Pushmataha County
County Seat - Antlers

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PUSHMATAHA County in southeast
Oklahoma. created at statehood and named for Pushmataha District one of three Districts in the Choctaw Nation, which was named for Chief Pushmataha, a renowned Choctaw leader and a friend of Andrew Jackson, who fought with the United States in the war of 1812. He died in Washington in1824.

Oklahoma Place Names
by George H Shirk

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11 Mi. N. of Antlers
post office from
3 Mar 1897 - 11 Jul 1899

present day Clayton

post office established
31 Mar 1894
name changed 5 Apr 1907
named for resident Dexter Chapman

KAIMICHI - 6 mi. E of Tuskahoma
Posto office from
27 Sep 1887 - 14 Sep 1962
named for nearby Kiamichi River
Rock Creek

12 Mi. W. of Clayton
post office from
3 Jun 1907 - 14 Nov 1954


 9 mi. N of Antlers
Post office from
28 Nov 1888 - 31 Oct 1954
name is a Choctaw word meaning
"Stink" selected because of the
smell of a nearby swamp.

RODNEY - 5 mi N of Antlers
Post office from
30 Jun 1890 - 05 Jul 1899
Named for resident
Rodney Moyer

13 Mi E. of Tuskahoma
post office established
6 Dec 1887
named by, englishman, John T. Bailey Albion is the Roman name for England


17 Mi. N. of Antlers
post office from
5 May 1925 - 15 Jan 1956

Little Cedar


Lost Mountain


 6 mi. NW of Clayton
Post office Est. 20 Feb 1905
Named for nearby
Sardis Indian Mission Church

County seat of Pushmataha county
Record town for recording district No. 24, Indian territory
post office established
26 Aug 1887
probably named for deer antlers nailed up at a nearby spring to indicate a camping spot.


6 Mi. E of Antlers
post office from
22 Apr 1901 - 15 Aug 1933
named for resident Ethel Labors

Ludlow SNOW - 18 mi. NE of Antlers
Post office Est. 21 Jul 1930
Named for local merchant
George Snow

10 Mi. SE of Antlers
post office from
20 Oct 1905 - 31 Oct 1954
named for G. B Belzoni, Italian explorer & archaeologist


13 Mi N. of Antlers
post office from
26 Feb 1907 - 30 Apr1934
named for lumberman William Eubanks

LYCEUM - 2 mi. W of Tuscahoma
Post office from
23 Mar 1896 - 30 Jul 1900
name chosen because post office
was at the Choctaw Female Academy
Post office Est. 21 Jan 1911
Named for Fort Towsen
merchant Harry Sobol
Big Cedar Fewell

18 Mi SE. of Clayton
post office from
4 Nov 1913 - 15 Oct 1943
named for first postmaster Ben F. Fewell

MILLER - 10 mi. NW of Antlers
Post office from
22 Jun 1905 - 31 Oct 1954
named for, Antlers rancher,
Dr. J. H. Miller
STANLEY - 8 mi. SE of Clayton
Post office from
20 Aug 1906 - 05 - Nov 1965
Named for member of the
Daws commission
William E. Stanley
Bugtussel Finley
Memories of Finley

10 Mi NE. of Antlers
post office estblished
30 pr 1903
named for merchant and first postmaster, Sidney W. Finley

MOYERS - 6 mi N of Antlers
Post office Est. 27 Nov 1908
Named for local resident
Roy A. Moyer
Sugar Loaf


Sulphur Springs


formerly Dexter
post office name changed to Clayton
5 Apr 1907
named comes from Clayton, MO

Fort Thompson NASHOBA
 11 mi. NE of Tuskahoma
Post office Est. 13 Sep 1886
Named for Nashoba County,
Choctaw Nation
Ten Mile Station

12 Mi NE of Rattan
post office established
21 Oct 1911
name comes from Cloudy Creek, a tributary of Little River


11 Mi. SE. of Clayton
post office from
22 May 1909 - 30 Nov 1911
named for first postmaster Henry V. Gee

Nelson Tuskahoma
 4 mi. E of Clayton
Last capitol of the Choctaw Nation
Post office Est. 27 Feb 1884
original spelling until 28 Oct 1891
was Tushka Homma.
and untill 10 Dec 1910 was
name is a Choctaw word that
means Red Warrior

railroad switch and loading point
9 Mi S. of Talihina
named for quarry operator William Cohn

Greenwood New Hope Wadena

19 Mi. E. of Antlers
post office from
24 Aug - 30 Sep 1958
named for local resident Corinne LeSeur

Jack Creek NOLIA 5 mi. E of Nashoba
Post office from
26 Oct 1912 - 15 Dec 1920
Named for Nolia, wife of first
postmaster Ben F. Johnson
White Church
Council House

2 Mi. N. of Tuskahoma
site of the Choctaw National Council House, site still maintained by the Choctaw Nation
post office from
6 Feb 1872 - 30 Jun 1880


6 mi. N of Antlers
Post office from
28 Sep 1912 - 15 May 1915
named for nearby Johns Valley
which had been named for Choctaw
allottee Henry A Johns

OLETA 15 mi. E of Antlers
Post office Est. 10 Oct 1935
Named for Oleta, wife of first
postmaster, Alvin J. Morris
WILSON - 12 mi N of Antlers
Post office from
15 Oct 1908 - 15 Aug 1910
named for first postmaster
Benjamin D. Wilson
Crum Creek

14 Mi. SW of Tuskahoma
post office from
9 Feb 1916 - 30 Jul 1927
name from Crumb Creek a branch of the Kiamichi River

Johns Valley Pickens ZORAYA - 5 mi NW of Kosoma
Post office from
22 Apr 1905 - 31 Oct 1904

9 Mi W. of Antlers
post office from
31 Jul 1905 - 14 Mar 1955

 10 mi. N of Miller
Post office Est. 08 Nov 1906
named for Jumbo Asphalt Co.

Jumbo Mine Explosion
part 1   part 2

Post offic Est. 12 Dec 1912
Named for Rattan, Texas

6 Mi. SE. of Antlers
post office from
12 May 1920 - 31 Oct 1954
named for schoolteacher Dela M. Whitaker

Hall Red Hill  


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