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Groom: Oscar W. NEWELL
Age: 21, KY
Resident: Pottawatamie Co. OK
Parents: David M. and A. (OWENS) NEWELL
Bride: Lula GIBBINS
Age: 17, TX
Resident: Pottawatamie Co. OK
Parents: William M. and Viola (TYUS) GIBBINS
Date of marriage: 29 Mar 1903
Place of marriage: Tecumsah
Official: G. A. Newson ? Justice of the Peace Witness: Anna NEWELL and Lena NEWELL
Submitted by: mesnewell@aol.com

Groom: G.H. NORMAN
Age: 23
Resident: Wilburton, Choctow Nation
Bride: Miss Mary L. KURKENDALL
Age: 14
Resident: Wilburton, Choctaw Nation
Marriage Date: December 29, 1891
Minister: N.B. Brashear
The License and Certificate of Marriage must be returned to the Office of the Clerk of the United States Court in the Indian Territory, from whence it was issued, within sixty days from the date thereof, or the party to whom the License was ussued will be liable in the amount of One Hundred Dollars ($100) Submitters Note: My grandmother's name is spelled both Kuykendall and Kurkendall
Submitted by: Rose Hindman kelseykay@yahoo.com


Groom: Robert Shelton ODOM
Age: 21
Resident: Oklahoma City
Bride: Miss Sarah FLEMING
Age: 18
Resident: Oklahoma City
Marriage Date: October 2, 1912, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Justice of the Peace: J.J. Beull Witnesses: T.F. SMITH of Oklahoma City
Submitted by: Jean Owens j3an@flash.net


Groom: Wm. Shannon PIKE
Age 28, Indiana
Residence 128 So. Philidelphia, Shawnee, Ok.
Bride: Rubena MEDLEY
Age: 18, Oklahoma
Marriage Date: December 25, 1928
Witnesses, Lawrence Mills Carlos Ashford MEDLEY (bro. to Rubina)
Minister, G. M. Workman, pastor Calvery Baptist, Shawnee
Submitted by Howard Martin hmartin@pacinter.net


Groom: George RUSSELL
Age: 27
Resident: Indianola, Indian Territory
Bride: Miss Janie MARTIN
Age: 17
Resident: Indianola, Indian Territory
Marriage Date: October 14, 1897
Minister: T.J. Rice
Submitted by Pricilla Lane lanep@webtv.net

Groom: Lee R. RENFRO
Aged: 41 [43] years, 14 Aug 1868 in Preston, Grayson Co. TX
Parents: Fannie SHANLIN (or WILSON) & Joseph Ward (Joe) RENFRO
Residence: Daisey, Atoka Co. OK
Bride: Bertha SLAVINS [SELBY]
Aged 24 years, 21 Jul 1887 in Gainesville, Cooke Co. TX
Parents: Mary Lou (Lou) FLETCHER & James B. (Jim) SELBY
Residence: Tishomingo, Johnston Co. TX
Marriage Date: 8 Jan 1912 Marriage
Place: Ravia, Johnston Co. OK home of J.B. SELBY
Witnesses: J.B. SELBY and N.B. CHAPMAN, both of Ravia OK
Minister: E. DEATON, The Gospel Baptist Church, Senter Pointe, Johnston Co.OK
Submitted by granddaughter: Lilla Marlene Renfro Slater lilla@earthlink.net
WebPage: www.familytreemaker.com/users/r/e/n/Effie-T-Renfro/

Groom: (Samuel) Robert RENICK
Residents: Wilson, IT (NE Love Co.)
Age: 21
Parents: Andrew Jackson Renick and Sarah Alice (Bean) Brewster
Bride: Miss Florence Adell SANDERS
Residents: Wilson, IT
Age: 18
Parents:George Washington Sanders and Elizabeth Calcoat Turney
Married: Sept. 8, 1898
Minister: J.H. Dennis
Submitted by great-grandson, Harold Lynn Morris haroldlmorris@webtv.net

Groom: Ira Thomas ROBERTS
Age: 23
Resident: Maple, Indian Territory
Parents: Thomas Jefferson ROBERTS and Margaret Greenfield OLIVER
Bride: Gustina SHIPMAN
Age: 18
Resident: Maple, Indian Territory
Parents: W.B. SHIPMAN and Serena Carlson LONG
Marriage Date: 30 January 1902
Marriage Place: Maple Indian Territory, Northern District
Minister: N.G. Burrow
Submitted by Ed Roberts, grandson ednfaye@dslextreme.com


Groom: Robert Joseph Sparks
Age: 24
Resident: Flavia, Sequoyah County, OK
Parents: Robert E. Sparks and Anne Blackledge
Bride: Bertha Aldridge
Age: 20
Resident: Sallisaw, Sequoyah, OK
Marriage date: June 8, 1912
Minister: N. G. Burrow--Minister of the Baptist Church of Sallisaw
Witnesses: W.Z. Garrison and Perlie Garrison
County Judge: W.N. Littlejohn (also a relative)
Note: They remained married until they died. Robert in 1972 in CA and Bertha in 1980 in WA. They had a son, Robert Jack and a daughter, Duron Eloise. I have not located the parents of Bertha yet. I have been trying to find some living descendants of the Minister because I have pictures of him and his family including pictures of their two children, J.T. and Minnie at about age four and 7.
Submitted by Beverly Taylor btaylor@wt.net

Groom: William Sparks
Age: 18
Resident: Stroud, Lincoln Co, OK
Parents: Russell and Serena Abigail (Daughtery) Sparks
Bride: Ella R. HENDERSON
Age: 17
Resident: Stroud, Lincoln Co, OK
Parents: John Edward and Susie Elizabeth (Allee) Henderson
Date of Marriage: October 3, 1913
Place: Chandler, Lincoln Co, OK
Minister: H. M. Jarrett, County Judge
Witnesses: R. Sparks and John E. Henderson, both of Stroud, OK. Note: The middle initial of William is L. and Ella's middle name is Rosetta. Submitted by: Beverly Taylor btaylor@wt.net

Groom: Oscar SPARKS
Age: 21
Resident: Stroud, Lincoln Co, OK
Parents: Russell and Serena Abigail (Daughtery) Sparks
Bride: Annie Jennings
Age: 18
Date of Marriage: March 27, 1910
Place: Stroud, Lincoln Co, OK
Minister: James Clark, Justice of Peace
Witnesses: Lewis Burton and Pearl Jennings, both of Stroud. Note: The middle name of Oscar is Homer and Annie's birth name is Anna Nola Jennings. Submitted by: Beverly Taylor btaylor@wt.net

Groom: Robert Jack Sparks
Age: 23
Resident: El Reno, OK
Bride: Dorothy Louise Noblet
Age: 26
Resident: El Reno, OK
Mother--Minnie Mytle Clinesmith
Father--Otis Earl Noblet
Date of marriage: April 6, 1941 in El Reno, Canadian, Oklahoma
Minister: Rev. William R. Johnson
Witnesses: Evelyn Reuter Willard Parks
Note: Robert became a Minister of God. They had two daughters, Duron Louise and Susan Annette. Robert died is 1985. Submitted by: Beverly Taylor btaylor@wt.net

Groom: Leonard SPARKS
Age: 32
Resident: Phoenix, Maricopa Co, Arizona (born in Okla.)
Parents: Russell and Serena Abigail (Daughtery) Sparks
Bride: Claudine PURVIS
Age: 27
Resident: Depew, Creek Co, OK
Parents: John Lewis and Rowena (Morphis) Purvis
Date of Marriage: September 2, 1929
Place: Depew, Creek Co, OK
Minister: M. E. Carroll, Justice of Peace
Witness: J. L. Purvis and Sadie Purvis, both of Depew
Note: Birth name of bride is Sallie Claudine Purvis. Submitted by: Beverly Taylor btaylor@wt.net

Groom: Judson D. SPARKS
Age: 21
Resident: Stroud, Lincoln, OK
Parents: Russell and Serena Abigail (Daughtery) Sparks
Bride: Bessie RENFRO
Age: 18
Resident: Sac & Fox Agency
Parents: James Douglas and Mary Alice (Moore) Renfro
Date of Marriage: September 22, 1906
Place: Chandler, Lincoln Co, OK
Minister: Fred A. Wagoner, County Probate Judge
Witness: Ira and Tealie H....h (Hannah?) of Sac and Fox Agency, OK
Note: The middle name of Judson is Doke. Submitted by: Beverly Taylor btaylor@wt.net

Groom: Stanley Arthur SEALOCK
Age 23, Oklahoma
Residence: 504 So. Market, Shawnee Ok.
Bride: Lucy Francis (Fanny) MEDLEY
Age: 19, Tyrola, Ponotoc Co. Ok.
Marriage Date: February 24, 1926
Place of Marr: Shawnee, Ok.
Offical or Minister: J. Thomas Coffee, minister
Witnesses: Lillie SEALOCK, Herbert HOLT
Submitted by Howard Martin hmartin@pacinter.net

Groom:Don LeRoy Shirley
Age: 20
Bride: Ethel Jane Bradshaw
Age: 16
Place of Marriage: Guymon, Oklahoma
Date of Marriage: October 8th, 1915
Submitted by granddaughter, Lorri Silveira ronsr@vornet.com

Groom: Joseph M. SMITH
Age: 21
Resident: Leeper, Chichasaw Nation
Bride: Miss Zora DENNIS
Age: 17
Resident: Leeper, Chickasaw Nation
Marriage Date: July 23, 1892
Witness: Talbert H. PERRY and Mattie JOHNSON
Justice of the Peace: J.D. GRINGOLY
Note: Joseph M. Smith is my grandfather and his first wife Zora.
Submitted by: Thelma Noland RockinN@aol.com

Groom:Robert L. SMITH
Birth:. Oct 17, 1922
Bride: Gertie B. ELLIOTT
Birth: Feb. 23, 1924
Marriage Date: April 16, 1944
Place: Lawton, Comanche Co., OK.
Grandparents of Submitter Paula Summrswm2@aol.com

Groom: Mr. Joseph M. SMITH
Age: 21
Resident: Chickasaw Nation
Bride:Mattie JOHNSON
Age: 17
Marriage Date: July 23, 1892
Place Of Marriage: Norwar
Justice of the Peace: J. D. Gringoly
Witnesses:Talbert H. PERRY of Leeper, Chickasaw Nation and Mattie Johnson of Leeper, Chickasaw Nation, Miss Zora DENNIS of Leeper, Chickasaw Nation
Note:Joseph M. Smith is my grandfather and his first wife Zora.
Submitted by Thelma Noland RockinN@aol.com

Groom: John STEARMAN
Age: 20
Resident: Fairfax, Osage Co. Oklahoma
Bride: Miss Velma WATSON
Age: 16
Resident: Pawnee, County, Oklahoma
Marriage Date: December 1, 1951, Pawnee, OK
Witnesses: Anna WILSON of Ralston, R#1 and Christine WATSON of Pawnee R#1
County Judge: O.S. Palmer
Consent of Parent or Guardian:
I, the undersigned, Mother, of Velma Watson named in the above application as being of the age of 16 years, do hereby consent to her marriage to John Stearman. Christine Watson. Parent or Guardian Consent I, the undersigned, Mother, of John Stearman, named in the above application as being of the age of 20 years, do hereby consent to his marriage to Velma Watson. Anna Wilson, Parent or Guardian
Submitted by: Niece: Rita (Hall)Buford rbcats@yahoo.com


Groom: Mr. E. B. Thomason
Age 45, white; KY
Residence: Carmen, OK
Bride: Mrs. Gladys Hawkins
Age 30; white OK
Residence: Carmen, OK
Marriage Date: October 13, 1920 at Cherokee, Alfalfa Co. OK.
Footnote: It is known that both the bride and groom did not state their correct age. The bride - Nellie Gladys Myers-Hawkins was born 9/13/1896 at Mulhull, OK She was the widow of Dennis Hawkins The groom - Edward Benjamin Thomason - was born 11/26/1859, in KY
Submitted by Thomason, Bob & Marjorie thomason@sofnet.com

Groom: Edward B. Thomason
Age 40, white KY
Residing Cleo, OK
Bride: Mrs. Leora Hixson
Age 30; white MO
Residing at Cleo, OK
Marriage Date: August 26, 1907.
Footnote: again, the groom fudged on his age! Mrs. Hixson's maiden name was DODD, born 11/30/1879; died 11/18/1919, buried Carmen, OK cemetery.
Submitted by Thomason, Bob & Marjorie thomason@sofnet.com


Groom: Poly Upton (Columbus N.)
Age: 21, white, MO.
Residence: Chickasaw Nation
Parents: Joseph and Anna (West) Upton
Bride: Rosa Burnett
Age: 18, white
Father: Rheuben Burnett (Rufus)
Marriage Date: December 28, 1891
Place: OKC, Oklahoma Co., O.T.
Wit: R.H. Mansur and Chas.
Probate Judge: S.A. Steward


Groom: W.J. VanLandingham
Age: 23 white
Parents: Marion Felix Vanlandingham and Martha "Mattie" Lee Dusky
Residence: Mutual O.T.
Bride: Miss Anna E. Sutton
Age: 19 white
Parents: William Sutton Residence: Cestos O.T.
Minister: Brady A. Loving
Marriage Date: February 18, 1906
Place: Cestos, Woodward Co. OT
Witnesses: W.E. Sutton of Cestos and Mrs. B.A. Loving of Persimmon. W.E. Sutton and Mrs. B.A. Loving
Submitted by Pat Moffitt


Filed in District Court Oklahoma City, County of Oklahoma September 4th, 1940 No. 29883-D Plaintiff: Lois Waters Defendant: Lee Truett Waters said no children born to marriage and that the Defendant is a non resident of the state District Judge George H. Giddings, Granted decree after six months from the date above
Submitted by Elaine Nagel ElaineNagel@prodigy.net

Groom: Royal WATSON
Age: 25
Resident; Skedde, OK
Bride: Miss Christine BARNES
Age: 22
Resident: Pawnee, OK
Marriage Date: October 10, 1935
County Judge: E.W. Jones, Perry, Noble Co. OK
Witnesses: Lee BARNES of Pawnee and Mrs. Lee BARNES of Pawnee, OK
Submitted by: Oldest Grandchild, Rita Buford rbcats@yahoo.com

Groom:Clyde Weatherford
Age: 23
Residence: McAlester, OK
Married: 4 January 1912
Bride: Rillia Conley
Age: 18
Residence: McAlester, OK
Rev. J.E. Carpenter, Pastor Philips ________? Church
Witnesses: T.M. Gabbert or T. McGabbesh & Daisy Thompson
Notes: Clyde is George Clyde Weatherford and Rillia could be Rilla Maud Conley. Clyde and Rilla were my g-grandparents.
Submitted by Lisa Weatherford lwnaiche@bellsouth.net

Groom: Guy WEBB
Age: 21
Resident: Graham, OK
Bride: Miss Minnie RUSSELL
Age: 16
Resident: Graham, OK
I, the undersigned, father of Minnie RUSSELL, named in the above application as being of the age of 16 years, do hereby consent to her marriage to Guy WEBB. Dated at Ardmore, Okla. this 14th day of September 1914 Signed by G. W. RUSSELL. Parent or Guard. Marriage Date: September 15, 1914 Minister: Robert L. ALLEN, Fox, Carter Co.
Witnesses: CC. STARKEY of Graham and Ruth WEBB of Graham
Submitted by Pricilla Lane lanep@webtv.net

Groom: Vess WILSON
Age: 24
Resident: Vian, Oklahoma
Bride: Miss Arvilla BECK
Age: 20
Resident: Vian, Oklahoma
Marriage Date: December 25, 1912
Minister: Jas. T. Gillespie, Church of Christ of Webber Falls, Muskogee Co. OK.
Witnesses: Mrs. M.J. MAPLES of Webber Falls and Steve MAPLES of Webber Falls
Submitted by Pricilla Lane lanep@webtv.net

Groom: John Willaim WOLFE
Age: 25
Parents: Harmon H. & Elizabeth M. (MAYS) WOLFE
Residence: Avery, OK
Bride: Lola Leona WILSON
Age: 18
Parents: Milton V. & Mamie E. (TOMLINSON) WILSON
Residence: Avery, OK
Date of Marriage: July 18,1926
Place of Marriage: Cushing, OK Minister: D. A. McLaury
Witnesses: Thomas E. Phillips and Pauline H. Wolfe
Submitted by Mary E. (Wolfe) Hardy mehardy@cox.net

Groom: Jack Ollis WOODS
Age: 21 Oklahoma
Residence: Box 177 Wewoka, Ok.
Bride: Ruth Irene MEDLEY
Age: 16, Konowa, Ok.
Marriage Date: June 19, 1925
Place of Marr: Shawnee, Ok.
Offical or Minister: Edwin Moore- JP
Witnesses: Fanny MEDLEY, Hattie RUTHORFORD
Submitted by Howard Martin hmartin@pacinter.net

Groom: Joe WRIGHT
Age: 24
Resident: Indianola Pittsburg Co
Age: 18
Resident: Indianola
Date Of Marriage: 16 July 1911
Minister: T. J. RICE
Witness: W. S. EDWARDS
Witness: Fred NEWMAN both of Indianola
Note: Mattie was actually 14 years old. She was born in 1897. She ran off to get married. Mattie lived in McIntosh Co and was ferried across the Canadian by her uncle Walter Weatherford. These are my Mothers parents.
Submitted by Doris Cook Dodson auntydo@aol.com

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