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Washita County, Oklahoma

Cowden school

1938  -  1941  -  1942  -  1943  - 1945

Photo originals from Sherri Stansel

Cowden School 1938
Cowden (Okla) school 1938
Front row L to R: Ben Davis, Jimmy Sam Keller, John Kinder, Melvin Woodruff, Irvin Nix, Ray Cook, Carlton Rhodes, Leon Holland, Kenneth Adams.
2ND ROW L to R: Leroy Merrill, Laverne Chambers, Pauline Meeks, Edna Goucher, Mary Lois Black, Roberta Jarnagin, James Jones, ??, Bill Davis, Carroll Graham, Floyd Totten.
3RD ROW L to R: Jamie Butler, Troy Owens, Alva Luper, Imogene Morris, Lauretta Woodruff, Rosetta Buchanan, Irene Pitt, Claudean Miller, Essie Foster, Willard Adams, Alvin Morris. Teacher - Golda Faye (Sappington) Robinson.
BACK ROW L to R: Berniece Houk, Wanda Kinder, Willa Mae Miller, Juna Von Rhodes, Vesta Jean Rhodes, Lorene Fletcher, Novalean Sheets, Virginia Treadaway, Raymond Morris, Ancel Derryberry.

Cowden Girls Basketball team 1941

Cowden (Okla) Girls Basketball 1941

Back row L to R
Virginia Davis, Marie Godfrey, Lula Deonier, Lucille Fletcher, Wanita Totten, Ruth Manon Fowler, Margaret Miller
Front seated L to R
Irene Greeley, Georgia Coon, Dena Fay Pitt, Anna Kathryn Butler
Cowden Girls Basketball team about 1942
Cowden (Okla) Girls Basketabll about 1942
Left to right
Margie Butler, Vesta Jean Rhodes, Norma Faust, Virginia Davis, Wanita Totten, Juna Von Rhodes, Lucille Fletcher, Imogene Morris, Irene Pitt, Anna Kathryn Butler, Dena Fay Pitt, Alva Luper, Coach, Orin Bradley.
Cowden Girls Basketball 1942-1943

Cowden (Okla) Girls Basketball 1942-1943
Seated L to R:  Norma Foust, Lucille Fletcher, Dena Fay Pitt, Wanita Totten
Standing L to R:  Coach-Orin Bradley, Ruth Lamb??, Irene Pitt, Nadine Jones, Juna Von Rhodes, Alva Luper, Imogene Morris, Vesta Jean Rhodes, Mary Charles (Stephens) Fletcher.

Cowden Boys Basketball 1942-1943
Cowden (Okla) Boys Basketball 1942-1943

Cowden Boys Basketball
L to R:  Coach-Orin Bradley, #12 Bud Luper, #16 Carroll Graham, #17 Irvin Nix, #10 Troy Owens, #19, James Jones, #13 Bill Jones, #14 Jackie Bynum

Cowden Boys Basketball 1942-1943
Cowden (Okla) Boys Basketball 1942-1943

Back row L to R:  Coach, Orin Bradley, #55 Thomas Jones, #44 Glenn Hackler, #77 Rex Davis, Irvin Nix, Bud Luper
Front row L to R:  #22 Joe Bradley, #00 Rex Faust, #99 Kenneth Jones, #88 Louis Treadaway
Note:  #44 Glenn Hackler was killed during WWII at Iwo Jima and is buried in Punchbowl Cemetery in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Cowden Sophmore Class 1943

Cowden (Okla) Sophmore Class 1943
Back row L to R:  Floyd Totten, Alvin Morris, Jimmy Sam Keller, Rex Davis, Joe Bradley, Martin Jantz
Middle row:  Glenn Bradley, Sam Brence, Frank Hackler, E. P. Waugh, Charles McNeal, Raymond Bacon, Willard Adams, Teacher - Norma ??
Front row L to R:  Nadine Jones, Mary Lois Black, Alva Luper, Norma Foust, Irene Pitt, Vesta Jean Rhodes, Juna Von Rhodes, Imogene Morris.

Cowden Boys Basketball High School team.

Sherri Stansel writes, "Many of them graduated in 1943, but not sure if this photo was their senior year."

Back row L to R:  Rex Faust, Wayne Noland, Bruce Pitt, Kenneth Jones, Delbert Ritchey (11), and Coach Orin Bradley

Front row L to R:  J. D. Welch (16), Doyle Ridenour (14), Ray Petty, Ralph Petty (18), Jack Rhodes (13).

Cowden HS basketball, Washita county, Oklahoma


Coach Orin Bradley
Coach Orin Bradley, boys and girls basketball at Cowden.

Mr. Wilkes was a teacher at Cowden.

Mr. Wilkes

Cowden (Okla) High Class 1943

Cowden (Okla) Class of 1943
Cowden Class of 1943
Back row L to R:  J. W. Walker, Lula Deonier, Dena Fay Pitt, Rex Foust,  Thomas Jones
Middle row L to R:  Lucille Fletcher, Marie Godfrey, Louie Deonier, Jimmye (Velma) Brence, Kenneth Jones, Junior Fitzwater
Front row L to R:  Loyd Hackler, Wanita Totten, Orin Bradley-Coach/Sponsor, Jewll Cook

Cowden Girls Basketball 1945

Cowden (Okla) Girls Basketball 1945

Back row L to R:  Coach, Orin Bradley, Ellen Lunsford, Billie Lee Riley, Novalean Sheets, Kathryn Pitt, Virginia Treadaway, Nadine Jones, Mary Charles Fletcher, teacher
Front row L to R:  Irene Pitt, Norma Faust, Imogene Morris, Vesta Jean Rhodes, Juna Von Rhodes, Alva Luper

Cowden Class of 1945

Cowden (Okla) Class of 1945

They were the "Victory Class" Their commencement was held on May 24, 1945 at 8:00 p.m. in the High School Auditorium. Vesta Jean Rhodes, Norma Foust, Alva Luper, Frank Hackler, Juna Von Rhodes, Nadine Jones, Irene Pitt, Imogene Morris, Sam Brence, E. W. Waugh, Floyd Totten, Charles McNeal, Willard Adams, Alvin Morris, Raymond Bacon, and Joe Bradley.



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