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Life In Nowata County in 1910

A glimpse of a NOWATA area pioneer family James R Baird

James was born in the Bluegrass state of Kentucky. So were his parents. It is not known when his family moved to Kansas. He met and married his 18 years old wife Estella Allen. James was age 28 when they married in 1903. Estella was born in Kansas and both her parents were born in Missouri.

James and Estella started their family in Kansas. Their only child, Solease H Baird, was born in Kansas. It is not known when the family decided to move to Indian Territory. Records do show that the couple is renting a house in Nowata in 1910.

Living with the Baird family is Stella’s mother and brother. Belle Allen was born in 1856 in Missouri. Her parents were born in Kentucky. Belle is married and has been for 34 years. She is a mother of 6 children but only 4 are living in 1910.

Solease H Allen is a 23 yeas old single male. He and his father were born in Kansas. He works as an oil gauger in the oil fields.

Twila A Seely is a young 19 years old lady staying with the Baird family too. She was born in Indiana. Her father was born in New York and mother was born in Pennsylvania. She can read and write. She is a boarder and no occupation is listed.

James supports his family with his veterinarian business in Nowata. He is a veterinary surgeon by trade.

A glimpse of an ARMSTRONG area pioneer family Dallas Beck

This young 28 years old man was born in Indian Territory in 1882. Dallas Beck and his parents were born here. He was raised near Ruby OK. His wife Elsa was from Ruby also. They have been married for 9 years.

Elsa and her folks were also born in Indian Territory. She is the same age as her husband Dallas. Elsa is the mother of 2 children and they are living in 1910. Little Willard is age 6 but not yet in school. Their baby daughter Maryland is 1 year and 1 month old. Both children were born in Oklahoma.

Dallas Beck is a farmer by trade and does general farming to support the family. Both he & his wife have land allotments. They own their own farm and it is free and clear of mortgage.

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