Pawnee County, Oklahoma Pioneers and Biographies




The following are the biographies and family histories submitted to Pawnee County Home Page for review by all who are interested. The Biographies and histories can be viewed by clicking on the subject name on the left side of the table below. All data in each article is the property of the submitter and accuracy of data presented is the responsibility of the submitter. Any explanations, questions or corrections about facts or data presented in an article should be directed to the submitter of the article by clicking on the submitter's name in the right column of the table below. For new submissions to be included on the Pawnee County Biographies page, please send all e-mails to Robert Gale Fender with a subject line of Pawnee Biographies.



Biography Subject


George Washington Endicott

Ted Sanford

Thomas Jefferson Humphrey

Ted Sanford

James Albert Kelley

Ted Sanford

Augustus Theodore Orcutt

Joel Orcutt

John Thomas Sanford

Ted Sanford

Will Simon

Rita Goranson


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