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     From July to October 1998

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Barb Seyler July 1, 1998
Seeking information about GEORGE W. BURLEY, born in MO in May 1884. Married Pearl. The 1920 census shows them living in Tulsa, OK. Their children are Dana Faye who is 12 and Mildred Mae who is 10. Thank you.

John Hoffman July 1, 1998
I am searching for any record of or for any descendants of the Hoffman line of which my father was a part. Specifically: John Thomas Hoffman and Belle (maiden name Roach) Hoffman. His brother: Charles Linsley Hoffman, known to have been married and who fathered at least one son whose first name is unknown. Their sister: Margaret (Maggie) Hoffman McCall. Maggie remarried Eugene Arthur McCall in 1916 in Perry, Oklahoma. Maggie's daughter: Faye (born Harris from Maggie's first husband Samuel T. Harris) and Faye's second husband who was L.G. Robertson. Prior to her marriage to L.G. in Tulsa in 1927, Faye often used "Sanders" as her last name, although she had been divorced from Charles Sanders in 1925. John, Charles and Maggie were born to Charles and S.J. (Lou) (maiden name Doyle) Hoffman in Missouri or Kansas in the early 1880's.
Thank You, John Hoffman AC719 391-0734 3280 S. Academy, #58 Colorado Springs, CO 80916-3223

James King July 13, 1998

Cindi Ellen O'Connor July 14, 1998
I am looking for an obituary for Mary Jane (Lee) Barlow, died in Tulsa OK on Feb 26 1951. Thank you.

Lynn Yeager July 18, 1998
I am looking for the obityary for Grover Yeager. I believe he worked for the posr office in Tulsa and was 25 in 1910.

Sherry C. July 20, 1998
Looking for desc. of Mrs. Thomas MORROW. She was living in Tulsa in 1944. Her parents were John and Minnie Andrews. Brothers were Theodore, Robert, and Dale. Any help is appreciated.

Betty Sink July 22, 1998
I am researching Henry Wilson Cochran/Cochrane b. 1845 in Illinois and moved with family to Oklahoma. He marriedDeliah Pickett who was b. 1846. Henry died ater 1941. Children; John WilsonCochran b. 1863 was a Real Estate Business Compton California; Clarissa Bell Cochran b. 1865 married a man names Pigg; Margaret ochran b. 1868; Rado (Female) b. 1872 married a man named Henn; Sarah Cochrane b. 1874; Victoria cochrane b. 1879; Dollie Cochrane b. 1881 and married David Pickett in llinois (Jef. Co.) Like to find some of the sescendants.

James G. West III July 24, 1998
I am looking for any informationn on a JAMES GORDON WEST born approximately 1879 whose father and mother were residents of tulsa oklahoma. It is possible they were Lutheran and owned a ranch. there is speculation that he was adopted by the West family and was originally from Danzig.

Bill Smith July 24, 1998
In Tulsa---Tulsa County? Searching for the decendents of James Monroe Crawford, b 7/21/1874 m Alice Moore 1/5/1905, d 3/6/1956. I believe he was called "Jim" and he had roots in Tennessee, and he had corresponded with Roberts cousins there. Any help greatly Appreciated.

Angie S. Braninburg July 30, 1998
Looking for information on William Braninburg, Matilda(nadine)Braninburg They owed property in Tulsa County in the 1900's. Children include Wm. Claude, Eula, Tandy born 07March08, Ola, Ruby, Ode born 02Apr10, Coney, Winnie, Cecil, and Francis. William Baninburg was born in OK 20June1879 and Matilda was born there also. Her maiden name is Jones. Her mothers name was Winnie.

Aubrey Cloud July 31, 1998
I am looking for information on the children of Geda Maude [BLOOMHEART] RUNYON. Maude died in Tulsa in June of1968. Her children are:Francis June RUNYON and CLINTON A. RUNYON, Jr. They grew up in Osage County, Barnsdahl and Bigheart, Okla. and possibly in Tulsa County. June was a ballet dancer and had a dance studios in Tulsa and Bartlesville, Okla.

Dallas Turley July 31, 1998
Looking for info on founders of Turley,Ok and their ancesters and/or progeny. Reply to Dallas Turley.

Nancy H. Amster Aug 1, 1998
I just recently found out that an uncle of mine, a doctor in Tulsa, Williard Fields, M.D. died last year (1998) and was cremated, and buried in Arlington National Cemetery. I would like very much to have a copy of his obituary or contact his family in Tulsa. Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

Paul Aug 1, 1998
Looking for any information on the family name MILLER that includes a William Louis MILLER; b:1889, d:1931 in Tulsa, OK. His wife was Eva Sarah (ROBERTS) MILLER; b:1885, d:1949 in Tulsa, OK. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters, one was Bonnie Lee MILLER; b:4-10-1922, d:5-22-1984, she married Paul Junior HICKMAN. Any information on the HICKMAN family is needed also. Paul Junion Hickman; b:6-13-1920 in Missouri, d:10-15-1991 in Kansas City. I will share all information I have to those looking for same family.

Walsie Aday Aug 5, 1998
I am looking for information on Joanna Vann Aday died in the 1920's she is my husband grandmother we think she is buried in Tulsa. We have found all her brothers and sisters and her mother but unable to find her would so much appreciate any help on this. She was 3/4 Cherokee Indian.

Joankitty@aol.com Aug 7, 1998
I have an Obit that says an A.C. Stokes was living in Tulsa in 1928. I am looking for any descendents of his.

Linda Larman Aug 7, 1998
Looking for newpaper clipping. Story has it that my Great Grandparents were honored for their anniversary (50th or more), and Johnny Lee Wills (popular music star of that era) sent them a large cake. They were in the suburb of Garden City (southwest side of Tulsa) in or about the years of 1930 -1938. There was supossedly a newspaper article writen about the event. Also looking for obit for them. Canzady GRIFFITH died in 1937 or 1938. J Newton GRIFFITH died in 1937,38 or39. I have no knowledge of the place of death , or actual dates. Tulsa was the last known residence for them as far as I know. Any help would be appreciated.

Pat Griesenbeck Aug 8, 1998
I am searching for my Great Grandmother's parents or brothers, I have been told that two of her brothers lived in Tulsa. Her name was MINNIE BELL WEBB (MCINTOSH) She was married to BRETT MCINTOSH. She had 4 brothers JOHN WEBB, BEN WEBB, BRETT WEBB, AND VANNIE WEBB. JOHN WEBB lived in Tulsa. BRETT & BEN were both married to the same woman, when BRETT died, she married BEN, her name was Nelly or Nellie. VANNIE was suposed to have lived in Springtown, and Tulsa. I know that this is not much to go on, but any help would be appreciated. One of them had a daughter named JOY BELL. MINNIE BELL was supposed to have been born in Texas, don't know where. but lived in Ringold for 20 yrs. and is buried in Ringold Cemetery.

Cindy GRANT ATHA Aug 11, 1998
EATON, WARD, BELL, LAFORGE. Looking for descendants of my gggrandparents Francis Barclay EATON and Rachel Ellen WARD. My grandmother's (Ruby EATON HANEY) first cousin Jessica LAFORGE BELL m F. Ray BELL lived in Tulsa County and had done extensive gen. research and organized EATON reunions. Our family has carried on that tradition for the descendants of F.B. & Rachel's firstborn son, Albert Norman EATON - we meet annually at Leedey, OK. Would be greatly interested in renewing family connections of other descendants of Francis Barclay & Rachel Ellen EATON. Jessica BELL's family in Tulsa County includes parents, Zade Florence EATON and Wm ElMarr LAFORGE; siblings, Glenn Elwynn LAFORGE, Wallace Victor (Toby) LAFORGE, Val J. LAFORGE. and Jessica's children: Shirley Ray BELL, John Valjean BELL. Please email me CAATHA@aol.com Cindy GRANT ATHA, Cheyenne, OK

Lisa A. Cherches Aug 13, 1998
I am seeking information of a place my grandfather Chester Harlan WOODS (b. 1907 KY d. 1995 WV) worked at for several years @ 1920 called LE Lamars Construction. They installed electrical wiring in OK and TX. Chester was laid off when the company went bankrupt. Wondering if anyone has heard of this company or knows anything about it.

Jim Bregg Aug 14, 1998
Have received info that 1)Josiah(Jimmie) Will Spurgin & wife Annie Susie 2) Milton Durill Henry & wife Stella (O'Stella) moved to Tulsa (Tulsa CO.) OK. in 1928. The ladies were the daughters of James M. Howard & wife Rebecca Francis Jones. Stella was born in Jackson CO., MO. on 9/30/1876 & Annie was born in Cole CO., MO. on 2/18/1885. I need to verify the OK. connection and any info on the Howards. Thanx

Sarah Cardenas Aug 16, 1998
I am looking for any information on my grandfather and his family. The last name was Cardenas. Alex was the son (my grandfather) and Marcus was the father. Marcus owned a Chili Parlor in Tulsa that burned down sometime in the teens of 1900. Marcus's wife was a full blooded Cherokee named Lucy Mills. No other information on her. Alex married my grandmother, Viola Thornsberry daughter of Andrew M. Thornsberry and Sally Nichols. Viola was born in 1895 and Alex was born in 1893 on the reservation in Indian Territory. Not much more information. I'd appreciate any information any one could give me!

Eldon Boone Aug 21, 1998
Looking for information on RALPH MORRIS who married JESSIE BOONE in Tulsa, OK December 25, ????. Since Jessie BOONE was born in Texas on August 20, 1908 and apparently finished high school in Tulsa, est. dates of 1925-1930. When did he die? Did they get a divorce, and if so, when. Jessie BOONE died in Wichita Falls, TX November 16, 1935 with the name Jessie WALKER. She apparently was married to a C. A. WALKER and lived in New Mexico before moving to Wichita Falls some time before her death. Any information will be appreciated. Jessie Boone was born Lahoma Jessie Boone and was my aunt.

Charles Bell Aug 22, 1998
I am seeking any information on my grandfather and great grandfather, Everett and Charles H. Chastain. The 1910 Fed Census shows Charles was living in Tulsa with his wife, Mary and 5 children. Everett, V.Goldie, Grace, E.Geneva and Sevilla. Everett married Thelma Barker. My father was born 1919, in Billings, OK. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Phyllis Hugo Stager Aug 22, 1998
In 1907 my grandfather was diagnosed with TB in Tulsa County (he lived in Jenks). He was required to leave his wife and children and go SOMEWHERE. What were his options as to where they would send him? Around 1972 they shut down the Sanitariums. It was alleged to me by the Oklahoma Department of Health, that the records from these facilities were sent back to the home county of the TB victim. I have called the court house, but no one seems to know where these records are held...IF they ARE held. My grandfather was an immigrant from Alsace-Lorraine, supposedly. We know nothing more about him other than name and birth-date. I was hoping the records from the sanitarium might give some clues. ANY HELP OUT THERE? Does any one know how to find these records? He died in 1926, death certificate comfirms TB. THANK YOU

Joe Sherwood Aug 31, 1998
Searching for the Edward Randolf CAUGHEY and Allie BOND CAUGHEY family. Known to live in Skiatook in 1944 and before. Allie is my great great grandmother. I have no dates on her but have a photo of her in 1944 in Skiatook.Allie had a brother named Theodore BOND. Allie and Edward had the following children: Clarence, Evelyn "Birdie",Harve, Lawrence, Mary Melinda, and Elizabeth Irene. Mary Melinda married William Thomas Phillips in Lone Wolf, Okla. Only birth dates I have is on Elizabeth who was born in 1886 in Carthage, Missouri. Any help would be very much appreciated!! Thanks, Sharon Sherwood

Mary K. Miller Sep 3, 1998
I am seeking information about Madeline Ruth Souter. Her parents were Charles Nelson Souter (1895-1966) and Sue Jane Gentner (d. about 1928). Madeline was born in 1921 and after her mother's death lived with her maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Gentner in Tulsa, OK. Any information would be appreciated. Mary K. Miller

Patricia Medford Sep 4, 1998
Where can I get info on the ELAM community that was incorporated into the city limits of Broken Arrow? Interested in the names of the ELAM's who began this community.

The Randolph's Sep 8, 1998
PHILLIPS I am looking for any relatives of the PHILLIPS family who lived in Tulsa, OK in 1930's. My Grandfather, Clarence Henry PHILLIPS was the son of William (Bill) PHILLIPS and Mary Floyd Gallagher. Clarence Henry married Mildred Ann Baker in 1934. At that time "Red" as he was known was a student at Tulsa University where he was a football and track star. "Red" and Mildred had two sons, Clarence Bruce PHILLIPS b. 1936 in Tulsa and Charles Patrick b. 1938 in TX. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Joyce Wilson Sep 8, 1998
I am looking for information on Perry Beall b. Jan. 1870 in Coffey Co. KS. came with his father Phillip Beall to OK.when the Iowa Indian land opened up . His wife's names was Maggie and children May , Etta, and Johnie. He was in Tulas in 1939 and yet in 1948 this from his brothers obit's. Thank you for any information .

Jerry Forman Sep 17, 1998
My great aunt (Sarah Belle For(e)man) died in Tulsa in 1918 in what was described to me as a train wreck. At the time of her death (1918) she was married to a George Green. Sarah Belle For(e)man GREEN was born September 21, 1879 in Illinois which made her 39 years at the time of her death. Anxious to obtain any documentation of this person and/or family. Contact Jerry Forman 1508 West View Drive, Berkeley, CA 94705-1657

COLORPOWER@webtv.net Sep 24, 1998
I am researching the Sedlacek's, Franco and Fanny their family. They came from Nebraska and moved to Pawnee, Ok, then later some settling in Tulsa, Avent and Tecumseh. If anyone has any information please e-mail me at colorpower@webtv.net Thanks

Karen Vandanacker Sep 25, 1998
Info requested on LANCASTER. Augustus LANCASTER b.1857 TN and Virginia Floyd LANCASTER b.1861 TN, a TN farmer, moved to Broken Arrow OK from TN abt1900-1906 (5)ch: Elisha LANCASTER, also a farmer in Broken Arrow OK. b.abt1900 d.abt1945, Bessie LANCASTER b.1889 m. Tulsa water dist. official, Annabelle Lancaster Gary b.1892 m. Tulsa butcher shop owner, Willie(dau) b.1884, Albert b.1886. Albert m.Peggy lived in Muskogee OK before moving to KS abt1945. Augustus also had bro, James Allen m. Sallie, who moved to Grenada OK from TN abt1887-1906.

Linda Wright Sep 27, 1998
Im looking for descendents or any ifro. on claude alexander ROBERTS born in1886 in tulsa belive to ch. indian i would be grateful for any ifro. linda wright

Tom James Oct 5, 1998
Looking for any information about MARIBEL ODELL---D.O.B. 5/12/1894 Died: Tulsa, Dec. 1974. Marriage, divorce, employment, children, etc.

Janice Larsen Oct 5, 1998
I am researching the MORELAND and LOMAX family. Thomas Moreland died in Tulsa as did Josephine Lomax his wife. Most of their children where either born or died in Tulsa.

Barbara Cook Holman Oct 6, 1998
I am looking for stories about my grandfather, Arthur Claude ELLIS who was a pharmicist in Tulsa until his death in 1939. His wife was Nelle BURGESS. They had four daughters, Mary Virginia, Elizabeth Ruth, Nelle Burgess, and Rosemary. He was interested in local politics and was "always down at the courthouse." He lost his drugstore during the depression because he gave away his supply of medications, rather than turn down someone in desperate need. He died a year before I was born, so I know very little. If you can share something about him, I would be very grateful.

Peg Olson Oct 7, 1998
I am looking for a death notice or record of a relative-ROSE FENTON.She died in an institution in the Tulsa area in the 1920-7 period. Her body was shipped back to Ill. for burial. Is there anyway to check about her death record. I am not sure if it was a mental institution or a county poor home. Thanks for any help. When were your deaths first recorded as part of the vital stats?

Brenda Bruneau Oct 8, 1998
I'm searching for information on the STUNKARD family name. I'm interested in the Stunkards who lived in the Tulsa area in the 1800's or early 1900's. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Carolyn Hill Oct 9, 1998
I am trying to find the burial place of my great grandparents in the Tulsa area. John W. Archer b.1857 near Vian,IT cherokee roll#11581- d.1925 m.Florence Etter in Tulsa,Sept.1883 they lived on Pine ST. near present day firestation. Florence is listed on the cherokee rolls as Mosley #24703 b.stockade Ft. Gibson, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Marilyn Leach Oct 11, 1998
seeking information on Jack Arthur "Johnny" O'HARA m Louise ? He was a resident of Tulsa from 1916 until his death 1961..He owned a barber shop in the Medical Arts Building and 1007 S.Main St..He was a member of the American Legion and Northside Christian Church. He was also a member of Tulsa Blue Lodge 71 and a 32nd Degree Mason in the McAlester Consistory. He served in the ARMY during WW1. I would like to know his date of death,his wife Louise's surname,and any other info available. Johnny was my 2nd great uncle. thank you very much, Marilyn

Donna Tattershall Oct 12, 1998
I am looking for information concerning, and the descendants of WILLARD V. TATTERSHALL, who arrived in the Broken Arrow, OK area during the late 1800s or early 1900s. It is my understanding that members of this TATTERSHALL family still reside in this area of Oklahoma, and I would very much appreciate contacting anyone researching the history of this family.

Rebecca Edinger Oct 12, 1998
Am searching for info on the La'Faye Cafe located in Tulsa from 1937-1939, or the owners Leo & Faye TATE. Her parents were William & Ada Givens. If anone has information on the above please contact me. I know the history of Leo Tate is that he died as the result of falling asleep with a cig. in the back of the cafe, and that Faye committed suiside, but that is all I know. Would like history on the cafe. From my understanding it is still operating, only under a different name. Also if anyone knows anything about the Purity Ice Cream Co. located in Tulsa I would like some information about it. Leo TATE was a superintendent there as well as a gentleman by the last name of MERCER. Thank you ahead of time for any help you can give me..

Rebecca Edinger Oct 12, 1998
Looking for information on McCain / Smith families from around 1935 from Pryor & Tulsa Ok. Any help would be appreciated.

Rebecca Edinger Oct 12, 1998
Was there a Sacred Heart near Tulsa around 1899 ? My GGrandfather William W. Tate was supposed to have died as the result of fighting a fire around 1899. I have searched Sacred Heart Ok, in Pottowommie Co., but have found nothing. I know that my Grandfather Leo Edward Tate lived in Tulsa, as did my dad Leo Tate Jr., so maybe there was a Sacred Heart Mission around Tulsa. Does anyone know of a Sacred Heart Mission from that area in that time period? Thank you for any help you can give me.



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