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neeley-j-delbert.jpg (46469 bytes) "J" Delbert Neeley
Biography [Limited]

Born 11/4/1918 Cordell, Washita County, Oklahoma
Died 04/12/1991 Frient, Fresno County, California

Chronological Briefs [from year 1938 to 1978]

1938 - After graduation, in latter part of year, my family moved to Bakersfield CA. After arriving in CA I enrolled in Business School. I also took some classes in public school so that transcripts of my high school records could be transferred. I graduated from Kern County Union High School in 1940. I worked a various part time jobs, the next 2 years, while attending school.

1941-1942 - I applied & was assigned a position as a business trainee with the Federal Government & gradually worked this into a permanent position.

1943 - In April of this year I was inducted into the Navy. Received all my basic training at Farragut Naval Training Station in Idaho. I later attended services schools at this same Training Station. After finishing these schools I was transferred to a Destroyer Squadron in San Francisco, shipped out to the South Pacific, remained in that area until the war ended.

1945-1947 - [Woodbury College 1947] Discharged from service in December. Entered college in Southern CA under the GI Bill beginning the next semester. Received my BA Degree in Business Administration. Worked full time, for Southern CA Edison Power, while attending college.

1948-1949 - Married Reva Annelle Dalbey 12-10-1948; we were married during my early college days. After graduation I moved my family to Fresno CA. I gained employment with the County of Fresno in law enforcement. This became my career.

1978 - I am at present time Supervisor in charge of the Criminal Identification Section of the Sheriff's Department of Fresno CA.

Notes: We have 2 children, a daughter age 32 & a son age 26. Two grandchildren twin boy & girl, age 10.

We own our own home, designed & constructed to our specifications, on a mini-ranch, out from the town of Clovis CA in the county of Fresno CA.

We are both in good health. We are involved in several outdoor activities. Some we pursue as a hobby.

Our tentative plans are for retirement in the next year. When we retire we hope to travel extensively & enjoy our outdoor activities as much as possible.

This biography was written by my father & sent to the Reunion Committee because he did not attend the reunion of 1978. He passed away in April 1991 of lung disease which he had suffered from for a long while. He & my mother did get to do a lot of traveling of US, Mexico, and to Alaska before he got sick. I have just last weekend received this information in a box of old family photo's, from my brother who was going to throw the box away. I have letters to him from his mother while he was over sea's dated 1943-1945. Pauline Phelps


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