Seminole County Biographies

Once upon a time.... our ancestors remembered and told the stories they had heard of previous generations. 
They added their own deeds and exploits, and it was in this manner that history and heritage survived.

Lula Wynema Montgomery - 1912

My grandmother, Lula Wynema MONTGOMERY was born in Sasakwa, I.T. in 1904. She was the daughter of Minnie OXFORD and Henry Montgomery. Minnie was a descendant of John ROGERS, of the Cherokee tribe and King HAIGLER of the Catawba tribe, as far as my research has informed me.

It must have been sometime between May 1904 and December 1904, when the "Indian Raid" occurred somewhere in the vicinity of Sasakwa, IT. My gradmother was born in May 1904. The women of the area were at the local trading post (the name of the post has never been named) when a group attacked the store (the group not clearly identified either). It was the custom at the time for the women to bundle their babies and place them together on some kind of pallet or bed while they visited and shopped. Suddenly the post was surrounded and an attack of some kind (theft of merchandise? Retaliation?) ensued. In the panic, babies were scooped up and everyone ran for safety. My grandmother was accidentally switched with another family's baby.

It wasn't until a few days or perhaps longer that my grandmother was given back to our family. Thereafter, my relatives said that my Grandmother resembled the other family and visa versa! I think that the Mother's must have known who was who and probably lived so far apart that they couldn't make the trade until they felt it was safe to do so.

Submitted by Melinda Schrock -

ADA Bomar ADAMS				 Date:	12-10-2001

My family members are buried at Tate Mountain. Ada B. Adams is actually Ada Bomar Adams the daughter of John and 
Laura Ann Bomar.  
Ada was really interested in writing and genealogy. She was a teacher at several schools until about 1914. She taught at
the Justice School which she had named.  Since she had been a school teacher, wrote some for the newspaper, and was
interested in genealogy, she collected money and had the gate erected which has the name of the cemetery.  Since you
had done work on gathering the information and the transcription which I really appreciate, I just thought I would let you
know some of the history.
					Charlene Rice - 


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