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Life In Nowata County in 1910

A glimpse of a WANN area pioneer family George Fallin

George Fallin is a 52 years old Cherokee Indian man. He, his family and parents were born in Indian Territory. He was born in 1858. George was 3 years old when the Civil War started. He was raised in the territory. He married his first wife a full blood Chickasaw lady. They had one son, Jesse, before she died. Jesse was born in 1890. George remarried in 1896 to his second wife Malinda. She is Cherokee too and was born in the Territory in 1874. Her parents were born here too. Malinda is the mother of 7 children, however, only 6 of them are living in 1910. They are Nancy 13, Sarah E 10, Susie 8, Maybell 6, Ella 5, and Mary 6 months old.

George is a farmer by trade. He supports his family by general farming. He does own the farm. It is free and clear of mortgage. Each of the family has land allotments as follows:

George 1/2 Cherokee has 90 acres at Wann Roll No. 6066

Malinda Full blood has 80 acres at Wann Roll No. 6067

Maybelle 3/4 has 80 acres at Wann Roll No. 1837 NB

Nannie 3/4 has 70 acres at Wann Roll No. 6068

Sarah 3/4 has 70 acres at Wann Roll No. 6069

Susie 3/4 has 60 acres at Wann Roll No. 6070

Ella and Mary were born to late to enroll for land allotments. Jesse is ¼ Cherokee and ½ Chickasaw. He does have a Chickasaw roll number.

Fallin family markers in the Wann Cemetery:
Maybelle Allen b. 25 Jun 1902 d. 27 Jan 1977 n Fallin
Albert Allen b. 11 Sep 1889 d. 12 May 1987

A glimpse of NOWATA area pioneer family Rachel Frost

Rachel is a 62 years old widow woman. She was born in Indian Territory in 1848. Her parents were born in Georgia. Rachel was 13 years old when the Civil War began. She has had 12 children but only 6 are living in 1910. She cannot read or write. Rachel does own her house in which it is free and clear of mortgage. Living with her is her son John and his family.

John is a 31 years old married black male. He was born in Kansas. His father was born in Kentucky. He and his wife Lillian have not been married a year yet. Lillian is a 31 years old married lady. She was born in Tennessee. Her father was born in Georgia and her mother was born in Mississippi. Lillian has been married before. She is the mother of 1 child. Her daughter Jessie Allen is now 15 years old. She was born in Missouri and so was her father. Jessie does attend school. Lillian, John and Jessie can read and write.

John owns and operates the Frost Pool Hall in Nowata. They live on the north end of town.

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