Pawnee County Cemetery Listing

Welcome to the section for Pawnee County, Oklahoma Cemeteries information. Here, the endeavor is to list the locations and burials of the various cemeteries within Pawnee County. Also listed will be any Funeral Homes in the county that could be contacted for information. Addresses for the Cemeteries are also listed for snail mail contact. When information is taken from written sources, the source will be cited in the heading for that cemetery. If the burial list was taken from an individual effort, the name and address of that individual will be listed with an e-mail address if available. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PAGE CAN ONLY BE FILLED BY YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS!! THE COORDINATOR FOR THIS PAGE RESIDES IN SEATTLE, WASHINGTON AND MUST THEREFORE RELY ON YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO POPULATE THIS SECTION, ALL SUBMISSIONS WELCOME!!.

Funeral Homes

Chapman-Black Funeral Home
108 West Delaware
Cleveland, Oklahoma 74020
(918) 358-2511

Fitzgerald Ivy Chapel Tulsa, Oklahoma
Powell Funeral Home
223 North Wood Avenue
Hominy, Oklahoma, 74035-1549

Yale-Palmer Funeral Home
500 East Detroit Avenue
Yale, Oklahoma, 74085-3500

Poteet Funeral Home
600 Illinois
Pawnee, Oklahoma, 74058

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