Manitou photos from Wynona Whitaker

Manitou elementary school, 1934-1935

Manitou elementary, first and second grades, 1934 -1935. Teacher, Alda Giest.
Wynona Whitaker, middle row, has white bow in hair.  Can you identify others?

Bottom Row: Loretta Biggs, Erma Lee Kirsey, unknown,
unknown, Anna Rae Harmon, unknown.

Middle Row: unknown, Edwin Fant, unknown, unknown,
Wynona Whitaker, unknown, unknown, Eva Jane Givens.

Top Row: all unknown.

Manitou elementary school, third and fourth grades

Manitou 3rd & 4th grades

As recalled by Wynona Whitaker:
Top row: Mary Jo Brannon, Anna Rae Harmon, Erma Lee Kirsey, Betty Wynana, Loretta Biggs, Doris Jeana Evans, Dorothy Jo ??, Evelyn Smith,
Eva Jeana Givens, Paul ??, Claud Cunningham, ????, Edwin Fant.

Bottom row: Wynona, ... ... ...

The teacher was Lena Kinder.

Manitou school girls

Betty Wynana, Loretta Biggs, Erma Lee Kirsey, Doris Jeana Evans, Eva Jeana Givens, Evelyn Smith, Mary Jo Brannon.

Wynona Whitaker and her cousins, Gail and Marilyn Morian

Wynona Whitaker and cousins, Gail & Marilyn Morlan. Gaily and Marilyn's parents were Roy E. Morlan and Evia Lee Whitaker.

Manitou school girls

Mary Jo Brannon, Izetta Sparkman, Evelyn Smith, Erma Lee Kirsey, Vivian

Evelyn Smith

Edwin Fant

 Manitou young men

Lindy Bills, James Lee Brannon, Carl Gurthrie, Don Lynn Wells, J.M. Cope

Tim Goolsby tjgoolsby @ shared these photos belonging to his mother,  Wynona Whitaker Goolsby, daughter of Elray and Opal Whitaker. She was born in Manitou and lived there until the early 1940's when the family moved to Fort Worth, Texas.



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