1910 U. S. Census for Tillman County, Oklahoma

Township or Other Division of County: Carr Township in the County of Tillman, State of Oklahoma
Date: 18th & 19th April 1910 Enumerator: Jerome J. Rush? SD: 5 ED: 247, Page 23A

Transcribed by Cindy Koegel

F/D Name Relation S/R Age MSWD Child B/L Birth Place Father BP Mother BP Occupation
15/15 Hatfield, V. Head MW 37 M13 IN IN IN Farmer
Ida Wife FW 31? M13 3/3 IN IN IN
Lawrence Son MW 11 IN IN IN
Russell Son MW 9 IN IN IN
Harold Son MW 8 IN IN IN
16/16 Washunt?, Asher? Head MW 50 M8 3/1? KS MO KY Farmer
Effie C. Wife FW 53 M8 IL IA IN
Tylepha? Dau FW 19 S MO KS NE
Johnie A. Son MW 16 S MO KS NE
Bertha Irene Niece FW 16 IL IL IN
17/17 Hill, Mary I. Head FW 39? S KS NC IL Farmer
Charles S. Brother MW 32? S KS NC IL Farmer
18/18 Hill, Susanne? Head FW 57 S KS NC IL Farmer
Samuel H. Father MW 72 W NC NC VA Farmer
19/19 Mahoney, Wm. Head MW 45 W MO TN TN Farmer
Morgan Son MW 18 TX MO TN
Monte? Son MW 16 TX MO TN
Walter Son MW 23 M4 TX MO TN Farmer
Lida D-in-Law FW 20 M4 1/1 AR MS NC
Pauline G-Dau FW 3 OK AR TX
20/20 Morris, ?? Head MW 35 M8 KS IA KY Farmer
Anna Wife FW 39? M8 4/4 KS OH NY
Mildred Dau FW 7 KS KS KS
Marguerite Dau FW 5 KS KS KS
Hobart Son MW 3 OK KS KS
Herman Son MW 1 OK KS KS
21/21 Patrick, R. W. Head MW 51 M21 TX AL TN Farmer
Amanda Wife FW 39 M21 4/4 TX AL AL
Gary? Son MW 17 TX TX TX
Shelly? Son MW 16 TX TX TX
Roy Son MW 3/12? TX TX TX
22/22 Mahres?, John Head MW 55 M21? OH Germany Germany Farmer
Maggie Wife FW 45? M21? 5/5 Germany Germany Germany
Arthur Son MW 19 OH OH Germany
Clayton Son MW 17 OH OH Germany
Raymond Son MW 15 OH OH Germany
Gladdis Dau FW 2 OH OH Germany
23/23 Thacker?, W. T? Head MW 34 M11 IL IL IL Farmer
Ada Wife FW 32 M11 2/2 IN IN IN
Mable L. Dau FW 8 IL IL IN
Lavina? A. Dau FW 3 OK IL IN
24/24 Story?, Preston? Head MW 30 M7 MO TN MO Farmer
Etta M. Wife FW 29 M7 2/1 TX TN SC
Byron Son MW 3 TX MO TX
Mathews, Tom? Boarder MW 53 W MA Ireland Ireland Laborer
Kelly, James Boarder MW 60 W Ireland Ireland Ireland Laborer
Klahan?, Wm. Boarder MW 26 S KY KY KY Laborer
Davis, C. R. Boarder MW 26 S OK Wales KY Laborer
Kennedy, Wm. Boarder MW 67 S Ireland Ireland Ireland Laborer
McCormick, John Boarder MW 68 S Ireland Ireland Ireland Laborer


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