)

      The Watts were farming in Nowata County. They moved to a farm north east of
      Nowata, this is where Cliff met and married Minerva Riley.
      Clifton Everett Watts and Minerva Ellen Riley were married Mar. 5, 1923 at
      Nowata, Oklahoma. They lived in Nowata County and farmed. They then moved
      to a farm north east of King City, Missouri.
      They have 3 children.
            1. Howard Lee Watts, b. April 27, 1924 Stillborn
                Buried in King City Cemetery, King City, Missouri
            2. Everett Eugene Watts b. May 21, 1925
            3. Geneva Ruth Watts b. Aug. 30, 1929
      Cliff worked as a farm hand 1928 till 1931. Then he rented a farm near Clarksdale,
      Missour. In DeKalb County, and started farming for himself. He farmed there
      until he bought a farm in 1940 near DeKalb County, Maysville, Missouri.
      He farmed there until his death Aug. 16, 1964.
      Eugene and Ruth went to school in DeKalb County.
      Eugene finished school at Amity, Missouri.
      Ruth finished High School at Maysville, Missouri.
      Eugene joined the Navy 1943, was in California before going over seas for
      6 months, in Japan. Then he came back to California for his discharge.
      Cliff, Minerva and Ruth lived in Alameda, California, for a while in 1943
      while Eugene was in the Navy. Cliff worked in the ship yards and Minerva
      worked at Montgomery Ward. Ruth went to school in Alameda, California.
      They all came back to Maysville, Missouri and started farming again.
      Ruth finished High School at Maysville, Missouri. Ruth went to Gards
      College in St. Jophes, Missouri. She the went to work as a Secretary at
      Maysville School and lived at home until she married Maynard Voughn, Jr.
      Cliff and Minerva lived on their farm 3 miles south of Maysville, Missouri,
      and farmed and raised cattle, hog and sheep.
      Cliff Watts died Aug. 16, 1962. Minerva stayed on the farm for a while,
      then had a sale and sold everything except the land. She had a house built
      in Union Star, Missouri and moved their. This is where she lived until hear
      death. Minerva Watts died Jan. 6, 1981.

      E. The Gladys Riley Family

      Gladys Riley and Sam Thigpen were married very young.
      Sam and Glady had one son, Billy Thigpen. Sam and Gladys divorced.
      Gladys later married Earl Willson. Earl was a jockey rider and horse trainer.
      They lived in Collinsville, Illinois. Earl Wilson died.
      Gladys later married H. A. Loyd. They lived in Collinsville, Illinois and Hot Springs,
      Arkansas. H. A. Loyd was a ferrier. H. A. Loyd died and is buried in The Riley
      Gladys moved back to the James S. Riley allotment north east of Nowata, Oklahoma.

      F. Samuel and Henrietta (Ret) Riley Family

      Samuel Richard Riley met Henrietta "Ret" Shaw when she started to Nowata,
      OklahomaSchool in Sept. 1928. At that time the Shaw family moved to the Witt
      farm north east of Nowata, Oklahoma. In the Riley Bend Community. Sam and
      Henrietta both rode the School bus into Nowata to School. Sometimes later
      Sam Riley and Henrietta Shaw started dating.
      Sam started working for the Shaw's as a farm hand.
      Samuel Richard Riley and Henrietta Shaw were married Aug. 31, 1932
      at Nowata, Oklahoma. Three children were born to Sam and Henrietta.
            1. James Claud Riley, b. Feb. 27, 1933
            2. Etta Jo Riley, b. Dec. 20, 1934
            3. Raymond Lee Riley, b. Oct. 31, 1937
      All 3 children were born in Nowata County, Oklahoma.
      Sam Riley continued to work for the Shaw's. Sam, Henrietta and children lived
      with the Shaw's until 1938 when they moved to the at Riley farm and Sam started
      farming for himself.
      Henrietta still had her riding horse "old lighting".
      Henrietta's brother Everett brought Jim a little black and white pony in 1938,
      pony's named Regret.
      In Dec. 1938 the Sam Riley family moved to the Sam Hensley farm. Sam farmed
      there four years.
      They all liked their riding horses, raising several colts from "old lighting".
      Champ, Johnie, Pal, and Major. Sam broke and rode Champ.
      The three children started to school at Nowata, riding the school bus into
      Nowata, Oklahoma.
      Sam farmed and worked for the neighbors trading work at harvest and haying time.
      There was a big flood in the Spring 1942. There were several family's living
      in the Riley Bend Community that was marooned on an Island about 1 mile wide
      and 2 miles long for almost a week.
      Sam went to work for a Contractor when they were building the Coffeyville Air
      Base in Coffeyville, Kansas. He worked here only a few months, summer of 1942.
      He went to work for the Acme Foundry Dec. 7, 1942. He rode the Interurban to
      work part of the time, and stayed with B. E. and Irene Long part of the time.
      He worked in the pipe yard until April 1943. Then he started driving a
      truck for Acme Foundry.
      Sam and Henrietta bought their home at 1615 Spruce St., Coffeyville, Kansas
      and moved in Oct.1943.
      Jim, Etta Jo, and Ray started to Longfellow Elementary School in
      Coffeyville, Kansas Oct. 1943.
      Sam drove the truck for the Acme for about 2 years, then went back to work
      in the yard. He started welding for the Acme in the spring of 1948.
      Jim, Etta Jo, and Ray went through the 6th grade at Longfellow School, then went
      to Rosevelt Jr. High. The year Ray started to Jr. High in 1949, he got sick.
      He went to Coffeyville, Hospital Dec. 1, 1949, died Dec. 19, 1949. He had a
      kidney infection. He is buried in Nowata Cemetery, Nowata, Oklahoma.
      Jim and Etta Jo went three years at Rosevelt Jr. High, then three years at
      Field Kindley High School, Coffeyville, Kansas.
      Jim went to work at Moon Hill Electric Shop when he was in High School,
      working evenings after school and on Saturday. Jim attended one semester
      of Coffeyville Jr. College working for Moon Hill.
      Jim went into the Army April 1953, first going to Camp Crowder, Missouri.
      Then to Camp Gordon, Georgia. Graduating from south-eastern signal School,
      Camp Gordon, Georgia. His next assigment was Kaiserslauteen, Germany
      for 18 months. He worked in Electrical repair. While there Jim met his
      brother-in-law Q. E. Montgomery for a short time before Q. E. Montgomery
      returned home. After Jim returned home he continued his two years of College
      at Coffeyville Jr. College, while working at Moon Hill.
      Jim married Catherine Price on Dec. 27, 1956.
      Etta Jo met Q. E. Montgomery Jr. while visiting friends in Nowata, Oklahoma.
      Q. E. Montgomery went into the Army, was at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
      Etta Jo and Q. E. Montgomery Jr. were married May 24, 1952.
      Q. E. Montgomery was sent to Germany. Etta Jo stayed at home and went to
      her senior year of High School. She got and apartment in Nowata, Oklahoma
      and when Q. E. Montgomery got out of service she moved out.
      Sam continued to work as a welder for the Acme Foundry until he retired on
      Feb. 25, 1977.
      Through the years Henrietta was a homemaker, doing a lot of canning and sewing.
      Marking a lot of quilts.
      Sam built a shop at home just before he retired. Sam worked in his shop doing
      small welding jobs and odd jobs for a while. He did some carpenter work until
      1985. Then he started doing wood work making things for the children and
      grandchildren. He still does a little wood working as a hobby.
      Henrietta has her sewing as a hobby.

V. The Jim and Catherine Riley Family

Jim met Catherine Price while visiting friends in Nowata, Oklahoma. Catherine Sue Price was born Oct. 12, 1935 in Centrailia, Craig Co., Oklahoma. Her parents were Lee and Martha (Thourp) Price. James Claud Riley and Catherine Sue Price were married at Nowata, Oklahoma, Dec. 27, 1956 in First Christian Church. Jim was working at Moon Hill Electric Shop, Coffeyville, Kansas. He and Catherine lived in an apartment in Coffeyville for a while, then moved to a farm house east of Coffeyville, Kansas. They have 3 children:
      1. Justin Todd Riley, b. Feb. 18, 1962
      2. Brett Allen Riley, b. Aug. 14, 1964
      3. James Chistopher Riley, b. July 18, 1969
All were born in Coffeyville, Kansas.
Jim and Catherine belong to Edna, Kansas Roundup Club. Catherine belonged to Angola H. D. Club while they lived in the country.
Jim and Catherine bought their home at 1515 Spruce St. Coffeyville, Kansas in 1965 and moved back to Coffeyville. The boys all went through school in Coffeyville, Kansas. Justin went to Trade School and is a Machinist. Justin is a Musician, playing the guitar and fiddle. In 1981 Justin traveled with a band through the north west states playing every night. Brett played baseball in Little League and in High School, and football in High School. He went 2 years College at Coffeyville on Baseball Scholarship. And 1 year College at Manhatton, is now in College at Pittsburg, Kansas. 1987. Chris played baseball in Little League, and football his senior year of High School. He's going to Coffeyville College on a football Scholarship, his first year 1987.
Jim and Justin bult a work shop on their place in 1986 and 1987. It is the Riley repair service and welding and machining. Justin works out of thier shop. Jim is still working for Moon Hill Electric Shop, and working with Justin when he isn't at Moon Hill Electric. 1987
Jim stoped working for Moon Hill Electric Feb. 1988. Went to work for Funk Manufacturing Company a few days later Feb. 1988. Still working their 1993.
Catherine went to work at Midicology Inc. Office Oct. 1982 and still working there 1993.

VI. The Q. E. and Etta Jo Montgomery Family

Etta Jo Riley met Q. E. Montgomery while visiting friends in Nowata, Oklahoma. Quincy Ellis Montgomery Jr. was born April 24, 1929 in Nowata County, Oklahoma. His parents are Quincy Ellis Montgomery and Lillis (Crupper) Montgomery.
Q. E. Montgomery went into the Army Jan. 16, 1952 was at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
Quincy Ellis Montgomery Jr. and Etta Jo Riley were married May 24, 1952 in the Methodist Church at Delaware, Oklahoma. Q. E. was sent to Mannhein, Germany Sept. 1952. Etta Jo stayed at home and went her Senior year of High School in Coffeyville, Kansas. When Q. E. got out of service Dec. 20, 1953 they lived in Nowata, Oklahoma, for a while. Then moved to Wichita, Kansas where he worked for Boeing Aircraft from Jan 1954 to April 1955. They then moved to Bartlesville, Oklahoma where Q. E. worked for Phillips Petroluem Co.. They have 3 children:
      1. Michael Wayne Montgomery, b. Dec. 10, 1954 at Wichita, Kansas.
      2. Stephen Kent Montgomery, b. Dec. 8, 1957 at Bartlesville, Oklahoma
      3. Charles Ray Montgomery, b. Dec. 17, 1959 at Bartlesville, Oklahoma
The boys all went through school at Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The boys all joined the Cub Scouts and Boys Scouts, was in Scouting all through school. Etta Jo was a den mother while the boys were in Scouts, Q.E. always helped with the Scouts. The boys played baseball all through their school years.

VII. The Jacob Riley Family and John Riley

Jacob Riley married Norma Turner, divorced.
Jacob Riley married Oma Landrum, divorced.
Jacob Riley married Katherine Lydia Jackson. Jake and Katherine had 1 son:
      1. James Robert Riley, b. Mar. 30, 1967 at Nowata, Oklahoma
Jacob worked on Public Work for a while and lived in Nowata, Oklahoma. They then moved back to his fathers Indian allotment farm. James Robert Riley now owns this farm.

John was never married. When his mother died John got the home place. He lived there a while, then moved into Nowata, Oklahoma. John worked at two Cafes's, then at Benjamin Funeral Service in Nowata, Oklahoma. John entered the Muskogee Veterans Hospital, was later sent to Veterans Hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. John Riley died May 7, 1973 in Veterans Hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Before John's death he deeded the Riley Place to James Robert Riley, Jacob Riley's son.


Beatrus Riley, died June 30, 1907, buried in Riley Cemetery
      (Beatrus died with Diphtheria or Hooping Cough)
James Stewart Riley, died Nov. 14, 1932, buried in Riley Cemetery
      (James died from Cancer)
Bob Brownlow (Husband of Jennie), died Dec. 1, 1938, buried in Waco, Texas
      (Bob died from injury in Car Accident)
Thomas M. Riley, died Feb. 18, 1957, buried in Riley Cemetery
      (Thomas died of Cancer)
Jennie Mae Riley, died Nov. 12, 1958, buried in Riley Cemetery
      (Jennie died of Heart Failure, She Had a Skin Cancer)
James Edwin Riley, died Nov. 12, 1961, buried in Riley Cemetery
      (James died of Cancer)
Juanita Riley (Wife of James), died Sept . 13, 1962, buried in Riley Cemetery
      (Juanita died of Cancer)
Cliff Watts (Husband of Minerva), died Aug. 16, 1964, buried in King City, Missouri, Cemetery
Jennie Florance Riley Brownlow, died Oct. 16, 1968, buried in Waco, Texas
      (Jennie died of Heart Trouble)
Lettie Riley (Wife of Tom), died Aug. 15, 1971, buried in Riley Cemetery
      (Lettie died of Cancer)
John Riley, died May 7, 1973, buried in Riley Cemetery
      (John died of Cancer)
Raymond Riley, died Sept. 30, 1979, buried in Harrisonville Cemetery, Bolton, Kansas
      (Raymond died of Heart Trouble)
Minerva Riley Watts, died Jan. 6, 1981, buried in King City, Missouri
      (Minerva died of Heart Trouble)
Alta Riley (Wife of Raymond), died Oct. 21, 1985, buried in Harrisonville Cemetery, Bolton, Kansas
      (Alta died of Tumor)

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