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Cemeteries in Oklahoma County OK

Forty-seven cemeteries were found using GNIS, others identified by Oklahoma's GenWeb volunteers. Links are provided for both GNIS maps that show the general location with respect to nearby towns and DoT maps that show the township in great detail. Tips for finding other online canvasses and lists of burials follow this list. 

GNIS Map Online Canvass S-T-R Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map

Arcadia IOOF

Arcadia I.O.O.F Canvass


Unknown Unknown


Arlington Memorial Park Cemetery N/A 22-12N-2W 353021N 0972333W Spencer
Benge Cemetery Benge Canvass 7-13N-4W Unknown Unknown Unknown
Britton Britton Canvass 14-13N-3W Unknown Unknown Unknown
Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens Cemetery N/A 30-13N-4W 353438N 0974010W Bethany
Chitwood Cemetery Chitwood Canvass 18-13N-1W 353632N 0972111W Jones
Choctaw Cemetery N/A 25-12N-1W 352912N 0971550W Choctaw
Christner Cemetery Christner Canvass 3-13N-4W 354331N 0973642W Bethany NE
 Clear Springs Clear Springs Canvass  24-11N-2W Unknown Unknown Unknown
Czech Cemetery N/A 19-11N-2W 352513N 0973320W Oklahoma City
Dalrymple Cemetery Dalrymple Canvass 16 or 21-13N-1E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Donnell Cemetery N/A 5-14N-1W 354243N 0971910W Arcadia
Elmwood See Choctaw 25-12N-1W Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ewing Cemetery N/A 9-12N-2W 353212N 0972451W Spencer
Fairlawn Cemetery Fairlawn Canvass (Partial) 21-12N-3W 352953N 0973138W Oklahoma City
Gower Cemetery Gower Canvass 24-14N-2W 354053N 0972136W Arcadia
Grace Lawn Cemetery N/A 23-14N-3W 354011N 0972845W Edmond
Hebrew Cemetery N/A 14-13N-3W 353607N 0972937W Spencer
Hillcrest Floral Gardens N/A 9-12N-1W 353128N 0971811W Jones
Immaculate Conception Cemetery N/A 23-11-3W 352513N 0973600W Oklahoma City
Kansas School Cemetery Kansas School Canvass 29-11N-1E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kear Memorial Cemetery Kear Memorial Canvass Cleveland County Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kolb Cemetery 15-12N-2W 353031N 0972320W Spencer
Kuhlman Cemetery Kuhlman C
16-11N-2W 352553N 0972423W Midwest City
Lillard Cemetery N/A 14-13N-1W 353604N 0971554W Jones
Lockridge Cemetery Lockridge Canvass 6-14N-4W 354241N 0973954W Piedmont
Luther Cemetery N/A 20-14N-1E 354028N 0971242W Luther
Memorial Park Cemetery N/A 14-13N-3W 353619N 0972928W Spencer
Memory Lane (Harrah) Memory Lane Canvass 26-12N-1E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Mishak Cemetery Mashak/Mishak Canvass  24-11N-2W 352423N 0972138W Choctaw
Mount Carmel Cemetery Mount Carmel Canvass 4-12N-1E 353211N 0971208W Horseshoe Lake
Mount Moriah Cemetery N/A 31-13N-1W 353308N 0972022W Jones
Myers Cemetery Myers Canvass 34-14N-2W 353819N 0972322W Edmond
Oakwood Oakwood Canvass 34-14N-2W Unknown Unknown Unknown
Oddfellows, Jones N/A 34-13N-1W Unknown Unknown Unknown
Olive Hill Cemetery N/A 29-13N-4W 353437N 0973819W Bethany
Pilgrim Rest Cemetery N/A 8-12N-2W 353209N 0972555W Spencer
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery N/A 8-12N-2W 353209N 0972553W Spencer
Piper Cemetery Piper Canvass 19-13N-2W 353539N 0972703W Spencer
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pleasant Hill Canvass 5-14N-2W 354329N 0972529W Edmond
Pleasant Valley Cemetery N/A 29-11N-4W 352419N 0973911W Mustang
Resurrection Cemetery N/A 32-13-4W 353352N 0973857W Bethany
Reunion Cemetery Reunion Canvass 5-14N-1E 354239N 0971315W Luther
Rose Hill Burial Park N/A 8-12N-3W 353153N 0973213W Britton
Saint Joseph Cemetery N/A 17-12N-4W 353111N 0973832W Bethany
Saint Josephs Cemetery N/A 17-12N-4W 353041N 0973842W Bethany
Saint Luke Cemetery N/A 13-14N-1E 354051N 0970856W Luther
St. Martin's Cemetery St. Martin's Canvass 26 or 35-11N-2W Unknown Unknown Unknown
Saint Marys Cemetery St. Mary's Ukrainian Canvass 2-12N-1E 353222N 0971034W Horseshoe Lake
St. Teresa's St. Teresa's Canvass
Schwartz Cemetery Schwartz Canvass 32 or 33-11-1W 352236N 0971901W Choctaw
Spigner Cemetery N/A 3-14N-1W 354239N 0971728W Arcadia
Spring Creek Memorial Cemetery Spring Creek Canvass 7-13N-4W 353648N 0974021W Bethany
Sunnyland Cemetery N/A 18-11N-2W 352555N 0972637W Midwest City
Sunnylane Cemetery N/A 18-11N-2W 352553N 0972635W Midwest City
Sweat Cemetery Sweat Canvass 12-14N-1W 354237N 0971524W Arcadia
Tillman Cemetery Tillman Canvass 23-14N-1E 354004N 0971005W Luther
Trice Hill Cemetery N/A 8-12N-2W 353124N 0972632W Spencer
Valley View See Luther 20-14N-1E Unknown Unknown Unknown
Waterloo Cemetery Waterloo Canvass 3-14N-3W 354330N 0972946W Edmond
Whistler Cemetery Whisler Canvass 15-14N-4W 354056N 0973642W Bethany NE
Witcher Cemetery Witcher Canvass 19-13N-2W Unknown Unknown Unknown
Worley Cemetery Worley Canvass 36-11N-2W 352331N 0972112W Choctaw
Wright Cemetery Wright Canvass 9-12N-2W Unknown Unknown Unknown


Finding an Online Canvass or List

Once you know the name of a cemetery and the county it's in, the next step is finding any online canvasses or lists of burials.  A few counties  have direct links for individual cemeteries, but those are obvious when the search engine leads you to one of them.  In most cases you must search the resources directly.

OKGenWeb has an extensive and rapidly-growing collection of cemetery canvasses and lists of burials, which you can find through the OKGenWeb Cemeteries Site or in the OKGenWeb Archives.  

Many of the OKGenWeb county sites also include cemetery information. Use the clickable map to get to the county/counties you're interested in.  (If you a new Coordinator, we have a special Help Section for matching contributions of cemetery data with mapped locations.)

The Oklahoma Cemetery Mailing List is also accumulating canvasses, organized by county.  Go to its Home Page for the latest information, and select the county or use its search engine to find a specific canvass. 

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