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Hill Family

This family lived in Southwest Tillman County west of Davidson near the river in 1907.

L to R Henry Augustus Hill, Carter Lee Hill, Martha Jane Thigpen Hill, Alfred Critt Hill (on horse), Opal Rachel Hill, Jack Velton Hill, Grady Parmer Hill, Orlando Riley Hill, Myrtle Mae Hill. (Man in loft is unidentified). Martha Jane is pregnant with Mattie Florence, and Percy Dee (Pete) had not been born
at the time of this picture. These were all the children of Henry and Martha Hill. The date of the picture must be early fall of 1907 - Mattie Mae was born 1/27/1908. What a great picture. Thanks, Betty Joyce Lord, daughter of Opal Rachel Hill which is the little girl on Martha Jane's left. They were listed on the 1910 census records.

Jerry D. Webb/Lubbock, Texas