Churches in Seminole County

If you are aware of the name, address/location of any churche(s) not listed here, please let me know, and I will add them.    

Achena Church.Wolf.
AKASVMKV Baptist Church400 S. WewokaWewoka405-257-6033
Amazing Grace Pentecostal Holiness Church104 W. WalnutSeminole.
Assembly of God Church.Allen580-857-2791
Assembly of God Church   (Est. ca. 1920's) Box 58Bowlegs - 74830405-398-4741
Assembly of God Church205 W. 3rdKonawa580-925-3164
Assembly of God Church.Sasakwa405-941-3671
Believer's Fellowship 103 N. HighlandSeminole.
Bethel Freewill Baptist Church.Allen580-857-9942
Bethel Pentecostal Holiness Church.Wewoka405-257-5616
Bethel United Methodist Park and Gale StreetsSeminole.
Bird Creek Church.Sasakwa.
Butner Church.Cromwell.
Cedar Street Church of Christ200 N. HitchiteWewoka405-257-2249
Cheyarha Church .Seminole.
Church of Christ Cromwell405-944-5570
Church of Christ.Maud.
Church of Christ  (Est. 1927)Box 1723Seminole - 74868405-382-0548
Church of Christ.Stuart918-546-2668
Church of Christ  (Est. 1913)Box 878 Wewoka Church of Christ Wewoka - 74884405-257-2255
Church of God108 N. BallardMaud405-374-2450
Church of God522 W. MainMaud405-374-9949
Church of God East Oak.Maud405-374-9033
Church of God of Prophecy302 E. LexingtonAllen580-857-2797
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints2500 JohnSeminole405-382-5111
The Church of the Living God422 W. Wewoka St.Seminole.
Church of The Nazarene1227 W. Hwy 9Seminole405-382-1154
Cold Springs Church.Wolf.
Coney Island TabernacleRoute, 1 Box 139Bowlegs405-382-4511
Congregational Methodist Church.Seminole405-382-0054
COVENANT LIFE FAMILY CHURCH {Formerly Tri-City Christian Center}3103 N. Hwy 3 Seminole, 74868405-382-4222
Cromwell Baptist ChurchHwy 56Cromwell, 74837405-944-5556
Ebenezer Baptist Church  301 GaleSeminole.
Ethiopian Reformed Coptic Church of Christ.Wewoka405-257-3782
Eufaula Cedar Creek Church.Wolf.
First Assembly of God Church1301 S. MekusukeyWewoka405-271-5112
First Assembly of God Church4th & EvansSeminole405-382-3079
First Baptist Church307 East BroadwayAllen580-857-2294
First Baptist ChurchP. O. Box 145Bowlegs405-398-4505
First Baptist Church.Earlsboro405-997-5673
First Baptist Church129 S. BroadwayKonawa580-925-2167
First Baptist Church420 ReidSeminole405-382-0734
First Baptist ChurchPayne StreetWewoka405-257-3541
First Baptist Church301 S. MekusukeyWewoka405-257-5438
First Missionary Baptist Timmons and EvansSeminole.
First Christian Church512 N. TimmonsSeminole405-382-1115
First Christian Church426 S. OkfuskeeWewoka405-257-2249
First Church of GodHighland & StrothersSeminole405-382-0893
First Freewill Baptist Church  (Est. 1933)400 Patton AvenueWewoka - 74884405-257-5338
First Presbyterian Church 338 W. Russell AvenueSeminole.
First United Methodist Church  (Est. 1897)Box 558Wewoka - 74884405-257-3105
First United Methodist Church  (Est. 1902)Box 1314Seminole - 74868405-382-2016
First United Pentecostal 1107 Sampson StreetSeminole.
Freewill Baptist Church  .Allen580-857-2212
Free Will Baptist Church   (Est. 1949) Box 1287Seminole405-382-2825
Friendship Church.Sasakwa.
Galilee Baptist ChurchWewoka StreetSeminole .
Glad Tidings Assembly of God ChurchP. O. Box 1784Seminole405-382-6200
God's Glory Temple 1326 Boren Blvd.Seminole.
Grace Community Church401 N. StateKonawa580-925-3545
Grayson Church.Konawa.
Harvey Road Baptist Church1620 N. Harvey Rd.Seminole405-382-1625
High Spring Church.Vamoosa.
Highway Baptist ChurchP. O. Box 1631Seminole405-382-0022
Hilltop Freewill Baptist Church.Wewoka405-257-3805
House of Prayer.Wewoka405-257-3715
Ideal Street Baptist Church 1727 Ideal StreetSeminole.
Immaculate Conception Church.Seminole.
Immanuel Fellowship   (Est. 1980)Box 1242Seminole - 74868405-382-8977
Indian Nation Baptist ChurchP. O. Box 1361Seminole.
Jarvis Assembly of God Church.Seminole.
Jehovah's Witness726 S. OcheeseWewoka405-257-3457
Kaney Chapel.Wewoka West.
Kight Church.Sasakwa.
Lima Highway Church.Wewoka West.
Little Assembly of God Church  Route 3, Box 167YSeminole - 74868405-382-4201
Little Church of Christ Route 3 Box 159Seminole.
Little Mission First Church of God20 Harjo StreetSeminole.
Little Quarsarty Baptist Church  .Cromwell 405-944-5892
Lord's Community Church 501 N. 5th St. Seminole.
Middle Creek Church..405-941-3226
Midway  Baptist Church.Wewoka405-257-3682
New Hope Baptist Church.Earlsboro405-997-8194
New Life Church121 W. 12thWewoka, 74884405-257-6325
Old Glory Assembly of God Route 1 Box 42abSeminole.
Parkers Chapel.Wewoka East.
Pentecostal Church of God1100 N. UniversitySeminole405-382-0503
Pentecostal Church of God322 W. NorthKonawa580-925-2346
Pentecostal Holiness Church.Calvin, 74556405-645-2324
Pilgrims Rest Church.Wewoka East.
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.Wewoka405-257-5067
Redeemer Lutheran Church of Prague.Seminole405-382-5733
Reformed Church.Wewoka West.
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of LDS2704 N. Hwy 3Seminole403-382-3103
Sacred Heart Catholic Church.Konawa580-925-2145
St. John AME Church201 N. OcheeseWewoka405-257-3447
St. Joseph Baptist Church300 S HitchiteWewoka405-257-3608
St. Matthews Baptist Church.Seminole405-382-0515
St. Mark's Episocopal ChurchHighland & WalnutSeminole405-382-2192
St. Marks' Methodist Church120 W. MonroeMaud405-374-2334
St. Paul Baptist Church.Wewoka405-257-2182
St. Stephen Missionary Baptist Church.Wewoka405-257-5708
Sasakwa Baptist Church.Sasakwa405-941-3381
Scipio Church.Wewoka405-257-5078
Seminole Arkeba Church.Vamoosa.
Seminole Church.Vamoosa.
Seminole Presbyterian Church 813 N. MainSeminole.
Spring Baptist Church.Sasakwa405-941-3878
Spring Creek Church.Wewoka West.
Stuart United Methodist Church.Stuart918-546-2680
Temple of Praise PCG1100 N. University Seminole, 74868405-382-0503
Trinity Baptist ChurchRoute 4, Box 37Seminole405-382-2765
Trinity Baptist ChurchOxford & YoungMaud405-374-2428
Twin Oaks Baptist ChurchRoute 3, Box 77aSeminole405-382-1412
Upper Room Church of God in Christ202 W. GaleSeminole.
Wewoka Woods Adventist Center.Wewoka405-257-5404
Word of Truth Family Ministries407 W. Russell Ave. Seminole405-382-7988
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