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Groom: Henry ALGER
Age: 29
Resident: Iowa Union City, Oklahoma Territory
Father's Name: Seth ALGER
Bride: Larinda ATWOOD
Age: 19
Resident: Iowa Union City, Oklahoma Territory
Mother's Maiden Name: Charlotte TAFT
Marriage Date: December 29, 1892
Witnesses: John W. THOMPSON and D.W. TALBUT
Submitted by Cora Nason Rattle CRattle@aol.com

Groom: Herbert Lester ALLEN
Age: 21
Resident: Granite
Bride: Miss Louise COLCLASURE
Age: 18
Resident: Mangum, R#2
Marriage Date: January 5, 1935
Justice of the Peace: J.N. Caddel, Mangum, Greer Co.
Witnesses: Alvin COLCLASURE of Mangum, R#2 and Madge TEMPLE of Duke, Okla. R#1
Submitted by: Donna Allen Niswonger Idonak@aol.com

Groom: Robert Allen
Age: 43
Resident: Long, Indian Territory
Bride: Serena Freeman
Age: 34
Resident: Long, Indian Territory
Parents: Peter B. and Pernecia Long
Marriage Date: 3 October 1895
Marriage Place: Long, Indian Territory
Minister: J.H. Taylor
Submitted by Ed Roberts edfar@mscomm.com

Index B

Groom: Seth Bowles
Age: 23
Father: Benjamin Franklin Bowles
Mother: Elizabeth Trimble Bowles
Resident: Desdemonia, Eastland Co., Texas
Bride: Francis Fairchild
Resident: Kiowa
Marriage Date: September 17, 1905
Minister: J.E. WILLIAMS
Note: Seth BOWLES is a younger brother to my greatgrandfather, Thomas D.BOWLES. Susan BOWLES FAIRCHILD is an older sister to my greatgrandfather Thomas D. BOWLES. I believe that John A. and Francis FAIRCHILD are probably brother and sister. (that's not a proven)
Submitted by Jacque Reynolds jpreynolds@hotmail.com

Groom: Parker BRIDGES
Age: 21
Resident: Blackwell, Kay Co.
Bride: Miss Laura Leona JONES
Age: 19
Resident: Blackwell, Kay Co.
Marriage Date: April 9, 1924
Married by: A.G. SMITH, Central Church of Christ of Enid
Witnesses: Mrs. P.M. O'DONNEL of Enid and Miss Wilda FULLER of Enid
Returned and recorded this 11 day of April 1924.
Submitted by: Kathy Bridges kbridges@texhoma.net

Groom: Elmer BRIMMER
Age: 19
Resident: Sallisaw, Sequoyah Co, OK
Parents: Peter C. and Magdalena Francis (Yeager) BRIMMER
Bride: Minnie STIDHAM
Age: 21
Resident: Sallisaw, Sequoyah Co, OK
Parents: Francis Marion and Permelia (Sparks) STIDHAM
Date of Marriage: 6 June 1909
Place: Sallisaw, Sequoyah County, OK
Minister: W. N. Littlejohn, County Judge
Witness: Lester SPARKS and Johnsie SPARKS, both of Sallisaw, OK.
Notes: The middle name of Elmer is John. The parents of Minnie were both deceased at the time of this marriage. Submitted by: Beverly Taylor btaylor@wt.net

Age: 32
Residence: Linn, Marshall Co.
Bride: Littie OWEN
Age: 22
Residence: Cumberland, Marshall Co.
Marriage Date: December 18, 1910
Performed by: G.W. CRAWFORD
Marriage Place: Cumberland, Marshall Co.
Witnessed by: J.R. Mayo, Ben Riddle, and L.C. Mayo.
Submitted by Leona Guthrie LGut800427@aol.com

Groom: D.H. BRYAN
Age: 45
Resident: Stonewall, Indian Territory
Bride: Mrs. Polly CAMPBELL
Resident: (Looks like) Cliff, Indian Territory
Marriage Date: April 7, 1902
Minister: C.C. Vanvoy
Submitters Note: My Great grandmother Polly Campbell and D. H. Bryan
Submitted by: Rose Hindman kelseykay@yahoo.com

Groom : L.F. BURNETT
Age 26 Born: Arkansas
Residence: Hart, OK
Bride: Joey Ann UNDERWOOD
Age 21 Born: Texas
Residence: Hart, OK
Date of Marriage: May 19, 1909
Witnesses: Emma B. UNDERWOOD, James A JOHNSON
Justice of the Peace: W.T. Allen
Submitted by Sharon Crawford scburn@earthlink.net

Groom: Rufus M. Burnett
Resident: Pontotoc Co., Chickasaw Nation
Bride: Harriett I. (Fulsom) Davis
Resident: Pontotoc Co., Chickasaw Nation
Marriage Date: April 9, 1886
Place: Stonewall, Pontotoc Co.
Church Elder: J.W. Batey
County Judge: Wesley Kuynus-cha-tubby?
Clerk: B. Perry
Sharon Crawford scburn@earthlink.net

Divorce Petition, Plaintiff, Harriet I. Burnett for cause of action against the defendant, Rufus M. Burnett.
That on or about the _ day of April, 1886, said plaintiff and said defendant were legally married at Stonewall, I.T., and have ever since been husband and wife; that of said marriage there was born to them two children, Marvin and Ben F., 26 and 23 years of age, respectively.
Subpoena issued to John Bavis, Dave Toutman, Mrs. Jane Etchinson, and Henry C. Filmore.
September 23, 1914
Sharon Crawford scburn@earthlink.net

Groom: J.H. BURROW
Age: 21
Resident: Springer, Indian Territory
Bride: Miss L.M. TABOR
Age: 17
Resident: Reagan, Indian Territory
Marriage Date: December 25, 1895
Justice of the Peace: S.C. Hieronyonus
Submitted by: Brit Ferguson brit@our-town.com

Index C

Groom: Ed CAIN
Age: 23
Resident: Harris, McCurtain Co.
Bride: Miss Octa DUTTON
Resident: Harris, McCurtain Co.
Marriage Date: June 18, 1918
Justice of the Peace: John C. EARL
Submitted by: Charlotte Manuel andy@oio.net

Bride: ? NORMAN
Marriage Date: November 22, 1895
U.S. Clk: P.B. Stoner Note:-- This license of Marriage must be returned to the office of theClerk of the United States Court in the Indian Territory, from whence it was issued, within sixty days from the date thereof, or the party to whom the License was issued will be liable in ther amount of One Hundred Dollars $100. Witness my hand and official Seal this 22 day Nov., A.D.20 1895 P B Stoner, Clerk of the U.S. Court
Submitted by: Rose Hindman kelseykay@yahoo.com

Groom: Dave CAMPBELL
Age: 21
Resident: Wright City, OK
Bride: Miss Geneva STANSBERRY
Age: 15
Resident: Wright City
Marriage Date: July 28, 1926
I, the undersigned, Father of Geneva Stansbery , named in the above application as being of the age of 15 years do hereby consent to her marriage to Dave Campbell Dated at Idabell , Oklahoma, this 27 day of July, 19 26 , James Stansbery Parent or Guardian.
Minister: J.L. Feuter, Baptist
Submitted by: Vicky Le Fave lefave@nwi.net

Groom: W.C. Caswell
Age: 23
Residence: Oklahoma City
Parents: Samuel and Martha Caswell
Bride: Viola Johnson
Age: 16
Residence: Oklahoma City
Parents: Unknown Johnson
Marriage Date: April 22, 1912
Marriage Place: Oklahoma City

Age: 49
Resident: Bee, Indian Territory
Bride: Mrs. Mollie LOPER
Age: 42
Resident: Bee, Indian Territory
Marriage Date: August 10, 1907
Minister: James A. PARK
Submitted by Donna Allen Niswonger Idonak@aol.com

Age: 18
Resident: Bee, Indian Territory
Bride: Miss Liddie STRUTTON
Age: 14
Resident: Bee, Indian Territory
Marriage Date: April 14, 1907
Minister: J.R. WOFFARD, Presbyterian Minister
Filed: April 26, 1907
Submitted by Donna Allen Niswonger Idonak@aol.com

Groom: Sam E. Colwell
Age: 22 white
Residence: Curtis O.T.
Bride: Minnie VanLandingham
Age 21 white
Residence: Curtis O.T.
Marriage Date: April 11, 1906
Married by Chas. W. White
Wit: W.J. Vanlandingham
Submitted by Pat Moffitt Pjbutterfly@webtv.net

Groom: Mr. Willard COOK
Age: 21 years
Resident: Gilmore, I.T.
Bride: Miss Allie BAKER
Age: 18
Resident: Gilmore, I.T.
Marriage Date: June 25, 1902
Minister: R. T. LITTLE, Poteau, I.T.
Court in the Indian Territory, Central District, Book 6 Page 21. Recorded: 2 day of July A.D. 1902
Recorded in Book 2 of Marriage Record page 114.
Grandparents of Doris Cook Dodson auntydo@aol.com

Groom: M.H. COURIM
Age: 28
Resident: Pauls Valley, Indian Territory
Bride: Miss M. Hattie Lavinia MCHENRY
Age: 22
Resident: Pauls Valley, Indian Territory
Marriage Date: September 28, 1903
Minister: J.B. REEVES
Filed: 23 day of Sept. 1903
Submitted by: Susan Scott suescott@fwst.net

Index D

Groom: Samuel Thomas DAVIS
Age: 25, white, MO
Residence: Lyons, Oklahoma Terr.
Bride: Mary Jayne JENKINS
Age: 21, white, ILL
Illinois, Residence: Lyons, Oklahoma Terr.
Place: Heoyle, Woods County, Oklahoma Territory
Date: May 1, 1901
Justice of the Peace: C.A. Bowman, Heoyle, Woods Co.
Wit: Alfred Reynold of Heoyle, and Ola Jenkins of Lyons.
Submitted by: Marla Andrus Paulnmarla@juno.com

Groom: Harry M. Davis
Age: 28, White, OK
Residence: Enid, OK
Bride: Hulda Ellen Fillebaum
Age: 26, White, KS
Residence: Enid, Garfield Co. OK
Date of Marriage: November 2, 1925
Married by: Enid Judge, E.L. Suigert (sp?)
Signed/Witnessed by: Bessie Truitt, Court Clerk of Enid and by Beulah R. Jones of Enid
Submitted by Marla Paulnmarla@rcisys.net

Divorce Petition: District Court in and for the county of Garfield and State of Oklahoma, No. 20682; Petition for separate maintenance FILED March 2, 1944; (start of divorce proceedings/custody issues) and specifically the following: Ruby Miles DAVIS, Plaintiff vs. Harrison M. DAVIS, Defendant Petition states: (2) That on the 18th day of October 1941, said plaintiff and said defenant were legally married at Enid, Oklahoma and have ever since been husband and wife. That of said marriage the following named children were born, to-wit; Billie Sue, age two years, and Bobby Lou, age four months.
Submitted by Marla Paulnmarla@rcisys.net

Groom: Earl DICE
Age 24
Resident: Kingston, Marshall Co., Oklahoma
Bride: Miss Jessie Lee MCADOO
Age 22
Resident: Lone Elm, Marshall Co., Oklahoma
Marriage Date: 31 day of July A.D. 1927
Marriage Place: Powell, Marshall Co., Oklahoma
Submitted by: Tammy Dice Jones wjones@texhoma.net

Index E

Groom: W.E. ETTER
Age: 33
Alex, OK
Bride: Miss Ellie SEYMOUR
Age: 18
Resident: Rush Springs, OK
Date Of Marriage: Date: 21 June 1917
Wittnessess: John SEYMORE and J.B. CACKBURN
Justice of Peace: T.P. Moore
Submitted by: Margie Etter MEtter39@aol.com
Parents of Margie Etter,and the grandparents of OKbits host, Sharon Crawford

Groom: Bill EVANS
Age: 28, TX
Resident: Roff, Oklahoma
Bride: Mettie HARDIN
Age 30, MS
Resident: Roff, Oklahoma
Marriage Date: December 2, 1909, Roff, Pontotoc Co. OK
Witnesses: Bob SOLMOM of Roff and S.E. EVANS of Roff
Submitted by Pricilla Lane lanep@webtv.net

Groom: F.E. EVANS
Age: 25
Resident: Roff, Pontotoc Co. OK
Bride: Miss Hettie HARRIS
Age: 20
Resident: Davis, Murray Co. OK
Marriage Date: January 19, 1908
Minister: I.V. Jolly, First Presbyterian Church of Davis
Witnesses: Mr. M. HARRIS, of Davis and Voley HARRIS of Davis
Submitted by Pricilla Lane lanep@webtv.net

Groom: Robert Bryant Evans
Age: 21
Bride: Thelma Alberta Johnson
Age: 16
Marriage date: August 8, 1952
Married: The First Baptist Church in Mangum
Rev.: Harrold McGlamery
Wittnesses: Nicy Murphy and Mrs. McGlamery
Submitted by Vivian Watkins vivian@wtrt.net

Groom: S.E. EVANS
Age: 30
Resident: Stradford, OK
Bride: Miss Olie RUSSELL
Age: 18
Resident: Healdton, OK
Marriage Date: April 13, 1921
Justice of the Peace: D.W. Butcher
Witnesses: Maude HAYME of Ardmore and Ray LOGGINS of Ardmore, OK

Index F

Filed in District Court Oklahoma City, County of Oklahoma Dec 7, 1934 Cliff Myers Court Clerk By C.R. Riggs, Deputy No-17380-D Plaintiff: Lois Dodd FRIDAY Defendant: Carl J. FRIDAY District Judge Claude Weaver Granted decree after six months from the date above
Submitted by Elaine Nagel ElaineNagel@earthlink.net

Groom: Will G. FORTNER
Age: 27
Resident: Sallisaw, Sequoyah County, OK
Bride: Etta STIDHAM
Age: 20
Resident: Sallisaw, Sequoyah County, OK
Parents: Francis Marion adn Permelia (Sparks) Stidham
Date of Marriage: April 7, 1912
Place: Sallisaw, Sequoyah County, OK
Minister: J. J. Dalton, Presbyterian Church of Shilo & Bodger?, Sequoyah, OK
Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Miller of Sallisaw, OK
Judge of Record: W. N. Littlejohn
Note:Although the birthname of the bride is Edith, her nickname Etta appears on the marriage license and certificate. After the words Shilo & Bodger a few capital letters appear that are illegible. The first letter appears to be a capital L or T. The parents of Edith were both deceased at the time of this marriage. Submitted by: Beverly Taylor btaylor@wt.net

Index G

Filed in District Court Oklahoma City, County of Oklahoma October 27th, 1938 No-26039D Plaintiff: Lois GAYLOR Defendant: T.H. GAYLOR Said no children born to marriage. District Judge Be?? Arm???, Granted decree after six months from the date above
Submitted by Elaine Nagel ElaineNagel@earthlink.net

Groom: Hallie Alfred GLENN
Residence: Muskogee, OK
Parents: George & Mary Alma (CHESTER) GLENN
Bride: May Elizabeth LANDRUM
Residence: Wagoner, OK
Parents: James Arthur & Gracie (SHAW) LANDRUM
Marriage Date: July 25, 1933
Place: Ft. Gibson, OK
Submitted by Pat Glenn McAlpine patmc@sstelco.com

Groom: Thomas GLENNAN
Age: 26
Resident: Lawton, Comanche Co.
Bride: Miss Fanny STAMPER
Age: 18
Resident: Lawton, Comanche Co.
Marriage Date: May 15, 1918
Witnesses: Fred LAWSON, Mary LAWSON, and J.W. STAMPER
Rev.: E.C. MCFADDEN, Chaplain, Ft. Sill, OK. Filed: Record 11, Page No. 352
Submitted by Anna Marie (Glennan) Wilson amwilson@brightok.net

Groom: Logan M. GRAYSON
Bride: Mabel Elaine GRIMES
Date: May 4, 1935
Place: Newkirk, Kay Co. Oklahoma
Submitted by: Logan L. Grayson (son), logan@poncacity.net

Index H

Groom: Walter Scott Halbert
Age: 32 years
Residence: Higgins, County of Lipscomb, State of Texas
Bride: Mrs. Lena Van Lanningham
Age: 26 years.
Residence: Sheridan, County of Sheridan, Wyoming
Marriage Date: April 13, 1920
Place: Woodward County
Minister: J.W. Kendall Clergyman Retired M.E. Church of Woodward
Wit: Mrs. J.W. Kendall of Woodward and Paul B. Kendall
Submitted by Pat Moffitt Pjbutterfly@webtv.net

Groom: Rayon Garrison HALL
Age: 18
Resident: Ralston, Oklahoma
Bride: Miss Thelma Mae WATSON
Age: 16
Resident: Pawnee, Oklahoma
Marriage Date: October 20, 1951
Witnesses: Anna Mae WILSON and Christine WATSON
County Judge: O.S. Palmer
Consent of Parent or Guardian:
I, the undersigned, Mother of Rayon Garrison Hall named in the above application as being of the age of 18 years, do hereby consent to his marriage to Thelma Mae Watson. Dated at Pawnee, Oklahoma, this 20th day of October, A.D., 1951. Anna Mae Wilson, Parent or Guardian.
I, the undersigned, Mother, of Thelma Mae Watson named in the above application as being of the age of 16 years, do hereby consent to her marriage to Rayon Garrison Hall. Dated at Pawnee, Oklahoma, this 20th day of October, A.D., 1951. Christine Watson, Parent or Guardian
Submitted by: Oldest Child: Rita Buford rbcats@yahoo.com

Groom: Joseph Marion HARRIMAN
Age: 20
Resident: Caddo, Indian Territory
Bride: Miss Eva JENKINS
Age: 18
Resident: Caddo, Indian Territory
Marriage Date: April 2, 1899
Minister: Rev. H.B. Sonu?Yep
Submitted by: Linda Jenkins-Wensel, kanichi@theriver.com

Groom: Levi HILL
Age: 21
Resident: Roff, OK
Bride: Miss Emmie GIBSON
Age: 21
Resident: Roff, OK
Marriage Date: December 2, 1913, Roff, Pontotoc Co. Ok.
Witnesses: William (illegible) of Roff and (illegible) BOLDING of Roff
Justice of the Peace: W.B. Knowles
Submitted by Pricilla Lane lanep@webtv.net

Groom: J.C. HOGAN
Age: 34
Bride: Mrs. Edna HOGUE
Age: 24
Marriage Date: November 29, 1903
Submitted by: Pamela Hogan spmjhogan@worldnet.att.net

Groom: Perle D. "Pete" Holliday
Age: 18
Residence: Stillwater, OK
Parents: Dr. W. B. Holliday of Stillwater & Eva Holliday of Long Beach,CA
Bride: Mary Marie West
Age: 17
Residence: Perkins, OK
Parents: Benjamin F. & Ida West of Perkins
Married: January 6, 1932 Place: Perkins, OK
Children of marriage Gwendolyn Marie, Beverly Rae & Phillip Dale.
Submitted by Gwynn Hayden gwynn66@earthlink.net

Groom: Henry W. Hollon
Age: 22
Resident: S troud, Lincoln Co, OK
Parents: James Lindley and Melinda (Haskins) HOLLON
Bride: Hattie SPARKS
Age: 24
Resident: Stroud, Lincoln Co, OK
Parents: Russell and Serena Abigail (Daughtery) SPARKS
Date of Marriage: 7 December 1907
Place: Chandler, Lincoln Co, OK
Minister: Fred A. Wagoner, County Judge
Witness: Buelah Kirksey and M. M. Shay (or M. McShay) of Stroud, OK. Note: Middle name of Henry is Webster and Hattie's middle name is Ona. Submitted by: Beverly Taylor btaylor@wt.net

Groom: Felix Henry HOWARD
Bride: Estella Mae HULL
Marriage Date: Aug 8, 1911
Place: Peggs Ok
Submitted by grandchild Edgar Clay Howard Jr Shsandra@aol.com

Index J

Groom: Joseph W. Jackson
Age: 22 white
Residence: Curtis Okla.
Bride: Miss Lizzie VanLandingham
Age: 19 white
Residence: Curtis Okla
Marriage Date: 6th day of Sept 1906, Woodward Co.
Witnesses: Mrs. M. Sargent, Curtis and Mrs. B. Goodier, Curtis
Signed by Chas W. White Judge of the Probate Court
Submitted by Pat Moffitt Pjbutterfly@webtv.net

Indian Territory Southern District
Groom: Emerson James
Age: 24
Residence: Mead
Bride: Annie Mitchell
Age: 18
Residence: Mead
Marriage Date: July 10, 1899
Submitted by Leona Guthrie LGut800427@aol.com

Index K

Groom: John William KOONS
Bride: Grace Marie FAULK
Marriage Date: December 1, 1941, Madill, Marshall Co. Oklahoma
Justice of the Peace: Phorney Keller.
Witnesses: Sister and Brother-in-Law of the bride: Hazel F. VESSELS and Herchel Lee VESSELS.
Note: Koons and Faulk are the maternal grandparents of the submitter.
Submitted by: Lisa Walker LWalker@hess.com

Index L

Groom: Thomas L. LEDBETTER
Born: October 29, 1869, Hood Co. Texas
Parents: A.B. and M.P. (WRIGHT) LEDBETTER
Bride: Mrs. Mandy E.(Amanda Elizabeth THOMAS) SMITH
Born: 14 May 1870 Trigg Co. Kentucky (Died 14 May 1936, Pryor, Mayes Co. OK)
Parents: James C. THOMAS and Elizabeth LAWRENCE
Marriage Date: 13 March 1895
Note: Mandy married first to Richard (Dick) SMITH, b. 1866 , d. 1894 Maud, Territory of Ok..
Submitted by: Carolyn(Trogdon) Sheats csheats@viagrafix.com

Index M

Groom: James Edgar MARTIN
Age: 21, Houston, Arkansas
Residence: 105 No. Louisa, Shawnee, Ok.
Bride: Florence M. Munday MCCARTHY
Age: 21, Kansas
Marriage Date: Aug. 28, 1918
Place of Marr: Tecumseh, Ok. (co. seat)
Married by: W. S. Pendleton-Co. Judge
Witnesses: Vernon EWTON, J. P. COOK
Submitted by Howard Martin hmartin@pacinter.net

Groom: Edgar MAULDIN
Bride: Cassie ARTER
Married: November 17, 1917
Submitted by Jan Dunmire Ljdunmire@aol.com

Groom: James J. MCCARTHY
Age 25, New York
Residence: McCloud, Ok.
Bride: Florence MUNDAY
Age: 17, Kansas
Marriage Date: July 22, 1914, Tecumseh, Ok.
Offical or Minister: C. HARDIN JP
Witnesses: Carlton WEAVER, I.N. FERGERSON
Submitted by Howard Martin hmartin@pacinter.net

Groom: William MEEKS
Age: 22
Resident: Elk, Indian Territory (Elk is now Pooleville)
Bride: Miss Nora Alice BROWN
Age: 15
Resident: Elk, Indian Territory
Marriage Date: May 27, 1895
Justice of the Peace: J. O. Quillin, M.G.
Recorded: June 12, 1895
Submitted by: RS5CNM@aol.com

Groom: Barney Clarence MILAM
Age: 41
Resident: W. Illinois, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Bride: Miss Ellen Charlene NASH
Age: 21
Resident: Kansas Borger, Texas
Marriage Date: July 11, 1940
Minister: James William McKinney, First Christian Church of Guthrie, Logan Co. OK
Witnesses: Mr. L. WALLER of Guthrie and Mrs. J.W. NEHER of Guthrie, Oklahoma
Submitted by: Janet Sue Milam jsmilam@worldnet.att.net

Groom: J.E. MILLER
Age: 24
Resident: Conway, Indian Territory
Bride: Mrs. S.M. MCCALL
Age: 23
Resident: Conway, Indian Territory
Marriage Date: August 20, 1907 Minister: G.W. Barnes of Conway, IT
Submitted by: WAMAK@aol.com

Groom: Mr. Bert Moore
Residence: Rose, County of Mayes
Aged: 48 years
Bride: Miss Melvie Cole
Residence: Rose, County of Mayes
Aged: 28 years.
Marriage Date: August 23, 1937, Rose, Mayes Co.
Minister: G.W. Jenkins Wit: E. A. Jenkins, of Rose, and L. Jenkins, of Rose.
Submitted by Dovie Hazelwood lovey_dovie@msn.com

Groom: Marion MOORE
Age: 21
Resident: Briartown, Indian Territory, Western District
Bride: Miss Belles STEPHENS
Age: 16
Resident: Briartown, Indian Territory
Marriage Date: October 25, 1903
Minister: CC. Hoos
Submitted By: Susan Hudspeth SHUDSPETH@prodigy.net


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