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Poison Control Records

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Submitted by: Kent Faulkner

Old pharmacy poison register from Bluejacket when it was in Indian Territory.  The permit was issued to James H. VanAusdale by the Territorial Board of Pharmacy in 1904.  The entries start in 1904 and go through 1922.  The purchasers of the poison are from various towns including Bluejacket, Centraila, Welch, etc.  It includes the type of poison, the amount and the purpose for which it was purchased.  Quite fascinating.  It is not in the best shape but might be of interest to someone in your area.  My great grandfather, Newton Miller, was, I believe a doctor or pharmacist in Bluejacket.  My great aunt, Sybil Campbell, lived in Bluejacket until the 1980's, I believe.  Let me know if anyone is interested and I will be glad to send the register to them.   Kent Faulkner,   Modesto, CA

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