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Norman, Cleveland Co., Oklahoma

The cemetery is located as follows: From I-40 east of Midwest City, take Anderson Rd. south about 9 miles just crossing Franklin Road. Or from Hwy 9 east of Norman, take 60th Ave. north 6 miles to Franklin Road, turn east on Franklin and go 2 miles to Anderson {84th Ave. NE}. Turn back south on Anderson. The cemetery is less than 1/4 mile and on the east {left} side of the road.

For further information on persons buried here, call Brad Rogers {405} 613-8663.

The graves are listed by section and row with plots proceeding from north to south. Examples: N-R5-4 would be the fourth grave in from the north end of row 5 in the north section. S-R1-3 would be the third grave in on the first row of the south section. Row 1 is numbered at the west end of the cemetery and I used progressively higher numbers as I moved toward the east end. Notice that on the northeast corner, rows are staggered. This resulted in my numbering a short row as N-R11 and trying to follow the stagger on the remaining ones. SW-R3-3 is located in the southwest corner of the cemetery, the third row and third grave.

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Lot Number Burial Name
Burial Name
First & Middle
Born Died Comments
N-R10-1 ELLISON THOMAS J. 8/16/1868 2/18/1898


M-R17-5 ELLSWORTH MINNIE 12/29/1876 1/1/1950 Wife of W.M.
M-R17-4 ELLSWORTH W. M. 5/28/1866 10/22/1936


M-R17-6 ELLSWORTH WILLIAM 9/19/1919 4/2/1980


M-R6-7 ERICKSON L. ETHEL 4/4/1885 3/14/1970


M-R6-8 ERICKSON LOUIS A. 6/13/1868 6/10/1955


N-R18-4 EVANS DAVID W. 2/3/1957 3/3/1997


S-R22-3 EVERHART GEORGE F. 8/25/1901 9/5/1987 SEA1 USN WW I
S-R23-10 EVERHART ROBERT F. 11/24/1920 1/28/1995 PVT USA WW II
M-R1-1 FERRELL CHARLES W. 6/13/1947 7/8/1994


M-R1-3 FERRELL CHARLES WILLIAM II 1/8/1971 6/11/1985


M-R1-2 FERRELL CHRISTOPHER J. 8/28/1970 7/3/1985


N-R7-5 FERRELL DEDE 10/24/1957 11/28/1994


M-R3-7 FERRELL LARRY 1/10/1952 3/17/1998


N-R22-11 FIELDER D. KELLY 3/23/1897 1/29/1980


N-R22-10 FIELDER FANNIE 6/21/1911 3/8/1993 Wife of D. Kelly
M-R17-16 FILIPSKI OPAL M. 7/17/1916 5/25/1967


N-R14-8 FINUFF ELIZABETH 11/10/1844 3/20/1902 Wife of F. P.
M-R17-13 FOLLOWWILL OSCAR F. 9/12/1895 1/3/1952


N-R18-2 FOWLER GLADYS 11/11/1908 12/1/1908


N-R4-14 FRANCE ANNA MARIE 12/12/1909 1/18/1910




no dates
N-R4-12 FRANCE JESSIE L. 11/2/1894 11/13/1911


N-R4-13 FRANCE JOHNNY L. 12/3/1896 11/3/1911


N-R4-15 FRANCE LANAS J. 1861 1895


N-R4-10 FRANCE MARTHA E. 7/9/1867 10/20/1946 Wife of William H.
N-R4-11 FRANCE WILLIAM H. 10/28/1857 10/20/1924


N-R23-1 FROST JACK W. 3/30/1933 5/16/1992


M-R15-2 FULLER DOROTHY I. 11/22/1863 6/29/1945 Wife of George E.
M-R15-1 FULLER GEORGE E. 7/1/1860 10/12/1928


N-R14-10 FULLER INFANT No dates



N-R14-11 FULLER INFANT No dates



N-R14-12 FULLER INFANT No dates



S-R25-11 GARDNER CLAUDE R. 1/3/1922 4/29/1987


S-R25-12 GARDNER JOAN 8/16/1928 10/1/1963


N-R22-6 GASTON ANNA F. 8/21/1905 5/12/1912


N-R22-8 GASTON HOMER McREE 1/25/1908 12/20/1913


N-R6-2 GATES LLOYD L. 10/24/1921 6/18/1982


N-R6-1 GATES OPAL J. 6/20/1923 12/25/1984 Wife of Lloyd L.
M-R10-11 GEER MICHAEL EVANS 10/23/1959 2/5/1995


N-R5-7 GILES MAUDE E. (BRANNON) 3/4/1873 2/9/1938


N-R12-1 GILKEY CHARLES M. 12/5/1818 11/7/1897


M-R5-9 GILL CHARLOTTE E. 1/25/1903 8/13/1987 Wife of Horace H.
N-R11-6 GILL ELZA G. 7/30/1914 10/28/1915


N-R11-3 GILL GEORGE W. 12/28/1836 9/11/1916


N-R11-2 GILL HATTIE M. 1/4/1878 2/28/1928 Wife of Robert F.
M-R5-10 GILL HORACE HENRY 12/31/1894 9/15/1966 PVT WW II
N-R11-5 GILL JACK 4/27/1927 1/14/1928


M-R7-12 GILL JOHN H. 3/17/1870 11/27/1965


M-R6-3 GILL JULIE BELL 3/22/1922 7/30/1972 Wife of Orben G.
N-R11-4 GILL MARY P. 7/8/1844 6/5/1935 Wife of George W.
M-R5-8 GILL MERLE EUGENE 8/6/1923 12/3/1987 US Navy
M-R6-6 GILL MIRIAM GLEE 3/9/1934 3/24/1934


M-R7-13 GILL NANCY HELEN 10/26/1872 3/18/1950


M-R6-4 GILL ORBEN G. 3/5/1916 7/30/1972


N-R11-1 GILL ROBERT F. 1/27/1875 4/27/1959


M-R6-5 GILL ROY L. 8/6/1900 3/15/1964


N-R4-4 GLASS MARY HAGGY 7/6/1873 5/8/1965




No dates
M-R19-11 GOFF GARY J. 6/23/1950 8/27/1983


M-R19-10 GOFF JORENE 1/5/1956 7/4/1982 Wife of Gary J.
M-R16-7 GRAY EMMA SUE 2/14/1940 3/1/1995 Mar. Virgil 6/21/1956
N-R23-2 GRAY MARY FRANCES 4/14/1909 4/9/1982


N-R22-9 GREEN LORENE 6/11/1913 9/13/1914


N-R6-9 GRIFFIN H. 1861 1924


N-R6-8 GRIFFIN MAY 10/13/1889 11/2/1894


N-R6-11 GRIFFIN NANCY 11/1864 5/1947


N-R6-12 GRIFFIN R. H. 1885 1928


M-R20-8 GRIMMETT ALICE M. 2/28/1882 11/16/1967


M-R20-4 GRIMMETT CAROLINE 3/20/1850 12/13/1922


N-R13-8 GRIMMETT FLAVIAN D. 1879 1912


M-R20-7 GRIMMETT JAMES A. 12/29/1882 12/27/1956


N-R22-13 GRIMMETT LOYD 11/27/1917 1/16/1918


N-R13-9 GRIMMETT MYRTLE E. 9/8/1884 10/25/1917


M-R20-6 GRIMMETT OLIVIA M. 5/13/1852 11/8/1924 Wife of Sampson
M-R20-5 GRIMMETT SAMPSON G. 12/29/1849 3/13/1927


M-R5-6 GRIZZLE JERRY A. 12/25/1941 1/21/1942


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