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Support for County Coordinators

This page has been prepared to help incoming County Coordinators take advantage of the statewide geographic resources that Maps 'n' More provides  on the OKGenWeb site.  First-time visitors should read through the entire page, but returnees may prefer to take advantage of these Quick Links to specific topics.

Linking Copying 1972 Maps Populated Places Cemeteries
Setting Links

This is by far the fastest and easiest method, and it provides automatic access to new or revised material.  To link to the main page, just copy  the following and paste it into your page:

Maps 'n' More  

Each county has its own gateway of "Quick Links", which leads to the latest version of each map or list pertaining to that county.

  • Go to County Quick-Links.
  • Select the county of your choice.
  • Copy  the link to it.
  • Paste it into your page.


Copying the Maps

This is a more challenging option, but preferred by some of our web-wizards who want to customize a map. 

Maps have been organized by county, so you can download the entire subdirectory.  This site has been prepared using MS FrontPage.  If you download it as a separate web, the links should be maintained and you can then incorporate it into your own site.  See topical sections for instructions for completing any pages still under construction.

Please remember that permission to include copies on county sites carries the condition that such copies include appropriate identification and acknowledgement of the source material.


1972 Maps

After experimenting with several counties, we decided that the most user-friendly interface to the numbered Township Maps is a direct link from the most recent corresponding County Map.

There is a file called "[countyname]-townships.html" in each county subdirectory.  Each numbered township has been designated a hot spot and linked to the appropriate DoT Township Map.  If you choose to copy rather than link, you must copy all associated files.


Populated Places

If you haven't struggled to find a place that's disappeared without a trace, this may seem like overkill.  We found a number of places, however, that were included on the DoT location list but not on any map -- so these pages provide not just links to maps that show present-day places but also to the latest maps of the area in which one of these ghost towns was located.  There is a file called "[countyname]-towns.html" or "[countyname]-towns.htm" with links set to DoT maps for each town in the table and all of the needed images are in the subdirectory should you choose to copy rather than link.


Cemetery Worksheets

Each county has a page listing all cemeteries that are in the GNIS database.  This is by no means all of the cemeteries in the county, but it is a good starting point.  

  • Go to the Quick-links page for your county.
  • Click on "Cemetery Locations" near the bottom of the page.    
  • Copy the page to your county site and use it as a worksheet.

For examples of how such worksheets can be used, see:


LeFlore County, for a basic worksheet.


Creek County, for an expanded worksheet with additional cemeteries that have been identified but not yet located.  Includes detailed procedure for getting from type A to type C.


Oklahoma County, for an almost complete worksheet in which named cemeteries have been matched with locations.


If you need more detailed instructions to get from "A" to "C", please write to me.


Thanks for stopping by!
Maps 'n' More

State-wide resources formerly found on Ceil's Corner 
Created By Sharon McAllister
Became an OKGenWeb Special Project  March 31, 2001
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