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Here is a school photo of the Union Prairie School in 1909. The school was later called the Ulan School, and was still standing up until a few years ago. No persons labelled except the girl directly beneath the bell in the hat is my great grandfather's sister, Lou Ona Vaughan (later White), who is buried at Ulan Cemetery.
This is another Ulan school class, this time from the late 1930s. I have a spliced version of the photo with 60% of the people in the photo labelled. Surnames include Vaughan, Grant, Lewis, Dickens, Epps, Pierce, Cathy, Brooks, Fisher, Pearce, Smith, and White.
My grandfather, Don Vaughan, died in 2012, but in 2000 he and my grandmother filmed him showing off where he'd grown up around Ulan and Scipio. It starts at the old Scipio Schoolhouse, then over to the plot he grew up on before the family moved to McAlester in the 40s, then the Scipio Creek, and then the Ulan Cemetery. Those from that area might find this of interest.


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Virgil John D. Smith 1920-1983
Ruby (Smith) Walker Ramey 1925 - 1991

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