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Newspaper Microfilm
The Monitor; South Canadian Bazoo; The Ashland News; The Pittsburg Farmer; The Plain Dealer; McAlester Weekly Tribute; New State Tribune; Oklahoma Bulletin; Star Vindicator; Union Herald; Union Leader; Trades union Journal; South McAlester Republican; Republican; McAlester Wasp; South McAlester Wasp; Daily Wasp; Morning Wasp; Morning New Era; Choctaw Gazette
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Canadian Advertiser; Canadian Enterprise; Canadian Valley News; Crowder City Advertiser; Crowder Guardian; Prairie Breeze; Headlight Journal; Newstate; Headlight Jornal; Savanna News; Baptist Watchman; Haileyville Signal; Indianola Press; Indianola Enterprise; Haileyville Herald; Hearald; Pittsburg County Republican; Indianola Enterprise; Indianoia Herald; Oklahoma Clipper; Pittsburg County Leader; Kiowa Sentinel; Kiowa Breeze; Kiowa Chronicle; Krebs Advertiser; Krebs Banner; Krebs Cyclone; Krebs Eagle; Oklahoma Miner; Pittsburg Enterprise; Pittsburg Herald; Quinten Pioneer
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Quinton Pioneer; Weekly Register; Quinton Times; McAlester Weekly Register; The McCurtain Leader; Savanna News; Hartshorne Critic; Hartshorne News; Hartshorne Sun; Indianola Press; Oklahoma Progress; Indianola News; McAlester Guardian; McAlester Democrat
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McAlester Daily Democrat; Pittsburg County Republican; McAlester Herald-Democrat; McAlester Democrat; Indianola Herald; Pittaburg County Guardian; McAlester Guardian; South McAlester Capital; McAlester Capital; Daily Capital; South McAlester Review; South McAlester Daily Capital; McAlester Daily News; Evening News; Daily News; McAlester News Capital
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McAlester News Capital
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McAlester News Capital; McAlester News Capital; McAlester News Capital and Democrat
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McAlester News Capital
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Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, Naturalization Records
Other Titles
Pittsburg County Naturalization Records
Genealogy / Mines and mining / Pittsburg County
Descriptive Notes
Seventeen volumes of Pittsburg County Naturalizations records dated from 1908-1960.
Declaration of Intention, 4 volumes 1908-1929
Petition for Naturalization, 1 volume 1908-1910
Petition and Record for Naturalization, 2 volumes 1921-1929
Declaration of Intention, 2 volumes with images 1939-1946
Declaration of Intention, 3 volumes 1930-1957
Application to take Oath of Allegiance, 1 volume 1941-1943
Petition for Naturalization, 2 volumes 1930-1941/1960-1961
Naturalization Petitions Recommended to be Granted, 1 volume 1960-1961
Order of the Court Citizenship Petitions
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