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New Queries (Opened Jan 2011)

I invite you to enter a query for your Ellis County ancestors. Click on the query book below. Please note that the purpose of the query page is to put you in touch with other people researching the same name in Ellis County. I do not personally do research for others, as a county coordinator, I merely maintain the pages. Enter your query information exactly as you want it to appear.
Be sure to let me know, if you find your family or get a lead on them from the page. I will put up a new page with your story or information on it! Thanks and good luck in your Ellis County Quest!

Linda Fox, Ellis County Historical Society, RR 2, Arnett, OK 73832, Tel: 405-885-7705, evenings, has advised me that she can answer most of the queries on the Ellis Co., OK Gen Web Page. Since I was the only one to provide my telephone number, she called to tell me that she is NOT on the Internet and asked me to relay her message through the backdoor. I suppose she would appreciate a self-addressed stamped-envelope. Happy Huntin' Jim Young 

Talma Klaassen Seek descendants of Allen RECTOR b. 1867 Shelby co IL, resident of Gage,Ellis co OK in 1930's.  Willing to share family history. tbk@wichita.infi.net 

Jim McGinty -Jim McGinty looking for information on MCGINTY family in Arnett, Ellis County, OK.  Father D. G. MCGINTY, mother Mary Ellen (WALCHER) MCGINTY (born in Arnett 1884/died in Arnett 1918), son Chester MCGINTY (born in Arnett 1907), son Dwight MCGINTY (born in Arnett 1916).  Thanks for the help! 

Roger Smith
I have found additional information on Frank Wolf's family and want to revise the Ellis County query I currently have listed to the following:

Frank WOLF moved from Wichita, KS. to Day Township, Ellis County, Oklahoma in 1902.  He had married a Lizzie (Unknown) in 1888.  Frank was born in Montana in 1865 and both of his parents were from Germany. Lizzie was born in Indiana in 1872 with both of her parents being born in Indiana.

Frank & Lizzie had their first five children in Kansas consisting of Clarence in June 1890, Clifford in May 1892, Jacob in February 1895, Olive in July 1896, Robert in 1901.  Their last four children were born in Oklahoma consisting of Florence about 1902, Albert about 1907, Leo about 1910 and Ruby about 1912. 
Olive married 30 Dec 1915 to Ira F. Bowles. 
Florence married 14 June 1919 to Crow Moore.
Robert married 19 August 1921 to Leona Day. 
Each of these Wolf children listed their marriage record residence as Grand, Oklahoma.  Frank and Lizzie Wolf purchased 160 acres northeast of Grand, Oklahoma in 1917 and sold the property in 1924 to R. Schwint.  I know the town of Grand, Oklahoma folded September 30, 1943.

I have researched all of Frank Wolf's brothers (3) and sister and all their descendants (and second marriage of Frank's mother) from the 1800's to the present time consisting of 544 individual blood relatives.  However, I have not found any other data on Frank and Lizzie or their descendants (except for the above information).  The obituaries of Frank's step-father in 1921 and Frank's mother in 1926 state that Frank and his family were living in Grand, Oklahoma those two years. Any assistance in finding information about the WOLF or the other married surnames would be appreciated.  They seem to have fallen off the earth as I have not been able to find any death records on any of the eleven Wolf individuals.Roger Smith rstrap@feist.com

 Brenda Rodgers BURKETT searching for information on Elmer F. BURKETT who married Elsie Marie HALL in Gage Oklahoma in 1912. Their first child was born in Ellis County.   Elmers mothers name was Lydia Jane HUMPHRIES (born 1871). Elmer had a sister named Dora Mae BURKETT. I don't know his fathers name yet. They were there in 1890.  They moved to Butler County MO by 1920.

HALL;  HOLLCROFT searching for information on Eli Thomas Hall who married Isa Dora HOLLCROFT.  Isa Dora is supposed to be buried at Gage, Ellis County, OK. They had 10 children:  Henrietta, Clara Bell, John E., Jo Annie, Mary Nancy (Molly), Elsie Marie, Viviena Magnolia, Thomas Leroy, and Vance Alton.  Isa Dora's family would be Samuel, Martha B. Robbins, Omer P., Gertrude, Della Mae, Hiram, and Lesander (Lysander) O. and Eliza Jane. Thanks

Becki The names I have as going to Oklahoma are John P & Mary Susan (Molly) Verser. Their son Lon C & Beulah Maud Verser and a boy born 1901. John P's sister Annie Serrena & Francis Elzea Moran. They had 8 kids. (5 born in Missouri) Joseph m:Jessie Tuck, Robert m:Wilda Sullivan, Mary m: Melvin Mosier, Florence m:Marion Williams, Josephine Moran m:?, (3 born in OK) Georgeia m:Ernest m Derrick, ? m:Cliff Wilkerson, ?unknown name. Annie Serrena Verser-Moran died 3/14/1936 in Gage and was buried in Dewey Co. at Camargo Cemetery. 
Suann Moore My grandmother's family were in the Ellis County, Rock Township area between 1896 and 1910. My great grandfather was Elihu Quillen and his wife was May Pierce. Their children were Glenn, Claude, Grace, Mary, Chester, Nina, Raymond, and Opal. It is possible that Raymond and Opal were born in Ellis county. Elihu worked for the railroad, and moved from Kansas. Raymond moved back to Oklahoma in his adult years and may have died in OK. I remember his wife and son came to visit my grandmother, Mary (Mollie) Quillen Thompson. Raymond's son would probably be in his 40's. Thank you for any information. 
Danny Oberst I am researching the SIDDENS family of Gage. My great Grandfather Isaiah H. Siddens moved his family from Floydada, TX to Gage around 1893 - 1895 and started a general store. He and his wife (Susan) were founding members of the Congregational Church in Gage. They had 7 children: Effie, Eva, Leah, Flora, Albert,Verna and Loretta. Any additional information would be appreciated. I plan to visit Gage sometime in late October 1997 to research what I can. 
MaryBlackburn According to the information I have; Ellis county was started in 1907 from two other counties; Day and Woodward. At that time were all previous county records transfered to Ellis county court house in Arnett? I am researching family history (BLACKBURN) and my grandparents homesteaded in Ellis county, moved in and out of the county for a number of years and then settled there again. They are both buried in the cemetery in Gage. My grandmother died in 1930 and my grandfather in 1940. I was wondering about county records for marriages, deaths, and land records; what is available? Also, do you know if there is any school records anywhere of schools that would have been in operation between 1908-1928 in the Gage area? Thank you for your assistance. Mary Blackburn 
Roger Smith WOLF, Frank was born in Montana in September 1865. He married Lizzie Unknown about 1888. Lizzie was born in Indiana in January 1872. Frank and Lizzie had Clarence born in June 1890, Clifford born in May 1892, Jacob born in February 1895 and Olive born in 1896. All four children were born in Kansas. Frank and his family lived in the city of Wichita, Kansas until approximately 1905 when they left and settled in Grand, Oklahoma as per his mothers obituary which was in 1921. I have all Frank's brothers and sister information and families and Frank is the only one left to research. All the other Wolf's remained in the Wichita and Sedgwick County, Kansas area. Any assistance on Frank and his family would be appreciated. Roger Smith 
H. Carolyn Reno Greene
I am researching in HAMMON, ROGER MILLS COUNTY for my ancestors. FELIX HARRELL and his wife WILLIE RULE lived in Hammon around late 1890's and 1900's. She died around 1908 and he died around 1910. The children I know of are listed below. There my be more. ZACHY,SANDERS(est.b.1904),DORA ALICE(b.Feb 25,1906),and CREED. After the death of Felix and Willy, Dora Alice and Sanders were delivered to relatives in Sevier County Tennessee via the Orphan Train accompanied by Creed and Zachy.Once seeing the children safely to their destination, Creed and Zachy set off for places unknown. ANY information about Harrell's in Hammon would be appreciated. 
Ronald Goforth
Looking for information on John and Marianna REIS DOBRINSKI. They are supposed to be buried in a cemetery near Shattuck. 
Michelle Wood Looking for record of marriage between Jef Arthur Mayo and Violet Helen Beardsley on August 5, 1928 in or around the Arnett area. Violet's Father was L. L. Beardsley, a local newspaper editor 
Teresa Killebrew KILLEBREW, Rachel Wisdom b. 21 Feb 1888 in St. Bethlehem, Tenn. to KILLEBREW, Daniel Boone and Lucy Wisdom. Rachel was my husband' grandfather's sister. She married William Wellington Denson in 1911. They owned and operated the Gage Record beginning in 1935. She lived till she was 100 years old and died Nov. 27, 1988. She had two children, one preceded her in death and the other I am uncertain other than a name BUSBY,(DENSON)Lucille. I would like information on all of her brothers and sisters, her mother and her Killebrew grandparents. If you have any information I would love to hear from you. You may reach me at Dateresa@aol.com 
Jack C. Newkirk I am looking for additional information on George Washington BRINK and Isabella ROLAND. They died in Gage, OK. They lived in Indian Territory before moving to Gage. They were married in Neosha, Missouri. I do not have any information on their parents. I would appreciate any help. jcneen@sr66.com Thanks 
Jacquelyn Fitzgerald I am researching Thomas and Lewis DEEN/DEAN, and Dora and Florence NEWELL, who lived in Ellis Co. in 1910. I am trying to obtain any and all information on these people that I can. Thank you for your help. 
Michelle Wiggins  Mary Emma STRAYER b. 5 Nov 1855 in Greene Co., Ohio to H. Abraham STRAYER and Harriett Ales HOWARD. She was married 25 Nov 1885 probably at Medicine Lodge, Barber Co., Kansas to Leroy HUGHES b. 6 Mar 1841 in Ohio. This was Leroy HUGHES' m2 and Mary Emma's m1. Leroy's first wife's name is unknown, but they had 6 children (if you would like information on Leroy's children by his first wife, let me know). Leroy and Mary Emma had six children: Minnie Hughes m1 Mott m2 Dunn m3 Dent m4 Clapp b. Medicine Lodge, Barber, Kansas, d. 15 Nov 1966, Stillwater, Payne, Oklahoma; June Bertha Hughes Sinclair b. Madison Co., Iowa, d. 23 Jan 1974, Midwest City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma; Henry Howard Hughes b. Madison Co., Iowa, d. Oct 1966, Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona; Day Dunning Hughes b. Madison Co., Iowa, d. 12 Dec 1898, Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma Terr.; Leroy (Arthur) Hughes b. Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma Terr., d. 3 Feb 1983, Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma; Benn Ralph Hughes b. Guthrie, Logan, Oklahoma Terr., d. Aug 1968, Ardmore, Oklahoma. Mary Emma Strayer Hughes d. 11 Apr 1911 at Stillwater, Payne, Oklahoma. Her husband, Leroy Hughes d. 28 Jan 1911 at Stillwater, Payne, Oklahoma. Both are buried in Fairlawn Cemetery at Stillwater. See Early Ellis Settlers 
Becki Larson Trying to trace members of the VERSER family that moved to Oklahoma around 1896. Lon C VERSER and his wife Beulah Maud STEWART married in Missouri in 1900 and were to move to Stone,OK afterwards. The wedding announcement mentioned that his father John P VERSER had moved to OK several years before. John P was married to Mary Susan(Molly)HENSON (1854) in Missouri. John P's sister Annie Serrena VERSER married Francis Elzea MORAN in 1884 in Missouri. Annie MORAN died 1936 in Gage,OK and was buried in Dewey Co. at the Camargo Cemetery. I believe that other VERSER family may be buried there too. Annie &Francis MORAN had 8 children. Joseph m:Jessie Tuck, Robert m:Wilda Sullivan, Mary m: Melvin Mosier,Florence m:Marion Williams,Josephine m:? these 5 kids and their spouses were born &married in Missouri. The remaining 3 kids were born &married in OKlahoma, Georgeia Ethel MORAN m:Ernest M DERRICK, ?m:Cliff Wilkerson and the last one I don't have a name. There may have been other family member that went to Oklahoma. Any assistance and information would be sincerely & GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks!! 
Debbie I am looking for the graves of Sena Catherine Bryant White and her son, Walter White. They died near Buffalo or Arnett, Oklahoma sometime after 1900, possibly as late as 1910. Sena had tuberculosis. Any help or guidance with this family would be very appreciated. Debbie Mangen 
Kathy Johnston Looking for date of birth/date of death or any other information about Albert L. Johnston ca. 1910; I.H. Moon, Sarah Moon, and/or C.B. Moon, ca. 1910-1940. All probably lived in or around Fargo, Oklahoma in Ellis County about that time. Please email any information. 
Delia Furrer
My ancestor, John Riley Baley died in 1911 in Ellis County. On his death certificate the place of burial is listed as "DeBolt". Does anyone recognize that place? Thanks 
William Patrick Looking for information on cemetery listing in Flint District, Cherokee Nation, Ok. Looking for information on the burial place of Suzannah Springfrog Sanders. Last known was she is was buried October 3, 1851. She was the wife of Mitchell Sanders. They had 8 children. Alexander married Peggy Sonicooie. There son Thomas married Nannie or Nancy Sonicooie. Remaining children are George, John, Andrew, David, Nancy, Agnes and Jennie. Any information on any of these will be appreciated. 
Kathie Hudson I am looking for records on the Price family who were registered in the Cherokee Nation. One family member is Julia Price whose mother was Elizabeth Brewer and father was Buck (Rufus) Price 
Elizabeth Cowley
Does anyone in Ellis County have any knowledge of Adam Shoemaker and his family? He is the brother of my grandmother Mary (Mollie) Shoemaker Williams. According to family stories, he had land from or near Arnett, Okla. obtained during the Land Run. Thank you in advance for any information you may send me, such as children, death date, etc. 
Need information on the following Ellis/Dewey Co. families: George B. HENRY, b. 8 May 1847 in OH, d. 12 Sep 1920 at Parkman, OK., m. Christiana (?) abt 1867., dau., Leetie B. HENRY b. 11 Sep 1887 in IL, married Wesley CLARK, b. 14 Feb 1876 in IA. They are buried in the Harmon Cemetery, Ellis Co., OK. Roy P. KROWS, b. 1887 in IL, d. 1961, m. Rozzeline DAWSON, 1905 in OK. Mary E. KROWS,b. 3 Feb 1865 in IL, d. 4 Jun 1935, m. Jost R. BLUMER in 1897. They are buried in the Riley Cemetery north of Cestos, OK Would appreciate any information regarding these families, and their ancestors/descendants. Will share information. Thanks, Ed Bryan 
Betty Ralph HILL - PAINTER John HILL b 18 Aug 1829 d 27 Feb 1922 Gage, OK, and wife Amanda PAINTER b 15 Jul 1832 IN d 12 Dec 1919 migrated from IN to Johnson Co to Greenwood Co KS to Gage OK. Children: William 1854, John 1856, Charles 1858, George 1860, Fred 1862, Mildred Virginia "Jennie"1865, Bert 1868, Frank 1871, and Clifton 1876. All help appreciated! 
Anyone with information on a Ned Chastain living in or near Roger Mills ca 1914 please contact me at okiegirl24@aol.com..this family associated with the STOVALL/ROBERTSON/SHELTON families in TX/OK..thanks.OKIEGIRL24 
Looking for information on any and all LISTER's. Names included below.: John Henry and wife Sarah Ellen MILLER LISTER; Aaron Thomas and wife Ollie WATERS LISTER; Nancy Elizabeth (Lizzie) LISTER COULTER and husband John F. COULTER Sharon Gilbert 
Does anyone in Ellis Co. have any knowledge of James Shields who was born in 1790 in VA, but what is now Greene Co. TN; married Anny Campbell who was born in 1791 in Knox Co. TN. Marriage date: Jan 17, 1812. They moved through KY into IN, where they settled in Morgan Co. IN in 1820. In 1833 they moved to Putnam Co. IL. During all this time they had the following children: Evaline, Elizabeth, John, Eleanor, Rachael, Calvin, James, Amanda, Nancy Jane, Campbell, William. Campbell Shields died in Ioland, Ellis Co. OK Harry Campbell Shields, son of Campbell died in Arnett, Ellis Co. OK If you have any information regarding the ancestry of Campbell Shields, Harry Campbell Shields, James Shields, b 1791, or Anny Campbell, b 1791, will you please E-Mail to Thank you. Joan 
I'm searching for directions to Lone Star Cemetery located nearby a settlement previously known as Turkey Creek Community, with a Harmon, Ellis County address I'm told. Would you be able to provide directions for finding the cemetery?

Family folklore has my great grandparents buried in the Lone Star Cemetery, Ellis County. Their names are William Thomas GOIN and Elizabeth Ann GOIN, deceased about 1906 and 1914, respectively. Any assistance would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks, Jim Young    RR 3, Box 329-A McAlester, OK 74501 918-423-4788 

LILLIE / WALKER - I am looking for information on Hiram O. Lillie who died in Arnett in 1905. He was born on 20 Aug 1826. I have no info on his parents. He married Susan A. Walker Date unknown). Any info you can help me with will be appreciated. Tim Lillie  

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